SaLuSa  27-March-06


Take each day as it comes, as you never know quite what may come along, but by the same token be prepared for the unexpected. Be confident of your ability to cope with what is thrown at you but do not be caught unawares. Particularly when you are on the path of Light, as when you are relaxed and sure of yourself you are likely to be vulnerable. I talk of actions by others that bring an instantaneous response, that sometimes catches you in an unguarded moment. It can bring an angry reaction to the surface before you have time to think.


These are times when there is much taking place that is appalling. There are also events being revealed in the truth of their happening, and it is revealing a side of Humanity that is offensive to your sense of right and wrong. The Iraq war is an example of how far into the dark a civilization can fall. It reveals how just below the surface is a layer of consciousness that creates its own version of Hell. The taking of life is an abortion that is totally against the Laws of the Universe. Until that lesson is learnt so you will continue to find yourselves acting out of anger, revenge and hatred.


On the positive side, there is a growing clamor and demand for the end of war for all time. Until you achieve that aim, it will keep coming back to you in many different ways. See that violence and retribution have become a way of life, even down to your own thoughts. These reflect back out those negative energies, and so the cycle continues without abatement. Dear Ones, how much longer will it be before you say enough is enough, oh yes some of you have as you have seen the futility of war. Can you see how hatred is born out of oppression experienced when your country is occupied by foreign troops. Your leaders call those who oppose them terrorists, and in trying to quell their reactions have no regard for the loss of innocent lives.


As a civilization how will you lift up into the Light if you disregard the Laws of the Universe? The collective actions of you all determine where you are in your evolution, and if you want to take that great leap forward a clearing out must commence. For too long you have accepted that there is a need for armed forces, and if they were only for defensive purposes it would be acceptable. As you are beginning to understand, most wars are contrived and there is no necessity for them in the first place. They are simply the means to further the agenda of the dark forces, that work towards global domination by setting up a world government.


Much of what I mention is becoming known to you, and you have yet to learn of the full extent of corrupt and dishonest practices that have become a way of life in politics. Their tentacles have worked their way into many aspects of your everyday life, and your rights are being rapidly eroded. More controls than ever are placed on your movement and freedom of _expression, and it is vitally important that they are opposed. There will always be souls who will take the initiative, and you should give them as much support as possible. You have representatives in Government, and every effort must be made to get them to honor their responsibilities to you.


As the Light continues to pour onto Earth, so it enlightens people and they find their consciousness rising. They may not be aware of what is taking place, but their dark side weakens and it becomes easier to turn to the Light. You also have the total consciousness of the Human Race which is rising up, and there has never been a better time to bring the problems on Earth into the Light. It is much like washing your dirty linen, but with sufficient effort it can be restored to what it was.


You have heard many times that victory over the dark is yours. However, it still requires every effort on your part to reach that point that has become much nearer. Take action where you see the dark, but do so in a way that does not evoke an uncontrollable response of emotions. The dark will use any excuse to be heavy handed, and their delight is to crush opposition and produce more fear. Oppose them using the tools of the Light, with sensible reasoning and love for the good of all.


Meantime, we work as always to give you a back up, but we do rely on your initiatives to bring matters into the public arena. Until recently the dark were able to hide their heinous deeds, but you are now in an age where the truth is destined to be revealed. The full extent of the way in which you have been oppressed and used will not come out until after First Contact. Your whole history will have to be re-written, and then you will understand why you have been unable to find true and lasting peace.


Until you turn to the Light you will not uplift yourselves, but for every person who can it becomes that much stronger and all benefit accordingly. These are times of dramatic changes, and it is truly astonishing to see how much you have achieved in such a short time. You have come to recognize the power within by acknowledging your Higher Self. Through the use of self control you have seen much more clearly what is happening around you, and as a result have made valuable contributions to the needed changes.


When you have been informed that what you live now in is not your true reality, bear in mind that you left that behind to drop down into the lower vibrations. It was never intended that you should remain in duality, and the reason for our presence and all of the action we take is to return you to your higher status. You voluntarily accepted your mission, and now it is approaching its end we can become more open in our contact with you. We too are part of the Creator’s Plan, and your success and victory is equally important to us. We rise up together in the vibrations of Love, and in great joy and glory shall continue our adventure elsewhere.


I am SaLuSa of The Galactic Federation, and I am also One with All. We all acknowledge the Source from which we have all had the same beginning, and to which we one day will return. Meantime, we ask you to keep calm and spread your peace far and wide. The Middle East is the key to your future, and will benefit from all of the Love and Light you can send to it. Think not of who is right or wrong, give unconditional love, and you will be doing the greatest service you can for everyone.


Thank you SaLuSa.


Mike Quinsey.  

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