St. Germain



A lot is spoken about your levels of consciousness, and I would like to look at how that applies to you all. It is a combination of different levels of awareness that represent your totality whilst upon Earth. In the beginning you were an aspect of The Creator with all of the knowing and attributes that you would expect. You had no awareness outside of the Godhead, and existed in the Now and all that ever was, Is and will be. The Creator desired to experience outside of itself, and you were breathed out to be part of a great adventure and opportunity to create for yourself. Eventually, you became responsible for your own creations and became God’s in your own right.


You had no concept of time such as you know now, and enjoyed playing at being God’s. Your creations were imbued with an aspect of your consciousness, and also became free to experience within the great harmony and love surrounding the Godhead. After incalculable time, The Creator decided to give you absolute freewill to create, and desired to know of your experiences outside of the Godhead. Gradually you began to immerse yourself in your own powers, and desired to have total control over your creations. You wished to become as the Creator, and it was decided to allow you totally free expression. As the great Angelic Beings you were, you vied with each other to glorify in your creations.


As you became more self centered, so you forgot your origin and you gradually moved further away from the Godhead. Some became ego centered and moved into vibrations that took them even further away. They believed that they were no longer bound by The Creator’s Laws and tried to establish themselves independently. The more that they forgot their beginnings; the more they became immersed in the lower vibrations. The Creator allowed them to continue with their own expression, and eventually they became known as the Fallen Angels. They were allowed to continue tempting each other to create more and more, and the ability to create in perfection became lost.


The Father/Mother Creator saw that from the descent of the Angels, the experiences were provided from which much could be understood about freewill creation. The descent into physical matter followed and there came a time when all memory of their illustrious beginnings was forgotten. Your present Universe was created, and it was for the purpose of experiencing duality which you are now familiar. The Creator was always with you as a loving deity and gave you the freedom to follow a path of your choice. While you were dropping lower into the heavy physical vibrations, you were accompanied by many souls charged with looking after you and guiding your footsteps. You accepted duality as your testing ground knowing that whatever happened to you, one day you would awaken to your true self.


By the very nature of what duality is it has required that you experience the dark and the Light. This you have done for eons of time, and you have traveled the path that has led you to this present period. Now you are beginning to learn of your true beginning, and your Angelic reality from which you agreed to “fall”. In fact that term has become synonymous with the Devil/Satan which is your own creation to personify evil. Even that has the wrong connotation as there is in reality no such thing, only Light and the Absence of Light. Understand that you agreed to experience both so that you could take these experiences back to the Godhead with you. The Creator gave you laws to follow, but in no way were they in the form of punishment. That has become Man’s way, and The Creator has nothing but Love for his creations.


We know it is a difficult concept to accept that The Creator even loves those that would seemingly work against The Creators Will. It is something that you need to bring into your consciousness. This is particularly important at a time when you are seeing the final outworking of the clearing of your creations. Some souls have to take the side of the dark, and as incomprehensible as it may seem to you, they also immerse themselves in such roles to further their own evolution. They are able to clear Karma by helping you to see the depth to which Man has dropped. They reflect what you yourselves have created, and together you are now about to rise up like the Phoenix out of the ashes of the past.


Perhaps you can now understand why we emphasize the need to be forgiving and non judgmental. As hard as it is to accept, you have all been party to the experiences of Earth, but that is why you came in the first place. Had you not been veiled from your true selves, you could not have descended into matter. Furthermore, you would not have had such an array of experiences, that have made you the wonderful Beings that you have become whilst upon Earth.


You are looked upon as great Beings, because you were prepared to move out of the comfort of the higher realms to become “disconnected” from your Source. You are revered for making sacrifices in the interests of other souls, who are yet to follow on and benefit from your experiences. You are loved beyond measure because you maintained your faith in The Creator. Through Ascension you are returning to the fully conscious Beings you originally were that you know as Angels. You may not believe it, but you are far greater than you give yourselves credit for, and that is only because you have become immersed in darkness for so long. As you grow in Light so you will be able to accept your true status, and the coming changes that will guide you along the path to fulfilment.


I am St. Germain, and in one way to be seen as just another soul like you. We are One, and we all have the same potential to rise up, and in reality none are superior to another but just at different levels of expression and experience. When I return with the Masters we shall salute you and bow before you, as you are truly the Gods that we often tell you about. Feel good about yourselves, and why not as you can now do so without becoming egocentric. Know who you are, and as you enter this final phase it will all become so much easier for you. Can you not feel the Love we have for you, as you should be able to as it enfolds you every step of the way. Walk in Love and give of it freely, it is the greatest service you can give.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.  

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