SaLuSa  21-March-2012


There is no doubt that of recent times, your consciousness levels have grown quite considerably where we are concerned. There is much more interest in us and our craft, in part due to the frequency in which we are now seen in your skies. Unless as an act of disinformation, there has never been a report associated with the Galactic Federation where we have been hostile without reason. Even so we do not cause death and where we are forced to take protective measures, occupants of your craft are first removed before they are destroyed.  Often we are forced into such a position when our orders are ignored, and we only give them where we are authorized to intervene. On most occasions it is when nuclear weapons are about to be used, and all of your governments have been warned that we will not allow it to happen. Believe us Dear Ones, some of your military commanders are still intent on using them to start another war. The path to Ascension is protected by us and it is not our place to save you, but ensure the opportunity is there for you to take. In fact, neither you or Mother Earth would be here today but for our actions. God has spoken on this matter, and we are upholding the edict that this cycle will end with Ascension.


The Earth is the jewel in the crown, and long sought after by other civilizations. Attempts have been made to take you over and we have prevented them, but the biggest threat to your lives has come from within. Very soon you will get to learn all about your history, and in detail where recent times are concerned. You have fought a battle without actually realizing what you were up against, and much of it has taken place on the higher levels. All along the real one has been between the Light and the dark, and you have only won through in recent times. You have come so close to defeat, and it is a remarkable achievement to have overcome the dark Ones. It only remains to completely cut their links, and remove them to where they are no longer a danger to you.


Much at present depends on the governmental changes that are being arranged. Naturally there will be opposition, but for those whose fate is decided there is no argument that will save them. We know the truth, and more importantly the motive behind their intentions. Bribery and corruption are rampant in some areas but that will be changed, and once it is we can go ahead by establishing the new Governments. Then and only then will you see the days for celebration become your reality, and peace quickly declared all over the world. At a stroke that will put your feet firmly on the path to Ascension, and no longer will your future be under threat.


Bide your time while the cleansing goes on, and be assured there will be no delays or interference allowed in our dealings with you. Your needs will be provided for including healing with methods generally new to you, that require no use of drugs or the surgeons knife. It will be a time to move on and firmly step into the 21st. Century with all of its new technologies. The impossible will be proved possible and speed and efficiency our byword. Yes, time speeds on but we can adjust to any needs placed upon us, and it is the extent of our resources that will ensure completion as required by you.


We hear your cries and know of your despair as your patience wears thin, but as we often mention - the wait will have been worthwhile. There is so much to look forward to and more than most people appreciate or would imagine.  Your comfort and happiness are high on our list, and that includes all that eradicates poverty and hunger. There is an answer waiting to sort out every problem that presently exists, and in comparatively short time all will be addressed. Your willing offers to help have been noted, and we know where you all are so many of you will be called upon to help out. Some training and preparations will be carried out on our craft beforehand, but you will not need much in that way, as we know you are very adaptable and keen to learn.


Just keep on with your daily routine, and keep your sight on the happenings around you from which you may learn the truth of what is happening. It will not be too long before some members of the media will have no option but to report on important events. The idea of deliberate concealment or a distortion of the facts will disappear, with a new resolution to allow proper journalism that has the freedom of truthful reporting. There are few if any big organizations that have not contrived to present only that which keeps you in their control, and regretfully religion is one of those culprits. Most religions have been based on a distortion of the facts, wrapped around outright falsities. As with everything else they will be purged until only the truth remains, and if one wishes to survive in any form whatsoever it will have to acknowledge the truth and abide by it.


As you now realize the changes will be far reaching, so that you no longer live the lie that has passed as the truth. Have you not often thought that there must be something better than what you have experienced. That there must some purpose in life rather than the aimless routine, that kept you tied to the dictates of the Illuminati. The mere fact that you are now being helped to lift the veil that has prevented you from seeing the truth, should encourage you to stand tall and claim the freedom that has been denied to you. Each individual soul is loved no matter what role they are currently playing, and you all have an equal opportunity to move towards Ascension. You can help each other in this respect by supporting those who are awakening, and sometimes confused by what they are understanding. It is indeed a shock to find that you have been deliberately misled about the true purpose of life.


We must not forget the creatures of the Earth, as with the physical changes many species are at risk. Man has not always been kind to them and yet they are here to evolve as you are. Domestic pets are generally well treated, but along with those you call wild, they all need kindness and love.  Some souls dedicate themselves to such work, but in the near future much more help will be required.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will tell you that we have creatures on our planet, and that our relationship is one of respect and love for each other.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.