Ela  09-March-06


You will have noted that we encourage you to go within to find your own truth, to find those quiet moments when you can commune with your Higher Self. This is also our own way of being, but we do get together on the occasions that we contact Higher Beings. We have special Temples where we meet, and there is a gathering where we are placed in a circle around a pillar of powerful energy. Having gone through a prayer of invocation, we see an aspect of the Higher Being manifest before us and communication can begin. It is a telepathic method that is used, and everyone present hears the message within. Like you, we have certain times when there is reason to celebrate a great event and we call on Higher Beings to join us. These are events that cause much excitement, and we are full of joyful expectation as to what we may learn.


Again, like you we cannot go beyond a certain dimensional energy, and we have to set up the conditions that will enable Higher Beings to come to us. We commune with Beings that would seem to you to be Gods, and they are indeed godlike. They come from dimensions of Light such as the 12th dimension or higher, and they are Light Beings that do not need form as you understand it. They can however take a recognizable form if so desired, and when they do it is one glorious showing of Light that continually streams out from them. Through power of thought they can extend it to envelope all of those gathered around them. The energy is both one of utter peace and love, and you literally become One with that Being.


Although we are much more evolved than you, there is still so much more to learn and we welcome our visitors who hold high positions in the Spiritual Hierarchy. Out temples are made of crystal and that alone creates a wonderful energy of harmony and love. To enter one is like moving into a multi-colored beam of light, where they are moving and intertwining with each other. It is a very uplifting experience, and we are careful to note the guidance we are given. You would find yourselves completely at home with us, and you would know intuitively that the Beings that address you are of the highest order and trustworthy.


On board our craft we have areas designated for personal use and gatherings. Communion with Higher Beings is something that we can achieve as and when we desire to do so. We can recreate temples that are exactly the same as one I have described. There are also recreational areas that are similar, where you can go to be re-energized while you relax. Because we do not have your heavy cumbersome physical bodies, we do not require sleep as you do. Instead we allow ourselves time to as you might say re-charge our batteries. Energy is otherwise drawn from the atmosphere around us, and we have little need for solid food. We can enjoy liquids that are nectars of our own creations, and can “eat” small delicacies for sheer enjoyment and relaxation.


On Earth you have so many responsibilities, and we can understand that these cause you stress and problems. It is the continual need to provide for yourself and family, and work takes up most of your time. At our levels of existence there is not for example any need for physical exertion, as none of our work is tiring. Mundane tasks and many others that need sophisticated programs, are carried out by robotic Beings or highly advanced computers. This means that as individuals our chosen skills can be a joy to perform, and we have ample leisure time. We immensely enjoy our work, which is in the service of others as delegated to us by The Galactic Federation. We are chosen for our proven skills, and we do not as you say “Have square pegs in round holes”.


By and large you choose what knowledge or skills you wish to acquire, and you will be trained for them from an early stage. You will join us as fully grown adults, and take your place next to us. However, had you joined us through normal attachment resulting from the loving union of two people, there would be a prior period of schooling. You come into being through what you call incarnation, but are fully conscious and already well developed as a young person. Birth as you know it is unnecessary and only a feature of the lower vibrations. You have far more awareness and control of these situations than you do on Earth.


As you are beginning to realize, life in the higher dimensions is far different to what you have been used to so far. It is so exhilarating and satisfying to do the type of work that brings you satisfaction. In the course of it life is one great adventure, that takes you from one end of the galaxy to the other. There are millions of galaxies and life abundant all around, and there is always something new to discover. We reflect on the magnificence and beauty of the Creators realms, where you can share every conceivable experience. Remember, that wherever you find life you find Love, as every soul is a spark of God regardless of the outer dressing.


I am Ela from Arcturus, and enjoy my opportunities to convey to you the new experiences that await you. We know you need little encouragement to join us, and that many of you are already prepared. You will join us because you have risen sufficiently from the lower vibrations, and overcome the challenges of duality. There is still work to be done, but that will be the easier part when we first come to Earth. Everything is well set in place for your final push towards Ascension, and it will commence as soon as your last cabal is removed from power. That time is almost upon you, and it will happen regardless of any opposition, because it is decreed by higher powers than those of Earth.


We know many of you are “tired” of the battle between the dark and Light. However, this last showing was inevitable as Humanity had to learn the result of its earlier actions. This is Law, and the lesson has almost been learnt and will never return to you again. Continue sending out your Love to All, and know by this action you are speeding up the final act that will see an end to the control of the dark. You are never alone in your fight to restore truth and justice, and we add our Love to yours all of the time.


Thank you Ela.


Mike Quinsey

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