Ag-agria  31-March-2008


Try not to allow your selves to be emotionally dragged into the conflicts that are taking place. By all means register within what is happening, but give nothing of your self that will add to the fear and doubt that may result. Your role as a Lightworker, is to pass out your higher energies to Light-en the situation and reduce the power of the dark to cause chaos. You can do so because you have come a long way in this cycle of duality, and have learnt much from your experiences. You can intuitively know when to use your power, and how to apply it in the most beneficial way for the good of all.


Surround any area of darkness with your Light, and do not underestimate your ability to make a grand difference. We have told you many times how powerful you really are, and when groups of you work for the Light it becomes far more potent. These are the times to show what you can do, backed by many Higher Beings who work with you. Go forward with full confidence and faith in your quest to bring more Light to Earth, as there is nothing that you cannot do. Just allow time for results to manifest, as once the intent is there energy will follow. All through your times upon Earth it has created your future, without your realisation of the part you have played in it.


As part of your evolutionary experiences you come and go from Earth, spending each lifetime reaping the result of your own creations. They may not all be pleasant or to your liking, but through your understanding of them you gradually gain knowledge of how your thoughts and actions affect you and others. Dear Ones, after millennia of time and hundreds of lifetimes warring with each other, you have finally reached an understanding that what you do to others you do to yourself. Now you are lifting up out the lower vibrations to levels where peace is your gaol, in the realisation that you cannot move on until you overcome the burden of separation caused by the lack of Light.


Suddenly it is as if the darkness has been released and with the Light shining through, all becomes much clearer and the way ahead is illuminated. It allows you to live from the heart centre and radiate your Light to all around you. As each of you do so a high energy pervades the planet, creating a great link through the grids of Earth. The dark cannot stop its growth, and it will continue to speed up until it totally encompasses anything less than its own vibration. The Light transforms the dark, and so you will continue to lift up until the final upliftment through Ascension. The souls who still seek the truth outside of them, will soon understand that it is found within. Everyone will be touched by the higher energies, but alas not everyone will respond.


There has to be a new way of looking at your reality and an understanding that it is an illusion created by you, making it easier to let go by breaking the bonds of your attachment to it. Take your memories with you of the beauty and love you have shared with your loved ones, and the happiness afforded to you by Mother Earth. You are essential to each other, and move in a mass consciousness that is reaching out to the higher dimensions where you belong. Great experiences await you, and opportunities to search the Universe of such diverse life forms that they are beyond number. Do not limit your imagination as to what release from the dark forces will mean. It is your liberation from all that has held back your evolution, which will soon take gigantic leaps forward. We and others have told you of enlightened states of being and about life in the higher dimensions, that allows for your freedom to direct your life into whatever channel you desire. The Creator has given you a Pandora’s box that has never ending surprises in store for you.


You are natural adventurers and travellers in space, and you would never settle for less. Life on Earth has given you good times amongst your many experiences, but it is nothing compared to what awaits you. Break out of the limitations imposed upon you by the lower vibrations. Think big and allow for a total change of mind, as you have been asleep up to now and only a living to a fraction of your true potential. See life all around you in the largest and smallest of creations alike. Consciousness exists in everything you see, and also in the unseen which shall gradually be made known to you. Your physical eyes have their limitations, but soon your third eye will reveal other levels and life forms that are also part of Earth.


Life has always had a purpose even if it is not within your present awareness. It will continue to be so, but in the immediate future you will identify with it and fully understand its meaning. All life is treading the same path even if it takes them in diverse directions, and it matters not which one you choose as evolution is a continual process. In a state of “no-time” when all is in the Now, you will lose your reliance upon time and also your thinking that has found linear time necessary whilst upon Earth. You will lose yourself in the myriad experiences that present themselves, yet will always be linked through your heart centre to the Source of All That Is.


These ideas frighten some of you because it is the “unknown”, but be assured you will find Ascension and your arrival in the higher dimensions, a returning home with which you will be familiar. You are space beings every bit as much as we are, and realise that your time on Earth has been for a specific experience and speeding up of your evolution. It is not your natural home as that is amongst the stars, and exploring them should excite you and grasp your interest, as you learn of the multitudinous forms of life that abound amongst them. We will tell you much more about ourselves and what lies ahead, when the barriers to our coming are removed.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and one of many thousands waiting for the open day when we shall meet you one to one and invite you aboard our Ships. This occasion will be our way of greeting you as the newest members of the Galactic Federation. We will get together before such an occasion, so as to start the whole process of changes necessary to carry you forward. There will be much to do, and it will be the start of a new and wonderful phase in your journey as you rise up. It will be in the energies of a much higher vibration than at present, bringing harmony and peace in loving surroundings. Your destiny is assured, and there are legions of godly Beings with you. 


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.