St. Germain  25-March-06


You have all heard of the expression that “you cannot take it with you”, and whatever persuasion you are in your spiritual beliefs you will know this is true. No matter what wealth you acquire, not a single coin or note will leave with you when you pass over. However, what you do take are memories of the possessions that you have had on Earth. Depending on what level of existence you find yourself in, will determine to what degree you have the ability to create those objects again. This is also applicable to a dwelling place that has been prepared for you in advance, and you will most certainly have had a choice in its design. Very often it will be a model of what you have just left behind, but it does not necessarily have to be identical.


It is likely that you have helped to create your home prior to passing over, and this will have taken place during those times you are out of the body whilst asleep. Obviously this is when your physical body rests during its night sleep period. Very few of you have memory of your “nightly activities” and at best you may have only a vague idea. As you go through life, you begin to set in place a train of thought that decides your favorite and most desirable wishes where possessions are concerned. How often have you said that if you could afford it you would have specific items for your enjoyment, and the desire stays with you. Providing you pass over into the Summer Land you will find that those desires have most likely manifested. If not, you add them to your home through your power of thought.


See how even at a slightly higher level you have increased powers, and just imagine how much more will be possible when you lift up at Ascension. Have you ever had a prized possession that has been lost or broken, because I tell you it still exists in the higher dimensions. Every painting or sculpture, every building or gardens have first been visualized in someone’s mind, and still remain in the energy of the original thought. However, in the higher dimensions it can manifest in its perfection as originally envisaged, which is not always possible to achieve on Earth.


We often inform you that in Spirit there are no rewards and no punishment. You simply find yourself at the level you have progressed to through your evolution, and that is the deciding factor where your abilities to continue creating are concerned. There are other levels both above and below the Summer Land , and if you find yourself much lower, so accordingly your creative abilities will be much less. Can you see how the Laws that operate where like is attracted to like are so fair and just. You cannot complain if you find yourself at the level you have created through your own thoughts, actions and desires.


Now, what I tell you about is known to many of you, but others may find it conflicts with their religious beliefs. I simply ask them to consider whether it sounds feasible and has the mark of God upon it. In the higher levels, you would expect to find the fairness and justice that you seek upon Earth, and it does exist. On Earth there is so much greed and manipulation that a person’s status is no indication of their spirituality. It is unnecessary to be poor to show your commitment to spirit, but many prefer not to indulge themselves in more than they need. Some who have had position and power, and have abused it will get something of a shock to find that they no longer command such a position when they arrive on the other side. Ego and pride have no place there, as everyone is seen for exactly what they are.


Those of you who are preparing to move on with the advent of Ascension, will progress to a much higher dimension than those I have described. There you will feel like Gods as your creative power will be so much greater. We sometimes speak of Ascension as a “reward” but in essence it is still a level that you worked towards to attain it, and it is well deserved. Those of you who have worked towards your spiritual evolution, to take this wonderful opportunity to move into the higher realms deserve every credit for your achievements. For others who may have found the going too difficult there are no recriminations, but every help is on hand to enable success in the next cycle of opportunity.


It is unfortunate that many people have held themselves back by preferring to follow the example of other people’s beliefs. Having said that it is their choice and it is honored because of their freewill. Each of you will have had many chances to follow a path leading you to the truth, and it requires individual thinking and a breakaway from strict orthodox teachings. If the pattern of your thinking is so set that you cannot accept different possibilities, do not be concerned as in time you will find a pressing need to move on. All of the time new ideas are being thrust upon you, and at first they may not make any impression. However, all experiences impinge upon your consciousness and will be a factor in the future decisions you make.


I am St. Germain and wish for you all the beauty, joy and happiness that will be found through Ascension. Your journey has been long and arduous, and every encouragement is given to you so that you are aware of this great leap forward that rapidly approaches. As I have said previously it is never too late to turn to the Light, and many a conversion has occurred in an instance of pure revelation. The energies that are beamed to Earth are continuing to lift you up, and are beginning to awaken more to the truth. Go with the flow, and you will have no problem with integrating them into your own vibrations. You are surrounded by the Forces of Light who are doing all they can to ease you into the new energies, and you are bathed in their Love for Mankind.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.

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