St. Germain  11-March-06


What is the secret weapon that those of the Light have, and the answer is even more Light. This year is one where ever increasing amounts of Light are streaming towards Earth and being grounded. There has never been a period such as this present one, and it will continue unabated. How else do we ensure the Light is victorious, and that the changes are completed to ensure your Ascension? It is only this year that you have begun to really feel the intensity of the energies, and they are going to substantially raise your vibrations.


Whilst you cannot see the incoming energies, you can feel them and gradually you will have a clearer idea as to how you are reacting to them. Those of you who have prepared your selves both physically and mentally will cope without difficulty, but for others there will be mixed results.  There will be moments of upliftment when you seem to be walking on air, and everyone you meet gives you a smile. Your energy is infectious and you bring a feel good factor to everyone. At other times you may feel debilitated and lacking energy, and find difficulty in lifting yourself up again. These are some of the symptoms of your body’s reaction to the new energies, but you will gain from contact with them.


There have been a series of occasions when the energies have hit you, and they mainly come from your Central Sun. These are responsible for lifting up your solar system, and even if you wished to do so you could not avoid their effect. Therefore you will understand that they will to some degree affect each and every one of you. Those of the lower vibrations will experience some confusion as a result, as they cannot easily absorb the higher energies. We know that you are liable to experience all manner of disturbances. These will however be temporary and cause no permanent harm.


Lightworkers who have worked all along with the new energies will have relatively few problems. They may however find pleasing responses from their body and a new freshness and agility not there before. Abilities of a psychic nature will be enhanced, as will healing powers both where self and others are concerned. It is your power of thought that will be the driving force, but unlike times past you will be able to draw the powerful energies down. The results of healing will in some cases become instantaneous, and in time to come such seeming miracles will be commonplace.


Those with the lowest vibrations of all will feel decidedly uncomfortable, and endeavor to stay within their own level. This is why they will make their way to a new home that has been especially prepared for them. No one can withstand being in a too higher vibration, and you could not make your way into one without protection. Your greatest satisfaction will be to return to those levels that release you from the pull of the present Earth. You will instead rise up with the new one and ascend together.


Meantime your concentration is required to ensure you do not drop back. Focus always on the path ahead which will become easier the further you travel along it. Soon it will become clear as to exactly what you will need to do to achieve your goal. I refer to the changes that will allow the return of the Masters, who will also be assisted by members of the various Councils of Light. There will also be some of you sufficiently well advanced who will be able to give assistance. Do not be concerned as to what you will be doing in these times, and know that you will serve in the way best suited to your abilities.


We know you well and sometimes better than you know yourselves, so be assured we will not miss you out. However, be prepared to apply yourself to any situation that you are summoned to help with, as it will be correct for you. There are exciting times ahead, and we are keen to get started, as we sense a new mood amongst you and one that is enlightened and positive. There are sufficient signs around you that you should know that all is proceeding according to the Divine Plan. Clearing out the old debris that have accumulated over millennia of time is an ongoing task, but it is being speeded up.


Your part is to continue refining your Light, and in this you are aided by us. Think before you act, and by staying within it you will overcome any possibility of error. It is like all things in life when you adopt a major change, it does not come easy at first. Yet when you find the self control needed to be successful, it will surprise you as to how easy it becomes. Being in the Light is a way of life that reflects your Higher Self, and eventually you become completely as One. You can sit back and watch the world go by, and you only become involved where you choose to become active. You are no longer at the mercy of outside events, and instead it is you who control your life. You truly become part of your chosen reality, and not tossed around like a boat adrift at sea.


I am St. Germain and I know some of you find it difficult to live up to your aspirations. Do not however be too concerned, but continue to be that which you envision and you will succeed. All of the time the incoming energies are giving you a boost, and you will be assisted by many Dear Ones from the higher realms. We want each and every one to lift up, but if the opportunity is not accepted we allow you to go on your own way. No one is considered to be better than another; it is simply that you are all at different stages on the path to Ascension. What is linear time but an illusion necessary for you to experience in a 3D vibration? You are in the Now and all of you will eventually reach your goal, as there is a subconsciousness knowing that you do not belong on Earth that leads you to your home in the higher dimensions.


When you hear of worldly events remember that there is a grand cleansing taking place. You cannot avoid some disruption to your life, but you will be much more prepared if you see such events as another step in the right direction. It is like moving house, but once the job is done you will be so pleased and see that every bit of effort was worthwhile. Lightworkers are vital to these end times, and we look to them to show the way to others who are less informed. Channels of information will become abundant and all people will eventually have access to them. The old ways of censorship and false reporting will be removed, and it will not be long before the truth will ring out. The Light cannot support falsehoods or lies; it is all Love and Truth.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey.

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