Atmos  29-March-06


How we wish we could reach the minds of those who are closed to our presence and our craft. It seems odd to us that with so much evidence to support our existence, that there should any doubts about it. Part of this is almost certainly due to the official denials that are put out, although at times they treat you as simpletons. They come out with their outrageous ideas to explain us and craft away.


We see also that there are so many different beliefs as to your origin, and whether you should be beholden to some greater Deity. There are also those who are professional in their understanding of the sciences, and having accepted the current curricula they find it difficult to break out of rigid thinking. Astronomers seem to be the most likely to have a myopic view of what they see in the heavens. Again there is the set way of thinking that is maintained by their peers, and is difficult to question. Finally there are souls who do have limitations of intelligence, and the subject of extraterrestrial Beings is too much for their comprehension.


When the truth comes out, your Governments would have so much explaining to do as to why they have kept you in the dark for so long. It is easier for them to deny our existence, and then they are not faced with a whole barrage of awkward questions. They can conveniently hide behind our sightings of which they are totally aware, whilst they carry out their own testing of craft based on information gained from back engineering. Incidents due to their actions can be conveniently denied by them, and I am for example thinking of their involvement in some of the cattle mutilations. You have been hoodwinked and fooled by the very people who hold ample evidence of our existence.


What is to be done when those who have evidence of the cover up, are under threat not to disclose what they know? We will say that the truth waits to come out, and those who believe in us will have those beliefs vindicated before very long. It is not our way to prove our existence to the detriment of those would be shocked and upset, but we cannot wait much longer. There is a time line that requires the Earth and the people of it to take a great step forward, and in doing so they will learn beyond doubt of our existence. It is known as First Contact and it has been planned for eons of time, it signals the end of an era that you know as the cycle of duality.


At any time we could easily convince you of our presence in your reality, but our approach has been one of careful attention to the reaction it has caused. After many years of gentle persuasion by allowing sightings of our craft, there is now recognition of our place in your lives. Many of you have had your personal experiences, which have helped others to understand much more about us. Others not fortunate to have had such proof, have nevertheless found a different way to us through the many channeled messages and books about us. For any who seek proof about us, there is now so much evidence that can be found and no longer denied.


Seekers of truth will have already found many accounts of our visitations to your Earth in historical times. There were occasions in the distant past when we openly walked amongst you, and that will happen again before we travel together for the final part of your journey. Bear in mind that many of you have subconscious memories of meeting us in the past, and these enable you to feel comfortable at the idea of our coming. We come in peace and love, and view you as members of the same family and the same God. We come not to favor one against the other, but will treat all equally as one of our tasks is to bring you together again.


We come to show you a new way that embodies a great technological revolution, that will advance you way beyond the stage you would otherwise have reached. We also come to reveal the truth about your journey through duality, and how it cut you off from knowing your real self. You will learn from our experiences, and knowledge will be freely given to advance your understanding. One of the most important aspects is that you know of the Oneness of all Creation, and leave behind your petty differences and arguments. Much of your understanding of God is incorrect, and upon learning the Truth it will set you free from the conflicts and wars that have taken place in Godís name. There is but One God that some call the Father, and it matters not which name is used. The God of this Universe carries the energies of The Creator, in which you all have your existence.


I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation, a body of civilizations that acknowledge the One God. They provide membership for those who have relinquished the ways of the dark, and walk in the Light of Love. You will only have to board our ships to experience the higher energies that create a wonderful peace everywhere. You will be able to relax and enjoy all of the comforts you desire, and it will be quite noticeable to you that we are Beings of Light. We wish to see you reach a new level as soon as possible, and we shall do much to that end. There are years of wonderment and absolute joy ahead, and we shall all know what is expected of us and work as one great group of enlightened souls.


Thank you Atmos.


Mike Quinsey.       

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