Ker-On  4-March-2009


The Light is prompting a revival of interest in spiritual matters, and the numbers of those seeking the truth is noticeably growing. We see pockets of Light spreading further afield, and so the awakening proceeds as anticipated. It is part of the energies that are moving you ahead, and will ensure that you do not return to that which no longer serves your purpose. There is an openess and sudden realisation that you are stepping into a period of deep cleansing. People are therefore more receptive to new ideas, and not so eager to cling to the old ways. You have woken up to your collective power, and are using it to determine your own future.


Those that stand back from the chaos can better see where Humanity is headed, and they help by injecting calmness into the situation. Fear of job loss, of losing your property, or poverty are real enough, but it is unavoidable if you are to self determine your own future. The old paradigm has proved inadequate for your needs, and has shown the extent to which you have been deceived. There is now a shaking out of the old, and it will inevitably result in hardships to many people. Your predicament has within it, the vision of something greater that will solve your problems. It means that you will emerge to greet the outworking of abundance, and it will more than make good your losses. Not I must add in a way that grossly places you above others, but where fairness in distribution is at the heart of the reshaping of your society.


Hitherto, you have travelled through many lives where only the privileged ruled, and did so with their own wellbeing in mind. You were therefore conditioned to accept that you were to serve those who led by birthright. Where your political leaders were concerned they were often one and the same as the latter, and there powers were used to look after self first. This has rarely been better illustrated than by the last U.S. Government, and their self-serving has gone much deeper than you can imagine. Now the truth is surfacing, and you can see how you have been controlled and used for millennia of time.


Dear Ones, the real you is a loving soul that recognises the Oneness of All Life. You subconsciously know that you are all linked together, and are responsible for each other. You are each a unique and most important part within the family of Man, and as such you all contribute or otherwise, to your collective wellbeing. As the cleansing gets underway you are being encouraged to use your Light to act as a Wayshower to others, and help them understand the necessity for it. Many see no pattern or reason behind what is happening; yet it was preordained so that the opportunity was given you to manifest the new vision that you hold. You literally hold the power that will decide your future, and wisely used you will create all that resonates in harmony with all else. You will lift up out of the lower vibrations that will lose their power to impose their restrictive and outmoded ways upon you.


As one individual you may think that you are powerless against the might of the dark forces, but that is far from the truth. Your Light has no equal in the lower realms that you are leaving behind; you are therefore the Master’s of creation except you have not yet found that knowing within. Look the dark in the eye and have no fear, as it is they who shrink away from the Light. Not only accept what you are, but begin to use your powers to help speed up the coming Golden Age. It has an optimum time for its manifestation, but can come upon you any time that the energies pass a certain point. Every little you contribute can take you nearer that time. Certainly many higher Beings are projecting great rays of energy to Earth, and by applying yourself to the task of upliftment you are ensuring they are grounded. Remember well, that at a higher level there is a straight battle between the dark and Light. There can only be one outcome, as the greater power, which is the Light, will always be the victor.


If you could speak with your Higher Self, you would be assured that whatever you are experiencing now is but a momentary experience that will have no lasting effect. All will be made good in time, and you will gradually glimpse what lies in store as soon as First Contact commences. It is the means of preparing you for the higher dimensions and moving your consciousness to a level of understanding and acceptance, that you are to witness the birth of your new Earth. Your real home is in the stars, not tucked away is some corner of the Galaxy. You are already Extraterrestrials taking a break from your usual experiences in the higher dimensions. You have “dropped” in on the lower vibrations, to expand your experience of the different civilisations that exist beyond number everywhere.


You are playing a game albeit you take it very seriously, which is actually an experiment that you volunteered to take part in. The Creator desired to know how the Light Sparks sent out from the Source would react to the lower energies, when it reached a point that led them to believe that they were separated from it. You travelled down through the higher realms, and assigned yourselves to Earth when it was the Garden of Eden. It was only later that you forgot your true identity as gods, and took on the mantle of darkness. However, you were not and never will be left alone to lift up again, and no soul is deserted or damned. In the not too far future you will again come to the realisation of who you really are. When that time comes you will be all the greater for your time in the cycle of duality. Try to look at every other soul as simply an expression of the lower vibrations, and know that like you they are gods, and love them as yourself, as you are all One.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and we are also of those Galactic Federation members that have had direct contact with you in the past. Our link also goes far back in your history, and yet reaches to recent times when we contacted some of you, such as your George Adamski. Our bell shaped scout craft are well known to you, and photographed many times. We stand amongst those who are most like the human form, and we could easily pass as one of you. Soon, all of the mysteries about us will be cleared up, and you find that we do carry a high love vibration as associated with our world. That love is freely given to you, as we wish to see you return to our realms very soon.


Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.