Diane  10-March-06


This is the time of the year when many of you wonder what it might bring, remembering that it is usually quite predictable after a period of slow activity. Nature shows you signs of having come out of its slumbers, and the first signs of a renewed period of activity have begun. Life all over is very much like this, and where you are experiencing Spring the energies are feeding the urge to bring new life into the world. Gardens are nurtured and lovingly cared for as the first signs of a new growth are showing. So it is with greater cycles as now being experienced by Man, and your sudden growth has been lifting you up and into the higher energies.


Like the parents of new born babes it is us along with your personal Guides who attend to your needs, as we take your hand least you should stumble and fall. It is not just out of a sense of duty or service to you, but also one of great love as we do all we can to protect you during your  growth. To us you are the Children of the Light, and age has no real bearing on how we see you and care for you. You are all souls of old, and we knew that we would be called to clear the way for your Ascension. There are times when the task is so formidable that help is needed, and we come to ensure your success.


We see how some of you blindly run around not knowing what way to go, and we try to bring you calmness and direction. Not everyone will respond as they are still bogged down in the mire of the lower energies. They have become unable to see the illusion they are living, and often have no belief in the higher forces. They may have an idea of the existence of God but give it no place in their hearts. They see chaos where the enlightened see change, they see fear where others see love at work and these souls are struggling to find the truth.


It does not help that there are so many people ready to give all manner of reasons to explain why you are here. Life can seem pointless and without any real purpose except for the continual drive for existence. We often mention the different realities that exist upon Earth ,and sometimes it is difficult to reach those who are still in the dark. This is where we look to our Dear Ones upon Earth to spread calmness, and help those who are embedded in the physical mould of their own making.


The Truth is often totally different to the ideas held by many people, and we encourage the Lightworkers to take every opportunity to make it known. The Truth will always find a place in the consciousness of those who are still wallowing in the old energies. It is a seed that will grow and blossom at the right time, and now is one such time as the new energies of Light embrace each and every one of you. It is the problem of not knowing what is happening that keeps many in a fearful state, and they look ahead and see nothing but gloom and doom. This is where we ask you to explain that a cleansing has already commenced, and that there are progressively less and less of the old energies remaining. Without them the dark are unable to perpetuate the hold that they have had upon you for millennia of time.


In battles of old the two warring factions would face one another until one was defeated and capitulated. However, the battle between the dark and the Light is happening everywhere upon Earth, until all that are left are small pockets of the dark that can no longer wield any power. Consequently they will no longer be able to survive and will totally collapse. That time is not too far away now, and you will have noted how the dark now run around like crazy horses. Keep up your opposition to their heinous schemes and you will be helping to thwart their aims.


The energies coming in are for your growth, and you are like a plant that has been dormant for so long and is now responding to the light. You are certainly finding a new strength, and we see an Earth that glitters and glows with the bright Light of millions of souls. You are lifting the whole Earth up, and there will soon come a point where there will be an infusion of Light from the higher realms, and the changes will accelerate. The Spiritual Hierarchy is a driving force behind everything that happens on the path to Ascension, and we will help ensure that the balance is maintained.


It thrills us that after thousands of years in this present cycle you are at the end, and we prepare a hero’s welcome as what you have done is no mean achievement. Heaven reverberates with the news that your journey is all but over, and there is so much rejoicing for what has happened in this small corner of the Universe. Make no mistake, that what you have achieved is looked upon as a wondrous conclusion to a challenge that has tested you all along the way. You had great faith when you entered the lower realms, and today we return to keep the Creator’s promise that you would be lifted up again.


I am Diane of The Galactic Federation, and I can tell you that you have made so much progress since the Millennium. Your success has been amazing considering that you came so close to destroying your Earth. I refer of course to Mankind as a collective consciousness and not to you as individuals. You changed the course of history through your dedication to the Light, and one day you will truly understand the magnificence of what you have achieved. There is not far to go now, and be assured that we are closer than ever to you and enfold you with our love.


Thank you Diane.


Mike Quinsey. 

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