Diane  31-March-06


In the beginning there was the word, one that brought all into existence. A sound that rippled outwards and created Light in the unmanifest. A Light that was the energy and building blocks for all that was to be, is now, and will be forever. Now Light is being used again to bring about another change that is so important to you, but is far reaching in its effect. Can you imagine the powerful Beings that carry out the Creator’s bidding, and all work together in complete harmony. Your part in Ascension is as essential as any others, and you are instrumental in bringing Light to Earth. You are rising up together as the Higher Beings reach down to you.


Your new found role is not one you would have dreamt of so very long ago. You had no idea that you had the potential to be such powerful Beings. However, here you are with your rapidly awakening consciousness, and the realization that you are returning to the higher realms where you belong. Your home is not on Earth, but it has served you well, and along with Mother Earth you will leave this cycle behind. You are yet to raise your consciousness sufficiently to fully realize your true place in the Cosmos. You will eventually stand alongside the Angels and the Christed One’s having achieved superconsciousness.


As you walk the path to your goal, try to see that you are reclaiming that which was already yours. It is your destiny to return to the higher realms, and all of your concerns and worries can be put aside. Each step further you take, so will the experiences of the past start to fade away as you enter the wonder and beauty of the dimensions that exist in total harmony. You intentionally chose to forget your illustrious past, so that you could fully experience duality. Now you learn of the promise made eons of time ago, that you should return in full glory and Light.


We know that what we tell you about requires much faith on your part, but we find that most of you can intuitively accept what you have been told. It should come naturally to you, as we simply remind you of who you were before you came down through the vibrations. Many are now so confident of their own ability, that they have learnt how to become totally focused and prevent the negative energies from having any effect upon them. It is a matter of being centered at all times, and if you feel under threat place a bubble of light around yourself for protection. In this way, the negative energies will be unable to affect you.


As we often mention, it is fear that opens you up and breaks up your auric protection. Practice being centered and imagine your protective bubble of white or violet light enclosing you. You will find that the next time there is negativity around you it will literally bounce off you. This is the perfect way to respond to someone who is argumentative or is threatening, and by not being drawn into their energies you actually help diffuse the situation. With practice you can control what happens around you, and bring a measure of peace where you find it is needed.


When you have mastered the art of being centered, you will also find more people being attracted to you. They will “feel” the harmonious energies that you give out and want to be in your company. Young children are most natural when it comes to feeling your peace, and you will undoubtedly become quite popular with them. Being centered and at One with everything else is Love in action, and will greatly affect everything that is touched by your auric energies. How many of you can recall going to a meeting, where like kinds have come together perhaps to carry out healing or meditation. Can you remember the beautiful atmosphere that was created, and how it was so calming and peaceful. Imagine what it will be like when thousands upon thousands of people are able to create the same energies upon Earth. This is indeed beginning to happen, and not so far away there will be a sudden burst of these energies that will carry you forward.


Dear Ones, we have given you something to aim for that will raise your vibrations. The beauty of being in control of yourself is how much better it makes you feel. The bonus is that it also helps make others feel good around you. You will know that it is the way to be, and you will also find it leads to a new perception of what is happening around you. You realize you have the power to quietly make a difference, and it is very satisfying to work in love and peace. People often ask what they can do to help mankind and there are many ways to do it. Not everyone desires or can indeed serve others in an active way, but you can always spread Love and Light.


When you can successfully live your life in peace and harmony, you begin to realize that you can be in your reality and unaffected by others. You unavoidably touch them as you go through life, but you do not have to be pulled into their stream of energies. You can still enjoy life and have your moments of laughter and fun, but the difference is that you know what is unworthy of you. You will have a confidence that will ensure that comments against you will have no affect whatsoever. It can quickly become a way of life that becomes easy for you to maintain.


I am Diane of The Galactic Federation as are many of Michael’s contacts. Our role is part of a great mission that has been going on for many years to help prepare you for the end times. We see your potential and it is applicable to everyone, even if some choose not to accept the opportunity being presented for Ascension. The few can lift the many, and the Light is growing very quickly and its effect touches each and every one of you. The higher the vibration the more the Light increases exponentially, and it is now magnificent to see it glowing around your Earth. Our Love and Light is meeting with yours and soon we will come amongst you and lift you up even further.


Thank you Diane.


Mike Quinsey.         

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