St. Germain  28-March-06


After a few years of receiving intense channeling from many different sources, you now have a good understanding of what is in store for the end times. Much is repetitive and presented in various formats so as to give every opportunity to absorb the facts. Of course, there is also a matter of keeping abreast with changes that occur, such as for example the timing of NESARA. I would like to say that many of you took this to heart and helped make it known.


NESARA is the keystone to the imminent changes, restoring those rights established by the Constitution, rights which are intended to be the basis of a new paradigm for all people. Genuine attempts were made to set up the conditions for the announcement to go ahead, and many times that was almost achieved. Some of you do not understand why we did not force it through, but hopefully you now realize that it is not our way of working. We had to allow the dark to oppose it, as we do with all situations that involve these confrontations of the light and Dark. Even in what you may perceive as failure, there are lessons that are being learnt, and the dark are brought into the open for all to see.


As we often point out, the final period of this cycle is allowing the manifestation of the energies that you have planted upon Earth for eons of time. Both the dark and Light have tried to command the center stage, and they have progressed to the final act. Because of the great growth of Light, the dark have found it increasingly difficult to maintain their original agenda. Behind the scenes they are desperately trying to hold onto their power which is slipping away. They know the game is up, and their hidden activities and covert operations are now coming to light. The Light by its very nature cannot be extinguished, and even if its progress has hardly been noticeable it has nevertheless continued to grow.


The reason we persist with our messages, it is to re-awaken you to your real selves and the truth. Each act of the dark is one that must bring either acceptance or rejection from you. In the past you have allowed people to guide you who have taken you away from your true path. In your lack of understanding you have also been led into the abyss. It was intended to keep you there, and you have been misguided with many platitudes and falsehoods to keep you in the dark.


Light has also had a plan that was in place at the beginning of this cycle, and it was carefully orchestrated so that you would be given every opportunity to see the Light in time to challenge the dark in the end times. You are in that time now and in spite of the influence and powerful backing through the Illuminati, they cannot achieve their goal. It does not take much imagination to understand their sheer panic at the thought of losing their power and ill gotten gains. It has been their greed that has resulted in the inequalities of life, along with their deliberate actions to de-populate and control the world.


NESARA is still vital to establishing a fair society, and enables a return to one where justice and sovereignty are restored. A fair distribution of wealth will take place, and part of this will be recovered from those who have manipulated the money markets and plundered the Earth. Your need for money will not be as essential as it is now, as sharing will become the normal way of life. The basic essentials to live a healthy life and protected existence will eventually be supplied free, and no one shall be left in need of them.


In your hearts you have desired fairness in the distribution of wealth, and caring and well being for all. This has provided the impetus for what is now taking place as it has brought immense light to Earth. You see now how life is affected by the ways of the dark and their minions, who have no love in their hearts except for themselves. Oppose their ways where you can and do not let them dictate to you any more. Their time is up, and soon they will have played their last card the game is over.


Meantime push ahead with your own agenda of Light, and know that you are helping create the new Earth. Let me remind you, that it is first the thought that is followed by action, it happens this way and that is Universal Law. Everything is at a critical point where just anything can happen, and many actions are possible. However, regardless of how it progresses from now on, do not waver from your path or intentions. The dark sink lower into the mire of their own creation, and there is no way back for them until this cycle has finished. I talk not of their success but opportunities to turn once more to the Light, and this is the prerogative of every soul.


NESARA is a name for a law that embodies a return to your Constitutional rights. The name is not important but the benefits are and these will come a soon as it is practical, and will open up the way for all of the other changes that come with First Contact. They are part of the same intention to restore everything upon Earth, and it will happen regardless of any attempt to prevent it. Far more is happening than you imagine, but for the time being we prefer that you focus on your part to bring all into being. The Heavens are alive with action dedicated to bring the changes out very soon, and then you can all breathe a sigh of relief. A new way of living that allows freedom and the removal of fear will soon become quite natural to you.


I am St. Germain, and you know by now that I lead the plan for your Earth and Humanity. I too have worked a long time to help you reach this point, and success is assured with the backing of the Spiritual Hierarchy. A wonderful time beckons, and you shall rest and recover from this marathon that is called duality. Life will become a splendid experience when you are freed from the shackles of the dark, and they no longer have any influence over you. Their place is elsewhere and they will no longer be able to interfere in your lives. Feel the energy in these words of encouragement, and carry the Light as your sword of protection, and know you can call upon the Archangels who will walk in love with you.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.

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