Atmos  12-March-06


We wait as ever for that great moment when we know we can safely arrive on Earth. We remain close to you, but sufficiently far away so as to be out of any danger from your Military Forces. The last thing we wish to cause is an incident where it is possible to lay false claims against us. We have confirmed many times our peaceful intentions, and we avoid confrontation wherever possible. However, there are times when we send our smaller craft to Earth and we are tracked and under surveillance. We are perfectly able to defend ourselves if forced to do so, but avoid such situations by being a step ahead of any action against us. Our technology is far superior to that which your military have, but we do not wish to give any impression of participating in even the slightest battle.


Our smaller types of scout craft that travel within your atmosphere are on a variety of different missions. Some involve our scientific crews who monitor such matters as pollution, and take samples or action to alleviate the effects. On other occasions it is to survey areas where there is conflict, and we have for example been seen a number of times in Iraq . We can cloak our craft so that they cannot be seen, and normally we prefer to do it this way. However, there are other times when we wish to make our presence known, and it serves as a warning to those who are engaged in war. We also deflect or destroy some missiles, so as to protect certain individuals essential to our plans. Beyond that we cannot engage Forces even to save lives, because that would be deliberate interference in your affairs and it is not allowed.


At all times we operate a code of conduct that is known to all in The Galactic Federation. It is one of non-interference to allow the outworking of your collective Karma. It is the lessons to be learnt that are most important, and all of those directly involved are there by choice even if they have no awareness of it. These are aspects that we know some of you find difficult to understand and we say in the kindest way with much love, but we cannot live your life for you. You have created the reality you find yourselves in, and you must make the changes if it is to be any different. We are pleased to note that a great movement of Light has grown exceptionally fast upon Earth, and today those of you that tire of wars and seek peace are in the ascendancy.


We can help you up to a point and will do all that is permissible, but our mission is currently more directed to the cleansing of Earth. There is nothing new in our presence, as we have been monitoring and protecting Earth for thousands of years. Some of our members have had special missions to convey messages to individuals, often to warn of impending catastrophes. We were particularly concerned with your progress into the Nuclear Age, and on a number of occasions tried to get you to see the dangers to Humanity. There is so much that happens without your knowledge or approval, but now you see how the truth is coming out. You have been let down by those you elected and to whom you gave your trust. You need to understand how the few have taken away your rights for their own benefit. With this knowledge you are being challenged to do something about it if you want a change in direction.


Now we come to the ultimatum that has been given to your leaders, as they have been asked to step down. If they continue to ignore this request against the will of the people, they know we have been given the authority to remove them. These are special times when the preparations need to get started to prepare the way for the final steps to Ascension. There is a cut off date that looms large, and with the full authority of the Hierarchy that guides The Galactic Federation we shall arrive in great numbers able to carry out our tasks. Behind all of our actions is a plan that involves all of you and your present destiny. It is covered by a Divine Decree and no one is allowed to alter its decreed path.


Your existence is not just the result of random or chance happenings, and your evolution has been planned and followed for millennia of time. Your development on all levels has been planned, but freewill has been given to allow for your chosen experiences. Nevertheless some of you have always managed to respond positively, regardless of what is happening around you. When the time has arrived for a quantum leap in consciousness, the souls who can lead you onwards are sent to Earth. They come from the higher realms, and it is the love of their fellow souls that motivates their actions. When a World Teacher is needed a Being of Light is chosen from those who have long ascended, and are prepared to enter your heavy physical vibrations. Such Ones are your Gods by any other name.


I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation, come once again to ensure you understand the Oneness of all life. We are linked to you, and all of us are on a journey that takes us ever upwards and onwards. We see the Light in you and know of your history, and are also aware of your potential. We also see the beautiful Being within the physical shell that you carry.  Your imminent transformation that will enable you to rise up to our dimensions is also known to us. We come to ensure you have the help you need, and we give that with extreme love and dedication to your success.


Your journey is almost complete, and it is required of you that you focus on the final movement of Light that will ensure that the changes continue. A peaceful conclusion is within your grasp, and you can now see beyond the chaos being created by the dark forces. They deliberately set out to confuse you and mislead you, and it is now time that you refuse to bow down to their pressure and edicts. Already you see the greater picture, and you now know that your destiny is no longer to stay on Earth. You originate from the Star Nations and you will re-join them very soon, and no one can stop that promise from being fulfilled.


Thank you Atmos.


Mike Quinsey.


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