Diane  02-March-06


Do you sometimes pinch yourself and wonder if the coming Ascension can be true? After all, there are few outward signs and what is called for on your part is requires much faith and dedication. We tell you of the speeding up of time, and many of you will agree that your experiences are different from what they were before.. Now you rarely seem to have time to do everything you wish, and there is a definite feeling that something special is taking place. The speeding up of your vibrations is another sign of the changes, and that itself is not so easy to describe. All in all there is a new energy prevailing, and it will affect everyone in some way or another.


The important point to remember is that whilst there is no way that Ascension can be aborted, it is not forced upon anyone. There are options that you are aware of that will allow for people to continue to stay in a 3D environment. In a freewill Universe it is you who decide the nature of your experiences. However, there is a purpose that continually drives you ever onwards, and it is your innate knowing that causes you strive towards the Source. You are evolving all of the time, and regardless of whether you realize it or not, you will never stand still for long. Deep within your subconscious memory you know that you came from the higher dimensions, and it is there that is your real home.


How many times have you said “There must be something better than this”, and it is because you know that you are not in your true reality. Now for example, many of you accept that you are not your physical body and that it is only a vehicle for your time on Earth. It is nevertheless a most wonderful and adaptable means of existence. Your body treats you well and serves its purpose admirably, providing you care for it and treat it with respect. Indeed, you should love your body even if it is not perfect, as it is providing exactly what you needed for this particular time for your experience.


Perfection is something that awaits you once you move into the higher vibrations, as nothing but a full and complete _expression can exist. Consider for a moment that once you shed the physical body, you immediately move into another that is lighter and of a different vibration. One that responds to your thoughts and desires, and that as soon as you realize it you can mould it according to your wishes. It is unnecessary to carry any disablement that you experienced upon Earth, even to the point of replacing lost limbs.


Now, would it not seem possible that when you prepare for Ascension and you raise your vibrations, that all imperfections will disappear?. This is indeed what will happen, and you are already beginning to experience the lifting up and consequent changes in your body cells. A sense of well being, brightness and sharper awareness are some signs of it. Also, health wise you will find that you are not prone to illness as before, and even aging will be slowed down. As you progress your individual powers will increase, but it comes with responsibility and understanding. They go hand in hand as you cannot be let loose unless you use them in a positive way and for the good of all.


As you are often informed, very soon events will move on and the long awaited changes will start to take place. You will be joined by many higher Beings, and guidance will be readily given so that you understand what is expected of you. You also have many young people making their presence felt, who have come to Earth for the specific purpose of showing you the way forward. Remarkable souls who are already a reflection of what you are destined to be yourself. Take note of what they say, they come with much wisdom and absolute love for all forms of life. They are young people that are in essence very old souls, and are an essential part of the plan to enlighten Humanity.


The energy of Love is the driving force behind all enlightened Beings. It is all consuming and the most powerful one that exists, it is in fact All That Is. All Beings are able to appreciate the energy and its power to bring about changes. However, on Earth the vibrations are too low for you to fully experience what the true energy is like. Yet, you all seek the love energy and when you find it how different it makes you feel. To Love or be Loved, it is a most satisfying and uplifting energy. It can heal sickness, bring calmness in the middle of turmoil, and find a way to peace where all else has failed.


I am Diane of The Galactic Federation of Light, and our name tells you that we are a Federation of members who work in and for the Light. How far must you have progressed to find that there is already a place for you in the Federation. It is because you have taken those steps that are leading to Ascension, and you will become as us, fully lighted Beings. No wonder we tell you that you are special, and that is because you are stepping out of duality and joining us in the Light. It was your choice, your decision and will fulfill the final stage of your end plan. We welcome you into our company, and even for us it is quite an event when another civilization joins us. We know how to celebrate such an occasion, and we shall ensure it is a most memorable time. Move through these final moments knowing there is so much love going with you, and you cannot fail to achieve your goal.


Thank you Diane.


Mike Quinsey.      

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