St. Germain  07-March-06


We see a movement amongst the people that is getting stronger by the day, like the ripples moving out over a pond. There is an understanding of what is taking place, and the truth is spreading more rapidly than before. People are waking up and their consciousness is expanding, and they are able to understand the subterfuge and double talk that is directed their way. People are no longer prepared to go quietly to the slaughter, and are rebelling against the authorities that are trying to control their lives. Earth although a place of many challenges, was never meant to be your prison.


Freedom of _expression is your right, providing that in exercising it you do not cause interference or harm. When it is carried out with consideration to the well being of others, there is no reason why you should not be able to freely mix together and enjoy the many different cultures. Realize that these have resulted from the creation of different realities over millennia of time. Once they have been given the power to form their energy ensures that they continue to exist. They will do so until the energy that has created them is dissipated and melts away. However, all of the time the thoughtforms are continued to be fed by more energy, they will strongly remain.


The different cultures offer you choice of experience, and before you take another life on Earth you decide which one will give you the opportunity that will lead you further onwards. It is not a question of which one will give you an easy life, but which one will allow you to understand another way of life. In some cultures life can be harsh and much disciplined, and consider that you may need that lesson to learn about self control. Be assured that the circumstances of your life are chosen for good reason. Some of you wonder what the purpose of your life is and see no pattern or meaning to it. However dull or meaningless it seems, you are certainly placed in a situation that will enable spiritual progress to be made. Often you are placed with certain groups of people such as your immediate family, so that collectively you may help each other to grow.


Lives do not necessarily have to be in the fast track, and what is most important is what lessons you can successfully learn, and not how rich or famous you become. Both of the latter are in themselves big challenges, as the ego can become very inflated with your own importance. Be humble and if you are in a position to be able to help others do so. It is the same with those of you who hold positions of power, and the challenge is always to temper your decisions and actions with kindness and understanding. Power is a heady brew and many a person has allowed it to pander to their more base energies.


Experiencing life and making allowances for the rights of others, is a careful balance of maintaining your freedom whilst acknowledging the rights of others. This is the path to understanding and creating balance and harmony within your society. If you love your fellow man as yourself, it is clear that there would be a coming together instead of the perpetuation of the differences between groups. You are not meant to isolate yourselves and play on the differences between you all. You should be looking for the common ground so that you can be drawn together. As you progress through the higher dimensions you will find this to be so, and of course there is a natural coming together through mutual attraction.


It would be a good question to ask yourselves what it is you seek whilst upon Earth. Do you actually know what it is you want out of life, and can you understand yourself. Many feel lost and without guidance, but perhaps this is because they will not admit to the lessons that life can give them. You will certainly find times when situations are thrust upon you for the purpose of creating such an opportunity. Look for them and do not let them go by, as they will surely come back to you again. Your Guides do not set you up for fun, your progress is a very serious matter and they know exactly what you agreed to before you incarnated. Knowing this be prepared for those occasions which are clearly opportunities to progress.


Understand that absolutely everyone has a purpose for being here at this particular time. The principal one is to experience the end times and the opportunity to ascend. Not everyone will wish to do so, but by being here at such a momentous time and experiencing the energies connected with it, you will be more prepared for the next one. Ascension is a natural ending to a cycle, when those who have successfully reached a completion are naturally drawn to a higher dimension.


You cannot totally leave duality behind in this Universe, and even in the strongest Light you still have freedom of choice. The difference is that you will only stray from the path if you allow the ego to take control. Once you ascend it is easier to hold your place in the Light, but your actions are more far reaching because of your creative power. As you know, we often stress the importance of not interfering with your freedom of choice. If we forced our actions upon you, no matter how beneficial they might be we would be considered to have “interfered” with your chosen path.


I am St. Germain and you will realize that we of the Spiritual Hierarchy are attempting to prepare you for the coming changes. The more you understand now the easier they will become, and once there is a clear understanding of personal changes that are necessary we see the greater opportunity of bringing you more together. We lay the facts before you, and it is up to you how well you can respond and take them into your mindset. This is why there is some emphasis and encouragement for you to seek for yourself, and not rely on others to do it for you. If you are intent on finding the truth it will certainly come your way, and you will attract the attention of another Guide for this precise purpose. All of our actions and advice are given in great Love, and we carefully and gently lead you ever onwards to the higher realms. We will be with you all of the way.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.  

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