SaLuSa  6-March-2009


Dear Ones, you have lived in comparative isolation for thousands of years, and that has been purposefully arranged. You were also protected from outside interference or attempts to take over your world, or enslave you. That risk has always existed, and other galactic civilisations have eyed Earth as a great prize. Is it not therefore ironic that your greatest threats have come from within, but nevertheless influenced by dark forces that reside in your Universe. You have undoubtedly heard of Galactic wars and these are not fictional, and have caused great destruction in your solar system. It explains much that puzzles your astronomers and scientists that is particularly evident on Mars.


You may have read about Maldek that was destroyed, and remains only as rings of debris you call the Asteroid Belt. You may also have read that with the cleansing and restoration of Earth the other planets are being lifted up, and also Maldek is to be restored. Many of you were present on it when the wars took place, and subconsciously you still have deep emotional scares from your experiences of that time. Hitherto you have not really considered such possibilities, but with the revelations about your history as a civilisation you will learn of your involvement. You may begin to see a patterning in your experiences, and how you confront the same challenges time and time again.


Duality has been the seat of your experiences for eons of time, and Earth has taken in those souls who have struggled to lift up into the Light. They have come from far and wide, but mainly from your own solar system. It may seem strange to some of you that you would continue to battle against the dark, life after life. However, you must through your own efforts climb back up again. If you were “rescued” now it would serve no useful purpose, as you would still need to raise your consciousness to reach the higher dimensions once again. It is far better that you achieve your Ascension through your own experience, and are allowed to choose exactly how and when you do it. You do after all have all infinity in which to make your progress. As we often take pains to point out, you never travel alone even if you are unaware of your companions. At any given time you can call on your Guides or Angelic presence, and they will come close to you.


Perhaps you can understand why we ourselves are coming so near to you, as we participate in the plan to enable as many souls as possible to ascend. This really is such a wonderful opportunity for you to finally leave duality. It is why so much emphasis is put upon the wake up calls that have been consistently going out you. The energies surrounding you are part of the awakening process, although we know that not everyone will totally respond. Everywhere there is a stirring and people are beginning to break out of the lower vibrations. The new energies are refreshing and reviving your physical bodies, and creating a calmness about you that is your strength at this time. With it comes a better chance of you rising into the Light, and able to raise your consciousness to new heights.


If you have the Will to become an enlightened Being, press ahead with your vision of what that means to you. That way you will attract exactly what you need to succeed. The way in which it is achieved is not important, only that you see the end result in your minds eye. It will alter your approach and attitude to others, as you will appreciate that you are All One. You will find it easier to accept those differences that often keep people apart from one another. Life too will flow by as you go with it, and you will be better able to accept the challenges that come up on your path. Karma will also seem less of a threat to your wellbeing, as you will see the lessons within it and able to deal with them more easily. You will begin to create what you may call “good” Karma and become very peaceful within.


If the idea of changing your approach to life is somewhat daunting, consider setting aside those quiet periods when you can commune with your Guides, and Higher Self. Answers to your problems will come, but allow for them to manifest in the way that is best for you, and not necessarily as you would wish. Your Higher Self is aware of your life plan and what is needed, and therefore in the best position to serve you. Some of you wish us to come quicker to you but there are many considerations that we have to bear in mind. There will always be a right time when the most positive benefits will be gained. What you can be certain of is that the Galactic Federation are the representatives of the Creator, and charged with ensuring you complete this cycle of duality successfully. That means giving you every help and opportunity to ascend, or allow you to remain in the present vibrations through your own choice.


The picture for your future has been outlined, and what you have been promised by us will come to fruition in time. As advanced that our ships and technologies are, there are still phases to our plan to uplift you and Mother Earth. However, once you can clearly see that our part in your evolution is under way, you will realise that events will take place quite speedily. The organisation and holding role we play is very intricate, and it is you Dear Ones who are the deciding factor. We are nevertheless very pleased with your response to our messages that travel worldwide. The prospect of our arrival no longer carries the fear levels it once held, and indeed so many of you are prepared to welcome us with open arms.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have much feeling for you and your problems. We try to ease your situations by sending you thoughts that are bound in our immense love for you. You are wonderful souls to have accepted the challenge of duality, and we have the greatest admiration for you all. It shall be quite a celebration when we can finally arrange to visit you, and show ourselves for what really are. What a busy time lays in store for you, but the difference will be that your efforts will be rewarded handsomely. There will be real purpose to what you do, and it is you the people who will benefit and not a small number wealthy families who have used you systematically for their own ends.  Share your joy and understanding so that more shall know the truth, and give in love and happiness that your journey is nearly over.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.