Diane  26-March-2008


We frequently refer to Ascension, as it is important to those who have the intent to leave duality behind and move beyond the need to reincarnate into this dimension. From an earthly point of view matters seem to move along slowly, but if you could see behind the scenes you would know that this is not so. Furthermore, if you knew the scale of the input of higher energies, you would realise how rapidly the changes are occurring. For you tangible proof is needed and that is slow to surface, as for one it is often shrouded with a great deal of secrecy. Secondly the dark forces do their best to prevent it being made public knowledge, or cloud it with disinformation.


Our regular contact is intended to keep your focus on your goal, and to make you aware of our plan and its ongoing success. Furthermore, you have to be prepared for total changes in your lives that will see you leave this dimension behind. Those who elect to go through the process of Ascension will rise up with Earth but not before it is has been restored to its original pristine condition. During the latter period you will be fully prepared for the final experience of Ascension itself, and then your life cycle will begin again in the realms of perfection in the Golden Age,


Whatever else may seem uncertain at this time, the result will still work out the same. That has been decreed and the mighty forces of Heaven will see that is manifested. You have no need to be concerned at the outer happenings, as they can only momentarily hold up progress. Now you are beginning to understand how the Light changes matter, and that eventually nothing will remain on Earth that cannot be in resonance with it. The dark times are almost over, and you can look forward to First Contact with the Galactic Federation and truly know that they are finished.


Those who look at you from afar come to you knowing that what they see is only your expression in duality, and that you are in fact great Beings who have begun to find their true selves in the Light. You play the game of duality between you for the benefit of your experience and growth into the Light, and it is understood by those contacting you. The wonder is that you should have agreed to lose your identity within the lower vibrations, and seemingly be cut off from God. Of course in reality that cannot ever happen, it is only that your Light has dimmed and clouded your awareness. With the truth of your real selves being made known, many are able to accept their divinity and seek their real home in the heavenly realms of the stars.


Your eyes are beginning to fully open to your potential with the power of creation, and your hearts are opening up to the higher energies that carry the vibration of love. For too long you have dwelt in the darkness created by those who have lost their way, but now you can see the pathway out that leads to the higher dimensions. It is open to whosoever desires to lift up but there is no free ride, as you must prepare yourself to achieve it. The old ways of self-aggrandisement and the lack of love and understanding have to replaced by Love and Light, and that means recognising each other as part of the whole. It is true that what you do to one, you do to all, so your contribution has more far reaching effects than you might imagine.


The prize of Ascension is not new, and it follows each period of major changes if not on the scale of your present one. Many individuals have ascended through their dedication to spiritual progress, and raised their vibrations sufficiently that they have left this level behind. Now you are in a most unique time, where everyone has the same opportunity to rise up. Furthermore, help is given from many quarters once you have made that decision to take it. What a time to be on Earth and experience first hand such an occasion. Celebrations will be in order as they are when any great journey has been completed, and we shall join in them together with you.


We can almost hear the sigh of relief at the prospect of a conclusion being drawn to the cycle of duality. It has been a hard experience, yet brought out the most enduring loving acts of Man. The scales of Light and dark have always moved backwards and forwards incessantly. In those periods of enlightenment some of the greatest souls have reached a pinnacle of love that few have matched, but by their example have inspired others to follow. In modern times you have one such as Gandhi, totally devoted to his cause with love for his fellow countrymen and their release from oppression. There are many like him who work quietly away neither seeking wealth or fame. Their names go down in history as a glowing example of love in action. You cannot all reach that level yet, but you can aspire to emulate their love of mankind.


Many wish to contribute to final cleansing of Earth and know not what to do. Be patient and at the appropriate time you will be called upon, to give of your skills or knowledge. The labours of life you experience now will be much curtailed, as advanced technology will take over in many instances. You will have more time to express your talents, and study for your enlightenment and growth. Prison Earth will become a paradise where freedom reigns and fear becomes a legacy of the past. Everything you need to enjoy your life will be available, and most of it will be freely supplied. In time even monetary needs will no longer be necessary, and there will no lack of anything essential to your wellbeing. All of this will take place in relatively short time by your standards, and the means to carry it out are with us already.


Fairness and sharing will come easy when you accept each other as your Brothers and Sisters, as you are linked in the love energy that binds you to God. There will be no cause for jealousy or avarice, as all will be treated alike. Utopia is not a dream and neither impossible, it is yours to experience very soon and we are quite excited at the prospect of helping build it with you. Look to the future and know that it is manifesting around you now. Feel the joy and happiness it will bring, and relish the thought of being released from the cycle of darkness. I am Diane from Sirius, and leave my love with you to uplift you and ease your worries. They are nearly over, and peace is now descending upon Earth.


Thank you Diane

Mike Quinsey.