Ker-On  01-Mar-06


One question that occupies your mind is how well you are doing in expanding your consciousness. It is natural that having put in the effort to prepare yourself for Ascension, that you would seek assurance that you were progressing. It is perhaps easier to determine how far you have got by looking back, and comparing what you are now to what you were then. If you have progressed you will certainly realize it, and should be able to note a calmer and more peaceful approach to the challenges of life.


You would no longer be a typical human Being, and you will have become more serene and able to stay centered when others are confused and disorientated. Ego no longer plays a part in your life as two facts have emerged, firstly that you are all equal in the eyes of God, and secondly that you are all Brothers and Sisters. You will have developed a cheerful disposition that will carry you and others through the difficult periods. This is because you have come to the realization that you are in control of your future, and your actions affect the outcome. Positive and reasoned thought carry you onwards, and you will have found the ability to give out Unconditional Love.


What you will have found, is that as soon as you apply yourself to the task of raising your consciousness a new understanding will come to you. The old ways are no longer suitable, and often these were so rigid as to prevent any real onward advancement. Cultures, politics and certainly religion have all played a part in determining where Humanity is today. What you will have learnt is that there is but the One Creator, and that you have been made in the Creators image. You have all of the attributes of the Creator, except that they have been veiled from you in the lower vibrations whilst you are in duality. Now you are breaking out of the grips of darkness, and becoming aware of your potential to be co-Creators with the Supreme Creator.


You should find your awareness growing, and doing so without your ego becoming inflated. No one is better than another inasmuch that you all come from the Source of All, and in the course of evolution will all return to it. In the infinite number of dimensions that lie ahead, you will continue to experience as you choose. There is a point now approaching when such decisions will again be made, but not before you move into the Golden Age. From that time onwards you will already have achieved full consciousness, and be able to determine your own future.


At present you are at a most important stage in your evolution. You are both completing your time in the dark of duality, whilst rising up into the Light of the increasing vibrations. As you do so, the understanding and realization of who you are and why you here becomes apparent. You will also quickly claim back those abilities that come with a higher consciousness. You are powerful indeed but have not yet fully understood your full potential.


When the Masters return there will be a period of enlightenment, and because of whom they are you will know that their teachings are true. Jesus Sananda will be the principle one who will lead the way, and St. Germain along with others will also be prominent. However, do not expect a return to the teachings of old, as they come with a new dispensation. Many false teachings exist in all religions, some deliberately placed to exercise power over their followers, and some simply due to misunderstanding the truth. The old will no longer serve you, but in its own way has presented challenges that have caused people to rise to great heights and find their true selves.


Do not worry if you feel you are not making sufficient headway. Simply keep pushing on and know that your desire to see your way through will bring success. Soon the changes will commence in such a way that no one will be able to deny what is happening. It is then each individualís choice as to whether they wish to be part of the plan for Ascension. Those who do not, will have equal attention and also be helped to understand the result of their choice. The Spiritual Hierarchy are concerned with every soul upon Earth, or attached to Earth through the other dimensions. There is never a time that they do not express their Love and devotion to the task of enabling you to find your way back to the Light.


The Earth is a focus for tremendous energies that come from as far as the Central Sun, and these are bringing about changes in the whole Universe. Many great Beings including the Angelic Kingdom direct and carry these energies, so that they are sufficient yet not too overpowering for all level of souls. Those who already dwell in the higher dimensions outside of Earth, are able to direct their own Ascension to yet higher ones. You are not yet able to do so, and this is why we come in great numbers to help you over this final period of preparation.


When you understand what is taking place, you will surely agree that you have absolutely nothing to be concerned about. Just let these last few months enact out the final attempts of the dark to seize control, knowing that victory will be yours and not theirs. There is no situation that The Galactic Federation cannot overcome, and be assured that in spite of the outer appearance all is in their control. We do not want to see you falling back after so much had been gained since the Millennium. You have risen above the clutches of the dark, and now see them for what they are along with their agenda of greed and self interest.


I am Ker-On of Venus, and I feel close to you as some of you also left Venus to serve the Light upon Earth. Many of you have come in recent times from the higher dimensions, as a vanguard to set up the grid of Light that now encompasses Earth. Many Lightworkers have carried out their tasks with great Love and kindness for the people of Earth, and of course for Mother Earth herself. What a wonderful time is about to start, and then we shall come openly to you and you shall see more evidence of our craft in your skies and upon Earth itself. I shall leave you with Love and Blessings from the crews of our fleets.


Thank you Ker-On.


Mike Quinsey.               

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