Ag-agria  03-March-06


How strange everything must seem to you as the dark try to tighten their grip, and you draw the strings tighter around them. However, you have risen to the challenge and you work to establish the points of Light that surround the dark. Now that you have understood how your freedom is being removed bit by bit, you are equal to the efforts of the dark who try to justify their actions.  Now you confront them with your version of the truth and they are feeling very uncomfortable.


Knowledge and awareness are so vital to the work of the Light, and there is no better source of news than your Internet. It will always be eyed by those who prefer that your freedom of _expression is curtailed. Fortunately that is easier said than done, and I see that the possibility that its power to effect matters will be contained for quite some time. It is so important to Lightworkers, who share a whole wealth of information about various activities that are taking place. It is a place where the truth can be found if you are prepared to be discerning.


One of the most amazing events that came upon people with little warning was the fall of the Berlin Wall. This was an example of the power of the people to overcome the regime of Communism and break out to claim back their freedom. The energy for change often works this way, and as it builds up against your present government you could yet see this happening to them. They are teetering on the brink of collapse, and one more little push could see their unstoppable fall commence. When the supporters of the Republican Party are themselves critical of the leadership, you know that their end is in sight. You can never let up in your campaigns to bring the changes about, but the die has been cast and the changes must take place very soon.


Since the new energies have been lifting your vibrations, many have awakened to the possibility of the New Age. It has taken some time to throw off the last vestiges of the expected changes that were to accompany the turn of the Millennium. That was an important turning point, when through your expanding consciousness you went beyond the predictions that would have seen you end the last century in chaos. The end times cannot themselves be altered, as there has to be a conclusion to this cycle. However, the manner in which it takes place can, and you have raised yourselves to a level where it will occur in a less disruptive way. This also applies to Mother Earth who no longer needs to carry out the dramatic earth changes that were originally envisaged.


Our part in the changes was initially meant to take place in a way that was not so intrusive in your affairs. We were always going to be behind the events ensuring that the Divine Plan worked out. Since you have become more aware of the truth of our presence and warmly invited us to join you, that has opened new options and allowed us a more direct approach to you. If you look back to how far you have come since the Millennium, I am sure you will agree that a tremendous amount of progress has been made. Now you stand at the threshold of another giant step forward, and amid the apparent confusion a new way forward is emerging.


We have mentioned quite often that the old ways no longer serve you, and they are being rapidly replaced at higher levels that are about to manifest that energy upon Earth. You create the potential, and by increasing the vibrations upon Earth you draw it to yourselves. It must be so, and you may be assured that the day of completion is ever drawing closer. Even those who are not deeply involved in working for the changes, are sensing that something is about to happen. There is a very positive attitude amongst many people that will help continue to speed things up.


The time is approaching when there shall be a fair distribution of wealth throughout the world. It is Man who has caused the imbalances, and it has happened through greed and the desire for power. Your problem has been that your leaders have not been chosen for the right qualities. Often they have had a hidden agenda, and for many years that has been formulated by the Illuminati. People have to some extent been na´ve and believed the election talk that has promised you what you want to hear. As the truth has been emerging, you learn that for many years you have been manipulated and lied to by the very ones that you gave your trust.


It is time for a new breed of leaders to take the reins to lead you towards the final preparations for Ascension. These people are known to us and have come into incarnation specifically to carry out this role. As soon as it is possible to install them they will be announced, and you will know them for the good work they have already carried out. It is necessary that your leadership is spiritually empowered, and able to make decisions for the good of all. They will have our support and guidance, and quickly restore those freedoms that have been systematically taken away from you. They will be the right people for the time, and reflect your desire to see a new society emerge that addresses the real needs of the people.


Corruption and bribery shall be replaced by honesty and open handed dealings. For too long politicians have said one thing and done another, and broken their promises. You the people will have more say in what is done in your name, and you will be consulted about major issues that affect your lives. What is already proposed in the changes that we have informed you about, will restore your civilization to a place of freedom and sovereignty which we know will be welcomed by you. They will solve the problems that have created inequality, and overcome poverty and want all over the world. We come for All, and what will commence in the U.S. will set the stage for everyone else.


I am Ag-agria and I have taken a look at the position you now find yourselves in, and it is continuing to be one that is progressing satisfactorily. The Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy, are well aware of the tension brought about by the delay in the manifestation of the anticipated events. As ever there has to a correct time for our official announcements, but be assured that like you we will be delighted when that day arrives. We work incessantly towards a successful conclusion, and it will come soon enough as the hard work has now been completed. We and our allies are at the ready, and our victory looms ever nearer. Go in love and carry out your work with your heads held high, and know that the Light has encircled your Earth and is bringing the peace and happiness you richly deserve.


Thank you Ag-agria.


Mike Quinsey

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