SaLuSa  11-March-2009


Events are speeding up, and although they will be impeded by those with an inferior plan for Man, their attempts will prove futile. It is written that you shall bring into manifestation the new paradigm, and it shall be vastly different from the old one. The energies of Light are now too powerful to be overshadowed by the dark, but they may achieve limited success. At worst we visualise stalling tactics, and mainly in the area of legality where progress is far too slow. As your President gathers more support around him, there will be a sharing of his beliefs where changes are necessary. It is early days to make any conclusions as to what will happen, but clear statements have been made as to the new direction you are headed. Those who hold onto the old ways are becoming agitated, and speak of remaining in the past which is no longer an option.


Note how a new enthusiasm is sweeping the world, and hopes are raised that souls of the Light can at last move into positions of authority. It is not easy to penetrate the web of collusion and corruption to remove those who stand in the way of change. Change there must be to restore the principles and rights of the people to be free. Undoing the shackles of the last century will take time, but at least you see the initial moves that will lead to positive and lasting changes. These will not favour any particular groups, but are intended for everyone regardless of colour or creed. Freedom means the gift of freethinking and choice to follow your own path. We see it resulting in many groups coming together in their desire to lift Man up.


With the understanding of Oneness, and your recognition of the Creator Source, there shall be the breaking down of those barriers that have kept you apart. Instead of playing on your differences, a new approach will look for all that is common to Man. In a great unification of souls, they will acknowledge that there is only the One God of consuming Love and Light. You need not seek outside of yourself as all answers are within, and each of you is more than mere physical bodies. You are souls of Infinite Love and everlasting life, from the higher realms.


Now is the time to reach within and discover your true self. Release your fears, and trust in the Almighty Creator and the divine decree that offers you the opportunity to permanently leave duality. It is not your real home, but a holographic impression that has served your desire to experience outside of the Godhead. It has been for your gain, yet will also serve others who will follow your path. Those who by choice will decline the chance to ascend will continue in the lower dimension. Some of you will follow their progress because of your links with them, and may also act as guides to aid their spiritual advancement. Service to others is normal in the higher realms, and why we now stand ready to assist you in your time of need.


As the changes take effect, the physical aspects of life are the first to be addressed. It is largely up to you to put your spiritual understanding in order, and enlightened Beings are around you to give help. Seek out those who are on the Ascension pathway and have already found the answers, and use their knowledge for your benefit. However, follow your own intuition in all you do, with your Higher Self as your willing partner and Guide. The Light has never been as plentiful as now, and will continue to be beamed to Earth in more powerful waves. It is your golden opportunity to draw it yourself, and speed up the level at which your evolution progresses. There is just so much being done for you all, so that no one shall be able to say in truth that they did not have the same chances as anyone else. Believe in your invisible helpers, as there are many with you on your journey just waiting for you to acknowledge their presence.


If you feel weighted down by the pressures of life always try to set aside time for yourself. It is in those moments of release from them that you can contact those who are around you. Note any change in the energies that may signal their presence, and see if you can sense any meaning to them. Sometimes you need lifting up, or perhaps are unwell and this will attract their attention. You could be carrying a problem around with you that is difficult to solve, and they will impress you with a likely solution if you are receptive to them. In future times as your consciousness rises up the “invisible” will become visible to you, and you will glimpse those Beings who are close to you. Already some of you are beginning to see more clearly, and not with your physical eyes but through the lifting up your levels of consciousness.


Dear Ones, we more than understand your difficulties in coming to terms with the changes, but come they will and far better if you can allow for them. The old ways are not in alignment with the vision you have created for a better world. You have by and large experienced all that duality has to offer you, and it is time to move on. Why prolong it when such a wonderful opportunity is being presented to you, which will lift you up to astonishing heights?  You all dream at times of a heavenly existence, where there is ever-present joy and happiness. What else could Ascension be but Heaven on Earth, yet beyond your wildest expectations? We speak of course of the new Earth after the cleansing and its restoration, ready for a new breed of Man who has become spiritually imbibed with Love and Light.


For those who have not yet experienced spiritual enlightenment, it is hard to convey in words how it affects the psyche. Difficult to explain what it is that instils a calmness and peace that is a delightful energy to experience. It is not just the knowing, but also its application in your life. Can you accept that all souls are equal in the eyes of God, and that all are loved beyond measure? Dispense with fear, and replace it with a faith that has the strength to carry you through the most testing personal traumas. Know that all will turn out satisfactory regardless of your experiences, and it will be in accordance with your life plan.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and most happy to be your contact at this time, Call on me mentally if you feel the need to do so, and I shall be pleased to help in whatever way I can. I will close with my loving blessings to you all.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.