Ker-On  24-March-06


Each week brings you a bit nearer to the signs that will tell you the changes are close to manifestation. People, who are not even aware of the various channels and their reference to the speeding up of time, are feeling how much it has changed. Through a number of messages you have found confirmation that this is to the year that everything takes off. The greatest sign of what is happening is your growth in consciousness, and as it is expanding so you are waking up to the truth.


There is an awakening on many levels, and most importantly as to the way your lives have been manipulated for eons of time. Secondly, an understanding is growing of the order and creation around you that is revealing the hand of great intelligence. The more that is revealed of the Laws of the Universe, you see that it is functioning perfectly to the higher laws that hold everything in its place. It requires an outgoing outlook to move beyond the intellectual reasoning that is often used to explain your existence.


Intelligence is not necessarily a useful tool when it comes to matters of the Spirit, and all to which it appertains. It is encoded into your genes, and like many skills is part of your psyche and make up according to your life plan. You may have arranged to be an academic, and excel in a subject that has given you pleasure many times before. On the other hand you may have elected to have a quieter life, away from the busy world of professionals. Either way, a life is purposefully planned as another step forward for your evolution.


Present day Astrology is not the science it was in bygone years, when it was used to map out peoples lives. It showed windows of opportunity of which the Ancients were aware, and they often took full advantage of them. You will find the symbolism of ancient times filled with representations of the Sun and Moon, and other planets which were given godly status. They knew the specific energies that they carried and what affect they had upon them. Many people who consider themselves intelligent, cannot allow for their ancestors to have had a better understanding than you purport to have today. This partly comes about through your distorted view of history, and your idea that they were back ward and primitive.


In actual fact, your ancestors were in some matters well ahead of your present understanding. Some Archaeologists and Historians pass over proof of this fact, and the evidence is either denied or omitted from their records. Humans are very much entrenched in the idea that they are very intelligent, and have little or nothing to learn from the past. However, in the present time when the secrets of the past are being revealed you will see otherwise. You are beginning to understand that much knowledge and wisdom lies in ancient history.


There is still much dispute about great edifices such as the Sphinx, and the Great Pyramid complex. In spite of the obvious flaws in historical dating, there is an insistence on the part of the establishment that it only goes back some 4000 BC years. In reality it goes back so much further, and you have evidence that it is around 10,000 BC years old. When Archaeologists find their “intelligence” being challenged they find it hard to accept a different version to their long held beliefs. In Egypt they prefer to believe their historical accounts to bolster their own image, and do not want to give credit to a race that occupied is country in great antiquity.


Intelligence supported by ego is the most difficult to budge, but you are in times when the truth must come out. No longer will it be left to the few to lead the many, and it is important that Humanity learns of its wonderful history. Civilizations have come and gone for eons of time, some of which are unknown to you. They are all part of your evolution and have brought you to where you are today. Now you are at the end times, and the experiences you have had through hundreds of lives are responsible for your present level of understanding.


The factor in your lives that is most difficult to measure is that of spiritual progression. It really has nothing to do with intelligence, and even today you can find tribes that have had little contact with modern man that are very spiritually aware. They have learnt much from being close to nature and observing the way it functions. They also listen for intuitive guidance and have survived as a result. Spiritual understanding is open to each and every one of you, but some of course just do not believe in Spirit, or see the necessity of it in their lives. I make no judgement of these Dear Ones, but merely point out how it is. As with everyone else, it is their freewill choice to live their life as they wish.


After First Contact has taken place the mistakes and deliberate falsifications of your history will be revealed. Many will be momentarily shocked to find their long held beliefs are flawed. It will be a time of many revelations across the whole spectrum of knowledge, and none greater or possibly more important to you than Religion. The truth will help bring the various Churches together, as without help they will continue to divide people and cause dissension. They have served their purpose and kept the idea of God alive, but there is much that is professed to be the word of God that is Man’s. The truth will be presented in such a way that it cannot be ignored or disputed, and the returning Masters will have a leading role in it.


I am Ker-On of Venus, and in the higher realms whilst we still continue to learn, our understanding is such that we can build on a base that is already proven. We are aware of the Supreme Creator and the Gods that carry out his/her commands. We accept the knowledge that comes through our spiritual perception, and the many discourses that we have with higher Beings and the many Councils to which they belong. There is unison and agreement in our spiritual beliefs, and to use your _expression, we follow the Will of the Father although this would be more correctly expressed as the Will of the Father/Mother. We have long accepted that Love and Light is all there is, ever expanding in its multitude of expressions through the many dimensions that exist way into infinity. Let the Love and Light into your life and acknowledge that it is your indestructible link to everything else, the very essence of The Creator.


Thank you Ker-On.


Mike Quinsey.

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