St. Germain  07-March-2008


Some of you on the path of Light are troubled through not knowing the fate of your dear ones. Family or friends, you like to think that they will share your understanding and join you on your journey to the higher dimensions. Possibly you cannot approach the subject with them, and seek indications that they are open to guidance. These are some of the most difficult circumstances that you have to face, as anyone who has advanced along the path of evolution, will have to make allowances for others and their choice of which path to follow. As much as you would like to empower them with your understanding, you must let them proceed at their own pace. Too much knowledge, too soon can have the opposite effect to what you intend.


The time to encourage another person to consider your truth is when they invite you to answer their questions. Take it easy, and do not feel the need to go beyond exactly what you feel they can handle. People like to mull over ideas that are new to them, and they are held in their consciousness for future reference. The seed of knowledge will grow, or be rejected if it does not fit in with their current understanding. However, once within the construct of their consciousness it will lie there until it is connected with further information. You cannot know when someone will experience a sudden comprehension, of something that was previously confined to the memory bank. It is sufficient to say that no matter how long it takes the truth will emerge in its own good time.


Actions do speak louder than words when it comes to living your truth. Words will carry energy with them, but so do actions and they enhance the image that is conveyed. Is not a kind act carried out in a pool of love, more potent than one without? You can engender faith in you by not trying to impose your views on another person, and by showing that you are non-judgemental. That is vital to someone with whom you are trying to create trust, so that they can come to you in confidence.


At this most important time you are moving into two well defined groups, and those who have understood what it means to be on the path of Light inevitably gravitate to one another. It is the Law of Attraction and they are seeking each other out, notwithstanding the fact that your life contract will also create the circumstances in which you can come together. The more difficult group to define are those who may not even be aware that they seeking the purpose of life. Even if they are, there is so much erroneous information about that it is confusing and often beyond their understanding. This group are what you would call “the don’t knows” and they tend to be more materialistic.


Do we care about those who are not yet prepared for the future - of course we do and each one is loved every bit as much as anyone else. However we do respect their freedom to determine their own future, but will give them every chance to move fully into the Light. Like everyone else they have many unseen helpers, and they guide and direct their lives so that opportunities come their way where possible. Every soul that awakens is a victory for the Light, and be sure that each one is loved beyond measure.


You sometimes become impatient because you know that a new beginning runs alongside duality, and you want to see it manifest. Yet your present circumstances are conducive to creating extra time, that may yet see more souls rising up as they recognise the false creation they are living. The dark resort to every trick in the book to keep you under their control, but as their deeds become more obvious and blatant they are revealing their ways of manipulation and denial of your rights. It requires a new look at life and what your priorities are, as some will still content themselves with an introspective view of what is happening around them. If that is their choice it is fine, and no one will deny them their right to live in a reality of their choosing.


I have spoken about the material life that is your experience, and many find little time to pursue their spiritual life. The two should run side by side but usually materialism takes up most of people’s time, as they toil and labour for often a simple existence. There is clearly nothing wrong in aiming to lead your life in such a way that your cares and worries are taken care of, but at times it is to the exclusion of your evolution. Whatever else first and foremost you are Spiritual Beings, and you may be certain that when all else falls away, that is what will remain. It is therefore important to set aside time for that part of your life, as your experiences are for your spiritual upliftment. Lessons ignored or not learnt will return until you do so, as otherwise you cannot progress.


It is within each persons grasp to understand the purpose of life, and it does not require that you specifically join any one group for that realisation. You have all knowledge within albeit it may be dormant, but when you sincerely and honestly seek the truth that is where it will be found. You can be led by others if that is your desire, but far better to follow your own intuition which will know exactly what you need. As you are all at different stages of evolution, clearly you cannot necessarily walk straight into another’s beliefs and find it suits you and fulfils your needs.


You have never had so much guidance as you are now getting, and the importance of these final years has brought many higher souls to Earth. Some are already able to help you, because they have brought great knowledge and understanding with them. They are your Star, Crystal and Indigo children, old and wise souls who are waiting to guide you the last few steps to Ascension. Beyond them are even higher Beings of Light, that beam rays to Earth that are raising the vibrations so that your consciousness is able to gently expand. Great Beings are converging upon Earth from all over your Universe, to witness your return to the Light in a most exceptional and spectacular manner. Heaven patiently awaits for your arrival, so that you can proudly join the Star Nations of ascended civilisations.


I am St. Germain, and see your Light permeating around the Earth, holding it in a grid that will soon draw it into its new dimension restored to its original pristine condition, in the Golden Light of perfection. Welcome home Dear Ones to your rightful abode.


Thank you St.Germain.

Mike Quinsey.