Ela  9-March-2009


From our station we are overjoyed to see that you have brought the Light to Earth, sufficiently to create your path to Ascension. The energy is of a quality and vibration, that now cannot be prevented from manifesting the vision that you have held. We applaud such an achievement, as we know the sacrifices you have willingly made to gain success. It has always been down to you to make the first moves, following which the Laws of Attraction have been activated to power you with even greater levels of Light. The Earth in size is a minor planet that would not normally attract much attention, but the news of your imminent Ascension has travelled the Universe. Consequently you have attracted the attention of millions of souls who are now avidly following your progress. They will come as close as allowed to witness the actual upliftment, and many will seek the opportunity to visit the new Earth in due course.


It is not that the event itself is unusual, as all proceeds upwards in the cyclic nature of evolution. Within your Universe you are however about to experience Ascension in such a way, that it is correctly described as unique. You are privileged to be part of the process of Ascension, but more so as you will ascend with the higher expression of your physical body. It may not sound special to you taking part in it, but experience is what you seek all of the time. To be as it were, the pioneers of a special dispensation from the Creator, and to be on Earth at such a time is truly worthy of such fine souls as you are. Your acceptance of the challenge to immerse yourselves in the lower vibrations was a show of absolute faith in the Love of the Creator. Now you are awakening, and the realisation of your true identity is becoming clear to you. You are of the Light and Love that originated in the Source of All That Is.


Can you see Dear Ones, why there is no punishment or recriminations as a result of your journey through duality? Each of you has willingly chosen to experience all aspects of it, knowing that you would ultimately fully return to the Light. We know that whilst you are still with one foot in the lower vibrations you tend to use a very human trait, using judgement to assess situations that pass by you or are part of your personal experience. Some of you are already sufficiently advanced in your understanding to set it aside, but we do appreciate how difficult it is to change your mindset. You have a tendency to compare one person to another, using your own spiritual perception as to what is right or wrong. In the Higher Realms there is no such labelling of experience, only the measure of whether any action is for the good of all. If it is not, that is a matter for only the soul of that Being, who will usually decide to plan further experiences until an acceptable conclusion is achieved.


We look down and see Man repeatedly making the same mistakes time and time again. However, we give of our love to each of you for your upliftment without any thought of whether you “deserve” it. As it stands we see all souls as equal, and any difference in your spiritual vibration is considered simply to be a deviation from your return journey to the Light. You will always return to your true path, and whatever happens cannot totally lose your connection with your Higher Self. Now more than ever you need such an understanding, as you are in the period of change when the truth is the only energy that will stand up and continue to go forward. The lesser energies are surfacing for cleansing and transmutation, and as they grow in intensity so you will need to stay positive and use your greater understanding to help clear them away. As you do so replace them with your own vision of all that is pure and heart felt.


We of Arcturus are totally of the Light and long left behind experiences of the lower dimensions, but that does not mean that we do not appreciate the trauma and chaos you are going through. In fact, as we come nearer to you we can feel the cloying and heavy vibrations that you live in, and we greatly admire your determination to rise above them. That you have been able to preserve your integrity and sovereignty in such conditions is quite amazing. As each soul lifts up they start to experience the beauty and harmony associated with the higher vibrations, and it gives an impetus to your resolve to reach even higher. What you are realising is that the natural levels you are drawn to are your true home, and beyond those you are now experiencing.


Your place is within the Light, and the Galactic Federation and other high councils are committed to helping you return to it. Some of you still struggle to accept that your true home is with us, and we come to explain those aspects of change that make you feel uneasy. What we and others tell you about is to reveal the Oneness that exists beyond your present dimension. You are benign Beings that given the opportunity would find it so easy to take your place within it. You would lose nothing that was essential for your wellbeing, but rather the opposite as there is everything to regain. We say “regain” as you are simply returning to those levels, that were the very ones that you travelled on your descent into your present ones. As we have already inferred, your natural home is not on the present Earth, but the new one that is manifesting now and will bear more resemblance to a heavenly abode.


In the midst of what you are now experiencing we know it is difficult for you to imagine the extensive changes, which would take you out of duality and into the Oneness that we speak of so joyfully. For many of you it shall be the experience of participating in the changes that shall lift up you and Earth. You are already laying down the pathway to your dreams, and although you have beauty on Earth it is but a pale reflection of what really awaits you. Harmony and balance are the key words that describe the levels you are to move into. You may have experienced such delightful times on Earth but only in small measure, whereas in the higher dimensions it is a permanent state of being.


I am Ela from Arcturus, and we stand by with our Federation members, in readiness to offer our knowledge and assistance as part of First Contact. Collectively we can deal with absolutely any problem presented to us. Already our plans have been made for a speedy transformation, that will take you to a level that will set you up for the final act of Ascension. Many of you are on a mission with us, in fact you are directly connected with us and at some future time, we shall depart together. . Meanwhile we come near to many dear souls that are serving the Light, and surround them with our love.


Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey.