SaLuSa  17-March-06


The War of attrition goes and takes another turn that will antagonize people even further. Itís escalation in the Middle East does nothing at all to solve the problems created by the illegal incursion into anotherís territory. Even on the pretext of liberating people, the whole episode is bringing nothing but disgrace upon the American people.


Dear Ones, where are your leaders taking you as the prospect of alienating more people grows by the day. You see a great power reacting to being humbled by the opposition of people who no longer want you on their land. You also see how the dark use a situation to further their own agenda to maintain a foothold in the Middle East . It is no longer a question of how a halt can be brought to the proceedings, but how.


The world suddenly becomes a more dangerous place than before, and you may well question what will happen now. History will show that you cannot subdue people by force, and opposition will always exist within and without that country. Where do you go from here, and that is a good question that has many answers. Many people are coming together to prepare a move that will enable peace to manifest, but it is not going to be easy.


The Middle East is in the grip of dark energies that have their roots way back in time. It has been the object of many countries ambitions, and particularly since the discovery of the vast oil deposits. Man has consistently eyed the resources of others, and more so in your present time when they are becoming scarce. The irony is that if free energy had been fully developed and released, the problems you now face would not have existed. You are effectively being held in a time warp and not allowed to move on.


However, each time the dark release more negative energy, the Light also responds. We see it growing yet again in a great outburst that is intent on bringing peace to a troubled world. This allows us to give you even more Light, and it is continuing to break up the pockets of darkness that exist. On many levels the energies of Light are growing exponentially, but in your hour of darkness they are momentarily being overshadowed. This is a critical time when you must stay your ground, and by continuing to send out the Light you will continue to create a path to what must seem an elusive peace.


We look at you with much sadness, yet also admiration as the end times were always destined to throw up the dark energies. Mother Earth also desires to shake these off, and it is important that you continue to play your part in bringing the changes about. Come they will, but just for the moment the horizon has once again been clouded by the few who hold your future in their hands. It will clear, and we stand ready to boost your efforts once and for all to remove the blight of war that has stricken your planet for eons of time.


You cannot begin to understand the real cost of war, and I talk not only of the financial side. All wars cause enormous repercussions that continue to foment for ages to come. The cost in life and property is one thing, the darkness it causes is another and it takes eons of time for the full effect to be cleared. Through the grace of God this situation will not be allowed to interfere with the manifestation of the higher energies. Steps will be taken to circumvent the normal aftermath of war, although but for this you would be heading for absolute disaster.


In spite of the picture you see with all of its potential to grow into an uglier scenario, know that we will direct the outcome. It is something you cannot do by yourselves, and we have been given the dispensation to help you. The dark will not succeed in their aim for world control, and the people will soon be released from their clutches. It is not your destiny to be at the mercy of the dark agenda for much longer, and we are operating on a more direct basis to bring a halt to it. Do not fear the outcome, as the changes will in no way affected by what is happening now.


Our part in supporting you is as strong as ever, and always remember that our overview is far more reaching than yours. We know of the intentions of your leaders, and we shall be ready to prevent any escalation of the war that may involve nuclear weapons. It is not your destiny to suffer all of the horrors of such a war, and you can rest more easily knowing we are working for the Light. Indeed, we work with the Brothers of Light to ensure that The Creatorís plan is fulfilled, and nothing shall cause a deviation from it. You are assured of success in your efforts to bring positive changes to Earth that shall see the first steps to ending duality. Ascension is still your goal and that shall ever be so.


I am SaLuSa of The Galactic Federation, and we stand as ever alongside you. You have the potential to manage your own affairs, but do not yet have the power to bring in the changes that are now needed. You are however prepared to step in and take positions of authority once we have cleared the way. Your release from the dark looms ever nearer, and we simply ask you to keep shining your Light. Send love wherever you find darkness, and know that even the leaders of the dark cannot for ever resist its energy. You have come this far, and it is now time to emphasize the power of the Light to help bring calm and peace.


Thank you SaLuSa.


Mike Quinsey.    

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