St. Germain  14-March-06


There are times when your skies are covered by large areas of cloud, but behind them the Sun is as ever beaming out its nourishing rays. There are also times on Earth when the dark energies seem to be all around, and you see their chaotic effects. Nevertheless, the Light is still there as powerful as ever and it cannot be dimmed by them. The only way you will be personally affected, is if you allow it to happen by being drawn into the dark.


Emotions can run high and many still believe that justice is summed up by “an eye for an eye”. As you progress you will come to learn that meeting violence with more violence is not the answer. Whilst many of you may not view the Death Penalty as wrong, it in no way helps the one guilty of crime. The Earth is the place for lessons to be learnt, and it solves little to condemn someone to the lower astral realms which is where they will go. Oh yes, it is their vibration that pulls them into the pit, where they will stay until they begin to understand why there is an absence of Light in their life. However it does not give the same opportunity to progress as it would whilst upon Earth. They need time to reflect upon their behavior, and imprisonment should be planned for their rehabilitation. Some may waste that opportunity, but I assure you that any love or kindness shown does have an uplifting affect. Can you imagine how pointless it is brutalizing people when they need guidance and help if they are to change their ways?


You are in a country that in addition to the Death Penalty, also practices mental torture by placing prisoners under sentence of death in Death Row. All I will add now is that you will do well to remember the saying “but for the Grace of God go I”, and consider whether you believe your present system of punishment is correct. Does it reflect a society that is growing in God Consciousness.?  At present it would be fair to say that there are many people who care about the way others are treated. However, how can they take a lead when your Government advocates death and destruction as an answer to perceived threats against them? A better example would be peaceful negotiation instead of perpetuating the Big Gun mentality, as society will copy what it sees as a better way.


What is the point of laws if they are ignored, or carry with them punishment that condemns people to inhumane treatment. Believe me, somewhere in the recess of your subconsciousness you know first hand what I am talking about. Many of you have been thrown into prison for minor infringements of the law, and left to rot. When you passed over and were released from your demise, some of you were determined that in your subsequent lives you would do something about it. You now battle against those who lack the Light and understanding of Human evolution. What they fail to understand, is that it is one great experience that continues life after life. Would they think differently if they knew that what they do to others, they do to themselves?


With the changes that are soon upon you, you might wonder why St. Germain bothers about such matters. I tell you it is because when one or two relinquish the old way of thinking and bring more Light to Earth, they are lifting everyone else up. There is still time for people “to see the Light” and take a conscious decision to change their ways to ones that reflect more of their Godself. Everyone has the same potential; even those who have chosen to stay in this dimension rather than ascend. They may not be ready for such a leap forward, but there is no reason why they should not begin to pave the way to the next opportunity to ascend.


All of the time you access information that comes to you, and it is molding your way of thinking. Some are totally reliant on others for the interpretation of life, but there will always come a time when that reliance will end. There will come to be a stirring inside that sends you on your way, for the benefit of experiences chosen by you. Of course you can benefit through the experiences of others, but there will never be anything quite like your own. You have an innate feeling of wanting to experience everything for yourself, and that can take you many, many lives to fulfill.


I am St. Germain, and I ask you to remember that you all contribute to the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, and you also draw from this pool of knowledge. Like attracts like, and the more you focus upon a certain aspect of life, you make the opportunity to experience what you wish much more likely. Equally you can consciously tap into the collective energy, and benefit from the experiences of others rather than going ahead with yours. All Humanity is a driving force that carries everything along with it, and when I have talked about Karma perhaps you can see how it affects everyone. At present you benefit from the immense changes that have occurred in such a short time, and the Light has changed the course of Man’s experiences. The door to Ascension has been widely opened, and it only remains to see how many of you accept this wonderful opportunity to evolve.


The old consciousness is still held by many souls, and it is to be hoped that they may yet be lifted up. However, a new way of thinking that reflects the Light which is flooding Earth is necessary, if great strides forward are to be taken. This will ultimately happen, and is not far away as it is all part of the Creators Plan that will blossom once your leaders in waiting are able to emerge. For too long you appointed leaders that have forgotten their Light and source of their very existence. It is time to change, and the more you bring the Light into your daily life, the more you are doing to set the stage for the most eventful year you have known. Love will begin to manifest everywhere, and that which has been hidden shall be brought into the open. Honesty and Truth shall prevail and you shall at last understand the meaning of Oneness.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.                

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