Ag-agria  30-March-06


Consciousness is very much an individual perception as to what you think it is. Some feel it is simply the working of the mind, and have never considered that everything that exists has it to a greater or lesser degree. It is a matter of having a level that is consistent with your role in life, and enabling your blueprint to energize itself and manifest in the physical dimension. A blade of grass grows according to its pattern held in its original seed. These are small but nevertheless wonderful creations that reflect the perfection contained in the original thought.


Human Beings are so much more complex with a number of bodies that work in unison with each other. The original blueprint allows for perfection, but the nature of your experiences requires that some are genetically altered for the purpose of your continuing evolution. As you are aware, they carry forward into the subsequent generations and are therefore a factor when a new incarnation is chosen. The reasons are unimportant, but if you elected to experience disability in some form, you would enter a body that would give you that condition. I must hasten to add, that you and your Guides choose the circumstances in which you incarnate, and it is not thrust upon you unless you agree.


You might ask why anyone would wish to experience anything that may have a limiting affect on their life. It is through Karma or by design when your lives follow a certain pattern of development. Let us consider a positive application, where someone has been in a family where another member has lost the use of one arm. Sharing that experience and seeing the problems may have had such a marked effect upon you, that out of compassion and a yearning to help you decided to do something about it. It is possible that to fully understand the problems and needs of the disabled, that out of love for them you decided to experience them yourself in a future life. This tells you that you should not judge people as you see them, as you do not know the Karmic reasons that are involved. There is certainly no degree of punishment, although you may of your own volition carry a less than perfect body or mind to atone for past actions.


There are of course many reasons outside of an individual’s control that may affect them during their lives. You only have to think of the adverse affects of pollution in the sea, air and ground to realize that you are continually under threat of illness. Forms of radiation both natural and manmade also assault your body, and you will have read of the serious and debilitating affect of using depleted uranium in the Middle East conflict. Your body is a wonder of creation, but it cannot do anything but react to the outside influences. It has an inbuilt defensive mechanism, and daily it satisfactorily deals with thousands of germs that come at you from all directions. It will endeavor to heal itself, but sometimes the attack upon it is too powerful.


Your bodily consciousness reacts quite naturally to all situations, and if you have raised your vibrations you have a greater chance of avoiding illness. For example it also learns from experience, which is why you often only get diseases once. Your body provides you with immunity once it has developed the cure. Your blood cells are like an army that patrols your body and fights off attacks upon it, and all of this occurs without your awareness apart perhaps from a feeling of being unwell. Your tiniest cells have a consciousness, so much so that they “talk” to each other to maintain the efficiency of your body.


If you talk positively to your body it will respond, and it will help you recover from illness. When your body talks to you, do you take any notice, and I wonder how many times you get warnings about something you doing that is harming you, and you still ignore it. You are now beginning to understand that water has a consciousness, and how easily it responds to outer influences. Water is vital to your body, and has its own curative powers. These can be enhanced through the use of color and crystals, electrical charges and sound. The world of consciousness is one you have much to learn about, and that knowledge will be fully given to you in the near future.


As your understanding of consciousness increases, you will realize how interdependent you are on each other. It will also help explain how you arrive at a mass consciousness, and how it affects the whole. Now see that as you have been raising your own vibrations, effectively you are raising every ones at the same time. Think in terms of Light and understand how it creates the opportunities for Ascension. You raise your vibrations, and by laws of Attraction you draw even more to yourself and so the Light continues to grow. When it reaches critical mass there will a lifting up, and you shall find yourselves in the new _expression of Mankind and Earth.


The Universe is alive and has a consciousness of its own, and in the order of creation can be seen to have intelligence behind it. Nothing is without purpose, and all has first existed in the mind of The Creator. You are beginning to grasp this concept, and with it you are able to see your own existence in this context. All is One as we often tell you, and the more you learn about the consciousness that exists all around you, the more you come closer to understanding your own creation, and place in it.


I am Ag-agria of The Galactic Federation and endeavor to direct your thoughts into areas that you would do well to contemplate. Awareness of what is happening around you is the first step towards mastering it. You have much more control and input into how things work out than you realize. Try to purposefully acknowledge the consciousness of other life forms, and see how it interacts with you. I smile as I say it, but if you want big apples in your orchard this year talk to the trees. I understand you cannot be arrested for doing it. Better still love your trees, tell them how you feel about them. Even better still, talk to Humans and show Love to them, it works wonders.


Thank you Ag-agria.


Mike Quinsey

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