Diane  22-March-06.


Is there a race against time, we would say no as that is only a perception you have because of the actions taking place on Earth. In your own lives there seems to be a never ending rush to get things done and insufficient time. You also sense the changes taking place, and sometimes you become impatient at what you see as delay. Many are tired of the old ways of living, and see a wonderful opportunity presenting itself to replace them with those that are peaceful and fulfilling. You now realize it is possible, and also that the old is now breaking up. However, it is not a simple matter to push forward with the new, and it must manifest at the right time and cannot be rushed.


The fact that so many of you are now aware of what the plan is helps immensely in its manifestation. Your thoughts and desire for what we have promised you will help to bring it much closer. You are playing your part in creating the ideal conditions for the next step which will be of major importance. We credit you with doing your part, and without any obvious help from us you are moving events on to their inevitable conclusion. Of course we have a great input into what is occurring, and we can co-ordinate your actions so that the result is more meaningful. You have only to look back a few years to see how much progress you have made. Much has been achieved, because of the fact that your efforts are coming from millions of individuals throughout the world. You are a force to be reckoned with, and although the dark use all measures against you to hold onto control, they are losing that battle.


Some of you are part of large groups that are very active, and they cover various aspects that are necessary to see the changes through. Not all are concerned with the work of the higher realms, and many are grass roots organizations that are dedicated to political change. The beauty of your success is that progress is being made on several fronts, and it is now quite impossible to stem the tide of change. There may not seem to be a pattern in the movements taking place, but we can monitor what is happening and ensure that with our backing the maximum advantage is gained to ensure success.


Sometimes people despair and do feel that time is running out, but this impression is due to the speeding up of time. This itself is a sure sign for you that unstoppable changes are well underway. Some are defined as changes that originate from the higher realms, where others are earth based and prompted by the Lightworkers or simply those who are of good intent. We can assure you that the plans for this time were in place eons of time ago, and you have been carefully guided to this most important time in your lives. For at least the last century there has been a careful selection process as to who would incarnate upon Earth, with the purpose of speeding up your evolution. It has also ensured that not only would the right people be on Earth, but that they would also be in the right place.


You will understand that both the dark and Light are allowed to have a plan, and where the dark have the Illuminati the Light has a multitude of Lightworkers spread across your globe. There are obviously leaders on both sides, and the Light has to work every bit as secretly as the dark. This is why we cannot reveal to you the full extent of our plans, but suffice to know that Ascension is the goal and nothing or no one upon Earth can prevent its manifestation. You sometimes worry that the dark are preventing our progress, but be assured that we can handle their attempts to block our efforts. At best they create minor delays, but we have so many options that we no longer see them as a realistic threat to our plan.


Look at our resources and see how the Illuminati compare, it is a contest that is so one sided we brush off their attempts to cause trouble. They still have large influence through their financial and political power, but even that is now being curtailed. As we have told you many times, the dark rely on fear as their main weapon, and this is what you must resist falling for as often it is without substance. Fortunately you are becoming more discerning, and see through the lies and manipulation of the news through the Illuminatiís mouthpieces. You have your own way of getting at the real truth, but beware of those who appear genuine but deliberately give out false information. Stick to sources that have proved reliable, and ignore anything that appears dubious.


The only race against time is the darks attempts to continue with their futile efforts to prevent the inevitable. They know they can no longer wield the power that they had to achieve their own plan for global domination. It is falling apart, but they still dream of finding some way to prevent the Light from growing any further. They have already lost this battle, and all it remains is to close off their avenues of command and remove those who stand in the way of change. Be assured that we see the final pieces falling into place, and soon the signal will be given for that action to go ahead. You may not see us around, but know that our influence and guidance is with everyone who is part of our plans to make this a momentous year.


Look beyond us, and see the Heavenly forces that amass for the great occasion that is about to unfold. Know that your future is guided by great Beings of Light that oversee your evolution, and these go right back to the Godhead. Knowing this, can you really doubt that there could be any outcome for you but complete success? Leave your worries behind you, and continue to focus on Ascension and everything else will fall into place. You are not just an isolated form of life that is without purpose, your evolution is meticulously planned at every stage. Using your freedom of choice has decreed which path you have taken, but nevertheless it will always have taken you to Ascension. That was the Creators Plan and still is, and soon you shall see beyond doubt that this is so as the major changes commence. All is carried out in great love, for you are indeed revered for your contribution to the Light.


I am Diane of The Galactic Federation and feel the intensity of your emotions. Be calm and allow matters to follow their course, as the mould has been set. Focus on your vision of the new reality and you will be helping to manifest it. Leave the plan to work itself out and you shall see the most glorious finale to your time in duality. It is soon to end and that is good cause to celebrate, and we shall be there with you for such a wonderful occasion.


Thank you Diane.


Mike Quinsey.

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