Ela  05-March-2008


We are longing to greet you and come amongst you to help uplift your consciousness, and impart knowledge and understanding that will quickly move you into a new period of your evolution. Already you are lifting up and are ready for a quantum leap forward. You can see that your old ways are no longer serving you, and it is time to make a clean break with the past and move on. What awaits you will link you with the Ascension, and you will truly know that the pathway has been fully opened.


Like other members of the Galactic Federation, we are the living proof of what is possible when you move into the higher vibrations. No more will you be manipulated or mislead by those who would hold you back, but instead you will operate in complete freedom. You will be able to follow the spiritual path of your choosing, and will be with other souls who become one in their search for the truth. Higher dimensions will also be open to you and you will meet those who presently guide mankind. You have family within the stars, and are likely to return to them like many travellers do after they have finished their sojourn.


Because you have been held for eons of time in the lower vibrations and cut off from your star families, the idea of meeting them should excite you. You have after all, been living at a conscious level where you have had no idea of your true background. It is not that you have ever lost contact with them, but for the purpose of your earthly experiences you have been veiled from having a full recollection. This is why some people still do not accept their links with us, and in certain instances fear our coming. Do not worry, by the time we can show ourselves the groundwork will have been laid that will have made our link to you quite clear. We will also have established our reason for coming amongst you, and it will be accepted as a peaceful mission.


You will find that we create harmony wherever we go, and freely project our love to all beings, and know instantly that we are peace loving and are no threat to your existence. Indeed, you will find our work with you is directed towards restoring peace, and we will guide you to overcome the problems that presently exist between your different factions. That will not be difficult as at heart you are a peace-loving civilisation; it is just that you have been under the control of the dark forces for so long that you have succumbed to their ways. True freedom has not been experienced upon Earth for a long time, and it will be a breath of fresh air when the shackles are finally removed.


Of course you would have expected a battle to establish your freedom, as the cycle of duality allows for both the dark and Light to fight for your souls. It is an experience that tests your resolve to the limits, but providing you maintain awareness of your link to the Light you will always continue to evolve. The Light cannot be extinguished as it is indestructible, and even those souls who have forgotten or deny their link to the Source will return one day in the future. That applies to the dark ones as well as anyone else, except their journey will prove much harder than most of them. No one is “lost” although they may feel disconnected from the Source, and it is that desire to turn back to the Light that starts them off again on another journey to success.


Time is not a factor once you ascend, and the idea that you have everything at your feet and the freedom to travel wherever you choose is quite exciting. Life abounds in the Universe, and what will surprise you is not so much the appearance of the different types of humanoids, but the fact that they hold the same desires as you do and are all seeking the Source. Ultimately all will find that path as they go through progressive periods of ever expanding consciousness. You never stop growing spiritually and inside you is a driving force, which will keep you ever seeking and experiencing. You will leave the dark ones behind, as they cannot carry their lower vibrations into the higher realms of Light and interfere with another souls evolution.


Ascension is the true beginning of your journey home; as once you reach this stage duality will have served its purpose. You will no longer need to experience further lives in its push and pull that has seen you experience the depths of darkness. You have allowed yourselves to be veiled from the Light for the purpose of speeding up your evolution, but now you will move on as a much greater Being than when you first set out on your journey. Oh yes, you came from the realms of Light in the first instance, but the experiences of the dark have lifted you to a new level of Light in understanding and awareness.


Have you not been told so many times that you are great Beings? You may not feel that way yet, but we assure you that once you lift up again into the Light you will know that you have become the Masters. You will have acquired superconsciousness and realise that your present Self is far removed from your full potential. You are beginning to understand that you have powers of creation, and how the power of thought even operates at your present level. In time you will find it becomes instantaneous and you will have godlike powers. The jump from where you are now to where you will shortly be is phenomenal, and part of our responsibilities to you is to ensure you are fully prepared. We have already reached those levels you are to join, so who better to accompany you as you experience upliftment.


Do not view Ascension as leading to a glorified version of your Earth, as it is far greater and beyond your present imagination and understanding. We and others have tried to paint the picture many times, but it is hard to do justice for levels of existence that words are inadequate. We can talk of the beauty of crystal cities, of form and shape that speaks of absolute harmony, of colours that blend together and are presently unknown to you. However, these have to be seen for you to fully appreciate what we describe. Add the perfection of Light that gently caresses you, and the music of the spheres and you have a picture of absolute peace and tranquillity.


Dear Ones, I am Ela from Arcturus and speak words of encouragement and upliftment. These carry a great loving energy to give you strength to stay the course to your Enlightenment and live in the Love and Light.


Thank you Ela.

Mike Quinsey.