St. Germain  7-May-2007 

There is no dream that cannot become your reality, indeed what you experience now is the result of the mass consciousness of mankind. You are continually moulding the changes that will in the course of time manifest. At present what you are seeing around you, can rightly be interpreted as the culmination of centuries of wrong thinking. It has manifested as the negative energies that are now finally being cleared from the Earth, which must occur to enable the new energies to take their place. 

The negative energies are also within the particles that comprise the Earth, and they stay earthbound until they are spent or transmuted. By bringing down higher energies you are helping the transmutation process, and at the same time as you are manifesting the new Earth. As you are in the material realm it would appear to you that the Light is largely absent from Earth, but this is an illusion brought about by the dark. In fact, Light is being grounded all over and is forming a grid that is enabling nodal points to be established. These are effectively weakening  and limiting the power of the negative energy, which is in advanced stages of breaking up. 

As individuals you provide your own protection through the Law of Attraction, and it follows that what you think is what you become. If you are doing your best to live to your highest perceptions of Light, you will establish a strong connection to it, and you will be impervious to the lesser energies. You will walk as it were into the lionís den, and you will be unharmed providing you can maintain your calmness and express no fear. It is a lesson each and everyone will need to learn, and is part of your experience that will lead you to greater self-understanding. You have everything you need within to find your true self; it is just that over millennia of time you forgotten who you are. 

The reality is that you can connect with your Higher Self and realign your earthly body with the Light, providing you accept that you are more than your body. A beautiful soul that is YOU is waiting to express a higher love that can enter your daily life. You have been confused and denied your true identity by the actions of the dark. Now however, is the time your souls new found strength will overcome adversity and negativity created by them. It is belief in the power of your own Light that will establish such energies on Earth. They coalesce and in coming together with others of a like kind, create points of Light that become more powerful by the day. 

Although the outcome is assured, the present period upon Earth is one that is testing and indicative of what has been created by Man. It is therefore his role to transmute the negative energies, and many of you have come to Earth specifically to tackle this task. Some are more aware of their role because of a stronger link with their Higher Self, and their ego becomes more a spectator with little influence. Most souls are expressing themselves through an ages old paradigm that is no longer adequate for the present time. You have through many different lives repeated the same errors, that have prevented your realisation that it is you who have created your reality. When we tell you that your reality is an illusion, we refer to a creation that is not in accordance with the higher concepts of the realms of Light. Of course it is real inasmuch that it has a physical presence, but it lacks the Light and will therefore be unable to sustain itself. 

Your creations that stand the test of time are those that carry the energies of Light, and are created out of love and not for ulterior reasons. Do you not pass another on your journey through life and see their distress or disability, and feel compassion and love that would help them. That energy is real and lasting, and received by the one it is directed to and carries with it upliftment. It is not that your most kind and loving thoughts can necessarily bring about immediate changes. Sometimes the conditions that you would change are intended to exist, until the soul concerned recognises the cause of them. 

Each of you has come to Earth with a definite plan, that because of the end times can be quite demanding. You meet challenges to face and transmute conditions you have created in the past, and because many have already raised their vibrations it is not as difficult as may be imagined. It is however a severe trial for those who have yet to realise their true divinity and the power to overcome any adversity, and the lessons remain until they are accepted and understood. The ways of life on Earth are readily understood by those of the Higher Realms, who have great love for mankind. They help you to find the Light and overcome your weaknesses and susceptibility to the pull of materialism, and the negativity that often accompanies it. 

Be assured that the wisdom of the Elders has been acquired through their closer link with the Godhead, and when they set the course for Earth and Humanity it carried with it the highest intentions for your evolution. It may seem strange to you that suffering and want are allowed to assail you, but in the greater plan there is no other way to evolve but through such experience. You must bear in mind, you knew beforehand that your journeys through duality would be a thorough test of your resolve to stay within the Light. You were also aware that you would reach the lowest vibrations, before you were enabled to rise up again. 

Many have travelled with you at every stage on your journey. Some have come to Earth with you whilst others have been your invisible companions from the higher dimensions. There is always help even if you do not identify with it or call upon it. You have not been thrown into the melting pot as some kind of punishment, and remember that what you experience is an agreed part of your life plan. Soon you will see many of your Guides and helpers as they come closer to you, and the vibrations upon Earth rise up. 

I am St. Germain and still at the helm of all activities, and I am also one who will be seen again upon Earth. It is not that I have ever left as many have been aware of my presence, and in the future I shall walk amongst you, as will many other Masters. We are with you in Love, and you are as our spiritual family who we revere and admire for your strength of purpose. 

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.