Ag-agria  12-March-2008


Dear Ones, we never come to force or trap people into our understanding of the Cosmos and the Creator. We simply lay before you our knowledge for your assessment and approval. Some will totally disbelieve what we come to tell you, and that will be accepted by us as we would not attempt to override your freewill. If you find our messages resonate somewhere within you, take what fits in with your beliefs knowing that time will prove the truth one way or another.


We come more frequently than at any other time, because you are in the end times. It is our duty to convey to you as much information as possible, for your enlightenment. So many events are in their early stages of manifestation and without our clarification, it is difficult for you to see through the chaos that is occurring on your Earth. It is true that messengers have told of the end times for hundreds of years, but few have been able to see exactly how they would come about. Now you are in the midst of a truly memorable chapter in your evolution, and it is essential you realise the great opportunity afforded you by Ascension. It is your passport to the higher realms, but it will not be open to you unless you have prepared yourselves for such an occasion.


Ascension is a natural process, as upward progression is taking place all of the time. You may take a step backwards, but experience will then take you a few steps forward. You come to Earth for the most exciting and sometimes most frightening experiences. You are to a great extent unaware of your true nature and your everlasting link to the Source. Eons of time ago, you saw clearly what lay ahead and willingly moved into the lower vibrations knowing that it would cloud your memory. Now your consciousness allows for expansion and remembrance of those times. What is presented to you as truth can be appraised by your growing awareness, and it often means a major change to your understanding. For too long you have lived under the direction of those who have sought power and control over you. You have been fed the fear producing stories that have been far removed from the truth.


It is time to take a careful look at where you are in your beliefs, as there will not be another opportunity such as now for a very long time. The cyclic nature of all life means that the end of a cycle brings a totally new beginning. There is no going back, except that you have a choice to remain at your present level of experience. If you cannot make up your minds clearly you are not ready for Ascension, and you will continue to move in and out of the lower dimensions. As many know there is another “Earth” like planet prepared for those who have no desire to move beyond their 3D experiences. Life always goes on in a manner that helps a soul gain the experience that will eventually carry it forward. Many helpers as always are with you on these journeys, and although it may at times seem a lonely life they never leave your side.


Since the turn of the century there has been a marked upliftment in your consciousness. It has enabled many to take on the mantle of Light and become their own guide, having the confidence to go within and connect with their Higher Self. Once you become a beacon of Light you are protected against any assault by the dark forces, and any adverse effect is minimal. It is a matter of drawing the Light to you and staying safely within its protective energy. Some will say it is easier said than done, but I tell you that once you are committed to visualising such protection around you it will deflect the negative energies. It remains only to stay calm, and live in the one peace that comes to those who are in control of their emotions.


As events unfold, emotions will run high and the role of Light workers is to bring reason and stability to those around them. You have shared your experiences for millennia of time, and you are the one civilisation of Humankind. You may be separated for the purpose of moving on to a new path, but there will always be an immutable link with each other. Love is the key, and in time you will become One again when all are raised up. That is another story and part of the Creator’s Plan for all of life. You are beginning to grasp what life is all about, and soon the complete truth will be made known. No one will leave this cycle without having been given the opportunity to understand what duality has been about, and will realise that what they seek is not found upon Earth. Peace, harmony and balance are the requisite of the higher realms, and are the home of those souls who live their lives in Love and Light.


You cannot change the plan for Earth and all of its life forms, as that has been decreed by the Creator. However, you can in part make the transition easier by bringing more Light to bear upon those who carry the dark energies. Send your loving vibration to those dear souls that are caught up in their denial of the Light. You can help them to respond in a way that softens their hardness, and awakens the sleeping giant within them. You are not alone in this task, as Light is being directed from many sources to your Earth. The Light will tug and pull at the heartstrings of those who surround themselves with darkness, and eventually they will respond.


We of the Galactic Federation are coming openly to you, because our presence is essential to the completion of the preparations that are needed to end this cycle. You cannot do it on your own, and it has been our privilege to help many rising civilisations to successfully pass through the process of Ascension. Upon your upliftment you will join us as another member of civilisations that have risen sufficiently to become as One. It will be with those who have achieved the level of consciousness that is aligned with the Will of God.


So many wonderful experiences await you before the cycle ends, not least of all our reunion with you. It will be the meeting of like souls, and many who are our own who we dearly love and welcome home. We will celebrate the occasion in style, and it will release all of your worries about your future, which is assured. Feel our excitement at the nearness of our coming, and know you are in safe hands. We bring much for your comfort and happiness and a love that knows no bounds.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.