Ela  18-March-06


Many people have laughed at the assertion that the meek shall inherit the Earth, because hitherto those who have taken it over have used force to achieve their aims. Today is no different and those of you who desire a new reality could be forgiven for believing it will never come in your time. However, the meek are not weak and they have no need to use force, but have created a new reality that is soon to manifest. The gentle and loving people of Earth have found their peace within, and have now created a new world through their vision of what they want it to be. They will not inherit an Earth ravaged by time or Man’s ill-fated use of it for his own greed. They will not inherit one that has been despoiled by Industry, or destruction caused by wars.


The new Earth already exists in thought, and the higher realms contain the blueprint that will manifest. Mother Earth like you prepares for the changes, and is instrumental in bringing these about. The people of the Light and Love will inherit the new Earth which will emerge at the end of this cycle. Now you will see how the freewill allowed you by the Creator’s plan brings its just rewards. Those who have desired to live in beauty, peace and happiness have shared and spread it around, and have helped create those conditions that bring the new Earth into being. Those who have desired it only for themselves at the expense of others, have created the lesser conditions. These will ensure that for them there will be a continuation of the 3D existence that you now experience.


Ascension is something that is open to everyone, but at the same time it is achieved by living your truth which must exist in the Love and Light. Otherwise, your vibrations will be insufficient to allow the lifting up that will carry you forward. There would be no point in finding yourself at the wrong level for your particular stage of evolution. Fortunately it cannot happen, as you will be drawn to the right one through the Law of Attraction. Where the  Earth has thrown together people at all different stages of evolution, the next phase after duality will see you gravitate towards your specific groups of a like kind.


On Earth very few people can fully see auras, but if you could and this ability was permanently open to you life would be quite different. As it is you mingle with all types of people, with little idea of who is spiritually motivated or not at all. If you knew the spiritual signature of everyone, it would clearly affect your approach to them and before long you would become divided. The lessons you learn come your way because you associate with all people regardless of their place on the evolutionary ladder. There is however still a degree of choosing based on what you “feel” about individual people, and it comes from the energies of the aura.


You may wonder how it is you connect with your partners, when often you can be exact opposites. Sometimes you know that you are not really suited to each other, but you profess to have a love that is all powerful and will see you through. These unions are meant to be as is every one that you enter, and I remind you that nothing happens by chance. Before you come to Earth, you agree your life plan and you are conditioned or should I say programmed to fall in love with your chosen partner. Now, this matching of people is because of Karmic links, and both of you have accepted that it is for your mutual benefit. That means whether you have planned a happy and fulfilling relationship, or one that is volatile and unsatisfactory you will enter into it because it will teach you certain lessons of life.


When you graduate to the higher realms you are drawn to your soul mate and a perfect union. You are two parts that in coming together compliment and fulfill the needs of each other, and you become the One. You are aspects of each other that can easily merge together in the one consciousness. It is something you will need to experience to fully understand its meaning, and it is the condition of what you might term as true love. When the need arises you may come together whilst upon Earth, and although your vibrations are lowered, you will know that your relationship is very special.


Think of how many lives you will have had on Earth, and how many times you will have fallen in love. Sometimes you meet the same partner, but on other occasions they may be souls with whom you have become previously  acquainted. Ones with whom you have formed a close relationship with that can blossom into love in another life. Families often come together if ongoing experiences are needed, and it is within these that the strongest bonds are formed. Look at the opposite situation, and see people tied into a family that will give them the particular experiences they need. They may not however have had any previous link with them, and will be seen as different to the others. Sometimes this results in them becoming outcasts, or as your _expression goes, as the black sheep of the family.


Life on Earth is a wonderful mix of all types of people at different stages of evolution, and no where else do you get such an opportunity to come together. This is why it is not just an enormous playground, but also one in which you can help each other in life’s experiences. See now why there is so much argument and disagreement about how to live upon Earth. So many different approaches and a multitude of expressions and desires. How could you really find one solution to life’s problems that would suit everyone. To a certain extent, people of a like kind are placed together in the different countries, and this is why the ways and customs of life can be very noticeably different.


I am Ela from Arcturus, and when you rise up you will find the groups that are one with your way of thinking, and live in perfect harmony. As you continue to rise even higher so your consciousness becomes more refined, and you become a greater Being of Light. Evolution never ceases, and will continue until all are drawn back into the Godhead. Experiences become more magnificent, and the whole spectrum opens up to you.


You will soon forget your descent into matter, but the lessons learnt will always hold you in good stead. You never stop learning, but in the higher dimensions it is a great pleasure and very fulfilling. These ideas should seem quite natural to you, as they are a continuation of your learning process. In future you will choose the path to your destiny, and your first step has been by your choice to Ascend. Many loving Beings are ready to accompany you through the last days, and it will be joyful to enter such a wonderful experience with you.


Thank you Ela.


Mike Quinsey.


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