Ag-agria  15-March-06


The way forward will take you on an unending journey until you reach the Source of All. Even then there will be breathing out and the cycle of experience will start all over again. At present you are merely on the lower steps of this grand panorama of dimensions beyond number that stretch into infinity. All of the time more are being created, and you will experience exactly what your heart desires.


You have yet to experience the wonderful freedom of being able to take yourself to wherever you wish. However, your travels are naturally confined within the vibrations that harmonize with you. You will always have that urge to go further, and most noticeably your consciousness will continue expanding. There are wonders upon wonders that will take your breath away, and through your Hubble photographs you see distant galaxies in a swirl of color and energy. Can you imagine how much more impressive and alive it will become when it is seen from outer space.


Through the exploration of space, you have learnt of its vastness and multitude of Suns and planets. You will not yet know for certain the extent of intelligent life, but it abounds everywhere and follows cycles of movement and experience much like you do. There are all types of Beings in different shapes and sizes, but they all have a common source in The Creator. This is why you will have no problem in accepting different life forms, as you will see beyond whatever outer body they present you.


You have a natural urge to seek adventure and knowledge, and one has to consider the limitations on Earth yet you manage to find a multitude of experiences. You simply love a challenge, and how much more will open up for you when you can free yourself from Earth. You were never meant to stay in one place or on one particular level for ever. The urge to move on is very strong within you, and it is only on Earth that you experience the tiredness of the heavy vibrations in a physical environment. You also have too many worries and responsibilities that are tiring within themselves.


You can console yourselves that these conditions will not last much longer, and you will be released from them very soon. The dark forces would prevent it if they could, but they will not be allowed to go beyond their present level of control. In fact, you are breaking out already and their grip on you is loosening day by day. Many of you now know that your life is something of a charade, it is simply a means to experience duality, although it is very real to those taking part. We see you taking it all very seriously, and your instinct for survival plays a big part. However, if you can see life for what it really is and know it is your own creation, you will also realize that you have the power to change it.


Understandably, many of you feel that you are the victims of what is generally a harsh life on Earth. Try to turn this round and be in control and see how a positive attitude will bring changes. I say that not easily as I know some of you are continually subjected to all types of ills and problems. The fact remains that you all have power of thought, and through it you can manifest whatever you desire. It may take time to come to you, but as you have often been told, action follows thought. Think for a moment how far you have come since the Millennium, and your vision of a different future to the Apocalypse has changed the direction of Humanity. You are directing the energies for change so that they are inevitable, and the dark will soon have no say in how things work out.


Even in the coming years that prepare you for Ascension, you are going to note a change in your power to create. You will begin to see how other life forms interact with your thoughts, and how all life is inexplicably linked together. Hitherto, you have felt isolated and cut off from others, and this has largely been due to your immersion into the lower vibrations. As you now know, all of this is rapidly changing and you link with us where perhaps there was hesitancy because of the unknown. You now also see that every human being is part of the whole, each playing out a chosen role. Life is continuous, in fact life is infinite and you are forever taking different forms to accommodate your desire for more experience.


You can now see why envy and jealousy are unnecessary, as where you are and what you have to see your life out, are of your choice. Believe me you would choose hardship, and have indeed done so purely to place you in circumstances that you can learn from.  Knowing that try to handle your life, with the idea that you will seek to understand what it is trying to teach you. You are almost certainly linked in with others who are part of your experience. If you accept it in the right way, you will clear it without the backlash of recriminations that often follows. Be generous in the giving of your love, and forgiving of any acts against you. Revenge and hatred are not energies that you can take forward into the Light.


You are on Earth to learn how to come together, how to surmount the many differences that exist as a result of being in duality. You may ask what is in it for you, and it is experience and understanding of Spirit and Matter. You chose this path out of great love for your fellow Beings, and sometime in the future you will apply that knowledge to helping others in a lesser position. You will find that service to others is the byword that all of us give our lives to, and the many Federations and Councils exist solely for this purpose.


I am Ag-agria of The Galactic Federation, and I help to prepare you for the advent of First Contact when all of the promises made to you will be fulfilled. We come to lift you up on the material level so that life can be more relaxed and enjoyable. We also come to help you finish your period of great spiritual understanding, and step fully into the Light and full consciousness. Become mentally prepared and ready for a great leap forward, never to return to the old ways. We have tremendous love and respect for you all, and soon we shall come together in great happiness that your sojourn is over.


Thank you Ag-agria.


Mike Quinsey.


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