SaLuSa  08-March-06


The drama unfolds on Earth and the dark are becoming more desperate to hold on to their power. Their difficulty for them is that as they now rush through legislation to try and stem the tide of opposition, they alienate even more people. They are becoming the architects of their own downfall, and this is how we envisaged developments. As you the people become stronger, so your confidence in being able to remove the last cabal is proving to be the key factor in our plan. We have always needed your help as well as you needing ours, and together we are a formidable force for good.


Everything is nicely balanced in spite of outer appearances, and the Light continues to grow. We are not looking for a negative reaction to the actions of your Government, but one that is calculated to result in their removal with a majority approval. Lawful and legal moves have been going ahead for some time now, and the net closes in on them. There is no escape from justice, and that indeed applies to each and every one of you. No one is beyond the Laws of the Supreme Creator, and all answer for their actions and have to accept the consequences.


Because you are in duality you will always be tempted to stray from the Light, not that you are deliberately being ensnared. You agreed to be tried in a cycle in which you would be sorely tested as to the strength of your Light. Through these experiences you are evolving at an astonishing rate, and nowhere else could you have achieved such rapid progress. This is also why these times present so many opportunities to clear old karma. On one level, you should be able to see that this is a wonderful time to be on Earth to advance your evolution. Look beyond the physical aspects, and know that the experiences that you will take away with you will be worth their weight in gold.


These remaining years are but a blink of the eye, but nevertheless some of the most important ones you will have experienced. As many of you are aware, you are about to venture upon a path that is unique to the act of Ascension by ascending with your physical body. It will be transformed by the higher vibrations that you are entering, and become as ours, of a highly evolved matter. Perfection will be the key, as you eventually  take up bodies of Light. You will also have returned to full consciousness and be fully aware of who you are. Soon memories of your Earth experiences will fade into the background. You will not look back, but forwards to a glorious future amongst the stars.


Life in spirit is not some tenuous existence, but one that is buoyant and lively, one that is the epitome of happiness and joy. As you travel even further, so you become a soul of great Light and creative power. You are invested with the powers of the Creator and will serve others who are also seeking to rise up into the Light. Your home will be Terra the new Earth, and you will have a conscious relationship with her. You will soon learn the Oneness of All That Is.


Coming back down to Earth, Mother Gaia is beginning to stir again, and major happenings are likely as she shakes off the old negative vibrations. Everything is gathering pace and speeding up, and all around your world the effects will be noticed. Things will become somewhat hectic, but we shall do our best to minimize any adverse affect. There is a delicate point between helping and interfering, and certain degree of cleansing is essential, with its consequent result.


One area of increasing concern is your oceans, that are now seriously affected by pollution and weather changes. The whole balance of Earth is being pulled one way or another, with the resultant effect that it is becoming unstable. Again we closely monitor these situations, and observe that the denizens of the seas are becoming disoriented. Your marine life is equally important as are all species upon land, and we must take steps to change the conditions. We hold back from major work until after First Contact has been announced, and then we shall openly get to work. There is an immense amount to be done, but this is no problem to us with our extensive resources.


Our methods bring total cleansing, and in carrying out work we do not create more problems. Our technologies are largely beyond your concepts, and we change matter rather than destroy it. We can repair any damage to the magnetic grid around Earth, and recreate the central points of control that presently exist along your Equator. Many years ago these systems were put in place, and they maintained the balance and equilibrium of Earth. You will learn about these processes and how they can be disrupted by negative energies. Man has caused many of the problems you face today through eons of wrong thinking.


Soon we are due to arrive on Earth, and it will be with your approval and invitation.  We have worked for this opportunity over millennia of time, and now we find that point has been reached. We prepare ourselves for meeting you openly, and you will find us so much like you in our love of life. We are souls that have also been created through the thoughts of The Creator. We also desire to make our way back through the unending multitude of dimensions that comprise the ever refining energies from the Godhead. You too have this yearning, even if you presently are not fully aware of it.


Everything is made up of energy that is forever present and in endless supply. It has a consciousness and can be molded through the power of thought. At present you have but little ability in this direction, and this is soon to change as you claim those powers back. We shall introduce you to the manner in which such powers can be used, and before you ascend you will have acquired many of these back. As you learn of these matters, know that it will come quite naturally to you, as before you descended into matter you were co-creators with God.


I am SaLuSa of The Galactic Federation and I remind you of your true background. You are every bit as evolved as we are, the only difference being that we are fully aware of it. You are now making your way back, and we shall be on hand to help you. The Light is streaming down upon Earth and you cannot fail to be lifted up by it. It is changing the vibration of all matter, and if the new vibration cannot be absorbed it will be transmuted and disappear from the face of the Earth. Only that which vibrates to the new energy will remain, in the perfection that is contained within it. Love is the power and energy that overcomes all obstacles, and we come with Love for you all.


Thank you SaLuSa.


Mike Quinsey.

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