SaLuSa  16-March-2009


It helps your spiritual progress if you can accept that you live an illusory life, that is far removed from your true reality. Duality is the result of lowering your vibrations and dropping into the denser realms, where your consciousness becomes dimmed. Although still of the Light you find it difficult to create, but nevertheless you do attract to yourselves that which you envision and desire. In the lower levels there are also influences that encourage you to think of yourself as separated from your Higher Self. As a result, for many their Light becomes diffused and they come to believe they suffer from lack, and are cut off from God. However, once you realise that you can never lose that link, you can make your own way back by creating a pathway to the Light. Teachers can help with their guidance, but it is up to you to decide exactly how you bring yourself back into it.


It is only natural that when you become “lost” you seek help, but often those who you approach do not themselves have the answers. There is also the possibility that organised groups that teach you their way, are not always taking an honest approach, and would rather keep you captive to their beliefs. Regretfully, this can also mean creating conditions that make you fearful of leaving them. However, it must be borne in mind that wherever you find yourself, it has been by your choice and therefore lessons are there for you to learn. At various times in past lives you have moved from one group to another in your search for the truth. Gradually your consciousness has moved into a state of awareness where you are able to be more discerning, and begin to find your own path to the truth.


What you begin to grasp is that there is only the One Truth, and that all truth is within. Having reached that point you begin to create your own reality, which is projected into your future. Outer happenings cannot interfere with your new found confidence, to which you can be a bystander if you so desire. Your future is in your own hands and you will gravitate to others who share your vision. There is certainly gratification in finding that you are not alone in your views. A prerequisite to understanding the truth is a belief in a Creator, as without acceptance of the existence of a higher intelligence and creative force, you can hardly begin to move onto a spiritual path. Therefore it does not matter if you believe that you were made in the image of God, thus assuming God has a human form. It is important to understand that life is the creation of a super intelligence that is the source of All, and essential to your development of an understanding of the Oneness of All Life.


Next will come your realisation that life is infinite, and that you have many lives experiencing for the benefit of your spiritual evolution. They take you along many paths as you meander through different sets of beliefs. On an ongoing basis your consciousness continually grows, until it is clear that you have become enlightened. The mysteries of life become understood and experiences in the physical realms are seen as simply stepping-stones to an even greater understanding. The great awakening comes with the realisation that if you are of God, then you are also a god in the making. Suddenly the whole vista of opportunity opens as you claim your sovereignty, and intuitively come to know that you have creative powers.


There may also come the realisation that your home is not on Earth, but with your family from the stars. That will grow and become clearer as you embrace the messages of the many Space Beings that come nearer to Earth with each day that passes. Clearly there is intent and reason behind such contacts as this one, and you will find a common thread that links them through the approaching end of this cycle. It is but the beginning of another journey through Ascension that will take you back into the higher dimensions from whence you originally came. The suggestion that you are far greater than you imagine will come to be accepted by you, and without any egotistical feelings. This is natural as your sub-consciousness holds deep memories of the different times, when you were what may now be known as your future selves.


What is unfolding on Earth is an awakening process that enables you to comprehend the importance of these times, when you are being offered the opportunity to ascend. You are in no way bound to Earth inasmuch that you can still lift up into the higher dimensions. The Earth has its pull as after all you have lived through many lives where you have been perfectly happy. You have also had your share of different experiences, and many mixed feelings. Ascension will by far exceed them, and even your most exotic dreams of Utopia. The higher realms are not some heavenly abode of non-action, but ones that are very much alive and reverberating with energy. It is not clouded by the lower energies because they cannot exist at such levels, and life is therefore constantly fulfilling and magical compared to anything you have known.


It cannot be a difficult choice to make between your present existence, and the promise of all that is represented by the higher dimensions. Each of you has that choice to make, and no one is denied it or disadvantaged in any way. Set aside your fears and calmly consider the great importance of the next few years. As they progress, so it will become very clear as to where Humanity is heading. Certainly with our coming, you will learn of our link with you and your past history. Also of our continuing presence through the comparatively short period before Ascension, when we shall assist you in many ways. It does not stop there, as together we will in some instances journey back to our homes amongst the stars, or commence another cycle of experience that will open up the Cosmos to us. Again such decisions are yours, and we will be on hand to guide you in accordance with your evolutionary plan.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and you will understand that our mission has many facets, and First Contact is a vitally important part of it. Before much longer we expect a declaration that will enable disclosure of our presence. Once it can be acknowledged officially, we can then set about more open contact. The dark will oppose such revelations about us, as in so doing you will learn how they have suppressed our presence and the love we came to offer.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.