Diane  14-March-2008


Are you aware how time seems to have speeded up even further, as you begin to hurtle towards your upliftment into the higher realms? This is certainly intended and part of the Creatorís plan for all Mankind. You are being urged to take unto your self, higher energies than any previous occasion and many of you are readily absorbing them. You may well begin to notice the change within yourself as you find it easier to become centred within your own Light, and remain unaffected by outer energies that carry a low vibration. You are becoming immune to the anything other than energies that resonate with you. You are creating the circumstances for your own upliftment, and Ascension.


The higher energies are there for one and all, but it is you who take them into yourself. Your desire and intent to lift up creates the path for manifestation, and so be it. Clearly at this stage not everyone is expanding their consciousness at the same rate, but until it reaches the optimum level that brings Ascension has been reached, that option remains. Deep down each of you senses whether or not you are reaching out for the higher pathway. It will be within your life plan, although with freewill you can re-write it. That would be the exception, and we wish you to know that you are more certain to fulfil it as arranged. The fact remains that it is entirely your own choice.


Our hearts open out to you, and we would dearly love that you were all able to open up to your Higher Self. What a glorious achievement it would be, yet we know that some of you will prefer to forego this opportunity until another time. For those who ascend, linear time will cease as you presently know it, and everything will be in the Now. Past, present and future are as one, and in what seems to be no time at all those loved ones and friends that you left behind will have caught up with you. As likely as not, many of you will maintain your contact with them to minister to their needs, and help them achieve upliftment. Have no concern about their future, whatever happens they will be surrounded with love and helping hands at all times.


Oh dear, some souls are so lost they do not even believe in God, but their experience at this time amongst those who carry Godís Light, will create a place in their consciousness that will bring out the truth. It can never be completely shrouded by the dark or diminished, and permanently remains until it is rekindled again. Allow for compassion and understanding for those who are unable to fully respond to the Light. It is so strong that they can feel uncomfortable in it, and are unable to accommodate it. Of necessity they will eventually divert from this Earth, to another one that feels more suited to their needs. All of this happens in a most harmonious manner, and there is no distress or harm caused. On a human level it may seem otherwise, but we assure you that it has been planned in readiness for eons of time.


You are so near to major revelations that shall alter the course of Mankindís journey. Stay the course and do not weaken at such an important time in all of your lives. We know many of you are on edge, and you have been waiting for the signs that will at last release you from the dark forces. We can only say that we know of your concerns, but when everything starts to break out, you will give a sigh of relief and know it has all been worthwhile. What are a few more weeks, months or even a year or two against the time you have spent in this cycle of duality. One foot is on the finishing line, and you want to burst through the tape but that moment is not quite upon you yet. You already have your victory, so enjoy the thoughts of it and savour it now. Let your imagination allow you to enjoy them, knowing that you can only guess at the extent they will uplift you.


We of the Galactic Federation are what you call the front line in the battle against the dark. You can be assured we protect you at all times, and we have every intention to fulfil our mission with the blessing of the Creator. It is to assist you and bring the beauty and harmony that is created in the preparations for Ascension. Perhaps we should remind you that you are Angels experiencing in a physical body, and you will merge with your Higher Self and ascend as such. You would not be expected to remember the plan for the end times, but you will be ascending in a physical body that will remain with you, one that has been refined and suitably uplifted.


Ask yourself, how can anything of an earthly nature be more important than your ascension, how can your present worries overshadow such a wonderful future? If you must hold on to them, surround them in Light and despatch them into the ethers knowing that they will be absorbed by it. Look for all that is sound and wholesome that will enhance your wellbeing. You are in new vibrations that bring balance and harmony, and they are the answer for all that is out of synchronisation. The darkness is breaking up and this is why you are seeing clear signs of the old energies bringing some discord, and even chaos as they lose their power.


Know what is happening around you, so that you can use your thoughts, meditation and prayers to bring Light where it is needed. You already have the power to create changes, so go about your work and play believing in your own ability. The collective thoughts of Man determine how quickly your future manifests, and we have to say that you are doing extremely well. The Light that has been grounded, has resulted in a glorious glow around Earth that is there for those with eyes to see. The gloom and darkness of the last century has been lifted, and your lives have been changed as a result. You now find hope where there was despair, and your reality is quickly changing to reveal another one bathed in Light and Love.


I am Diane from Sirius and we have a major role to play very soon. Our time of meeting draws close, and we wait for the final pieces of the puzzle to fall into place. All that has held you back will be removed, and instead you shall enjoy complete freedom and will need no motivation to restore your Earth. The purpose of life and your role in it will be revealed, and we know you will respond by giving of yourselves to the tasks ahead in love and friendship. We shall enjoy a great love between us, and happiness will abound. 


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.