Atmos  21-March-06


Each day is another opportunity to enlighten yourselves, and spread the Light a little further. A smile, a kind word, or loving thought that can lift you and others up. In giving, your reward is to see the response in another person, and the younger they are it is more spontaneous. See how young babies look you straight in the eye, and when you smile at them look at how their faces light up. See the old soul peering out of those young eyes and so happy to find love upon Earth. It is not just their parents who adore them, and isn’t it likely that we all recognize the innocence of a newly born baby. There is a genuine exchange of love, and many of the new arrivals are far more perceptive than ever before. They see you as you really are and some see more than you are aware, and note how they will stare intently at you.


Perhaps none of you really grow up, except that you become more guarded and hide your feelings. Sometimes parental upbringing sets the stage where you are taught to contain them. In recent times, much has been made of hugging those who are close to you, but many feel embarrassed to be so outgoing. Yet, contact is so important, and a loving _expression does so much to bring people together. However, in times where all actions such as touching are looked upon as likely to have an ulterior motive, there is a guarded approach to exhibiting such feelings.


When we have visited you on Earth, or you come to our ships we greet you in love and we know it is received as a sign of friendship. There is an almost instant trust established, and you can feel the intensity of our energies. We also treat you as we would our colleagues, and that means we show you respect and consideration. Immediately some of you will think of abductions, and the way of the Grey’s which is totally different. I talk of members of The Galactic Federation who are dedicated to bringing peace and love to all quarters of the Universe. The Grey’s that are based upon Earth are not typical of their type who came from Zeta Reticula, and they have little or no feelings of dealing with human emotions.


You are in some ways correct to be careful in whom you accept, but be assured that ET’s coming to you from any of the higher realms will not harm you. Far from it, they will be very careful that you should know they come in love. You will find yourselves becoming quickly at ease in their presence, and they have the ability to settle any feelings of fear you may have. It matters not how many lives you have had or who you are, there is not a single person amongst you that does not seek to be loved or accepted. Even those who seem to be lacking love, are still able to appreciate it within their own family circles. It is a most natural desire, that comes from still having subconscious memories of times when you have been surrounded by loving Beings.


There is personal love and Universal Love, and it is the latter that is uplifting your planet and the life forms upon it. Bear in mind that everything reacts to the energy of love, and that everything that has been created contains this essence. To a greater or lesser degree you can encourage growth or stunt it, through the degree of love that you put out. Perhaps this is best illustrated by the known results of talking and loving your plants. It also affects animals, who can return that love to you in a way that sometimes exceeds the capabilities of humans.


Love is such a powerful energy that it has to be handled with care, and sometimes it can drive people to distraction. It can change your personality, but what it will do is release you from constraints and allow you to freely express yourself. Equally the lack of love, or difficulty to show it can have an adverse effect upon you and illness can develop. You body reflects your state of mind, and when you are able to practice Universal Love you create such a peaceful energy around yourselves it is lifted up. The healthiest condition arises from the harmonizing and balancing affect of Universal Love, as it brings your chakras into alignment so that all functions perfectly. Of course there are other factors such as how you look after yourself where diet and exercise are concerned. However, it is not unusual for those who have progressed that far in their understanding to have also adopted a sensible life style.


As time progresses and you absorb more of the incoming energies, there will in any event be a gradual change in your body. You will find that you no longer need the coarse foods or drinks that carry a lower vibration. You will become more refined, and it is true to say that your input will naturally become less. Already some of you find you have become light eaters, and draw more satisfaction from natural foodstuffs. Bear in mind that you absorb the energies from food, and that these are more plentiful in fresh food. In time you will not rely on your present type of food for your nourishment or energy requirements. Neither will you desire such food, as the lighter body you will have be of a higher vibration and able to absorb most of its energy from the air around you.


We know many of you love your food, but that dependence on it will pass quite naturally. Anything you can do come away from the heavy food such as meats will prepare you for what is to come. Just now some of you need them, but overall they are not good for your body. When animals are prepared as food, it carries their vibration, and this enters your body. At a time when many aspire to lift up their vibrations it is not conducive to those aims. If you find it difficult to handle, on balance try to eat the white meat rather than the red. You will find that your health and general feeling of well being will be better for it.


I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation and I am grateful to have these opportunities to address you. For so long you have walked in the dark, and it is now time to take the path to full consciousness. On the way you will learn much about yourselves, and how you can take on more responsibility. However, you first need to throw off many misconceptions about yourselves, and we are here to help you regain a true understanding. You are already on the path of transformation and even if you are not totally aware of it, you will be finding changes occurring within you. All of it is an indication to you that the end times have arrived, and you are being gradually prepared for Ascension. When we arrive on Earth we can come closer together in this work, and it will be a memorable time for all concerned.


Thank you Atmos.


Mike Quinsey        


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