St. Germain  30-March-2007 

The stage is set for the first opportunity to bring matters to a head. The incident in the Middle East with Iran has brought the whole issue more into the public eye. The prospect of expanding the hostilities has dismayed many people, and this is increasing the pressure upon both the U.S. and British Government to use diplomatic means to solve it. It is becoming apparent that this issue will decide their future, as they try to use it to whip up anti- Iranian feelings to cover their desire to attack them. 

We cannot directly interfere in the matter, unless it takes a particular path that poses a greater threat to you. We will nevertheless be completely behind our allies, who will still strongly support any actions to bring the Middle East onto a peaceful path, which will lead to a complete end of the war. This will be your moment of decision as individuals, as to whether you support peaceful co-operation or want to bring back tactics of “shock and awe” What you allow in your mind, coupled with your power of thought will have a great bearing on the outcome. You have always created your own reality, and as your powers increase your influence becomes monumental in determining the future of Mankind. 

Whilst the Iran incident is likely to run for some time, the Arab nations are attempting to broker a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. As such it requires a totally new way of addressing the problems, and it will show if there is sufficient goodwill on both sides to grasp this opportunity. The people themselves have had enough, and lean towards a settlement that would overcome the differences once and for all time. The question is whether Israel can pocket its pride and make its own decisions, without the overriding influence of their U.S. backers. Be sure that if the people of the world had more influence and their wishes were noted, wars would have long become unnecessary and outdated. 

Dear Ones, when you read your history, there is rarely a time when peace has existed all over the world. Go back any length of time and realise that you were part of it, and sub-consciously you know that you have suffered many times over. Is it no wonder that less and less of you have an appetite for another major war. How many times have you lost loved ones, had your property destroyed and had to re-build your lives? How many times have you looked back and said “never again” only to find yourselves facing the same experiences? 

Your leaders and the military have a different agenda to you, and they seek territorial gain and global power. You know by now that situations are set up so as to give them the excuse to further their own plans. They have no compunction at killing innocent people who are quickly described as the “enemy” so that it is acceptable to you. How many times must we tell you that you are All One, and that what you do to one you do to all. You are continually creating cycles of never ending Karma, which is why peace seems so elusive. 

Fortunately there is hope, and the Lightworkers untiringly bring positive energies to Earth. These help lessen the ability of the dark to proceed exactly as they would wish. The truth of what is happening now and how you have been used in the past, is providing a stumbling block that they cannot ignore. The Light has a softening effect all round, and lifts up the energies so that their potency is increased. Given that there was a jump in the mass consciousness, you would see a dramatic change in conditions upon Earth. It is possible, but too many are presently held by the thinking that has kept mankind on the path to ruin. However, each time the Light exposes the futility and wrong thinking it caused and weakens the resolve of those involved. 

Every soul has the potential to change and none are beyond salvation. It is down to choice, but we are compassionate and understanding of those who are held in a vice-like grip in the manner of the old ways of thinking. However, the opposing views of how to conduct yourselves are head to head, and no one can really to be unaware as to the choices that are to be made. They are so important, not just to your present lives, but those of the future. You do not change your colours simply overnight. However, you can set in motion a new way that will eventually lead to your release from the thrall of duality. 

One of the greatest lessons you can learn, is that you cannot and must not impose your Will upon others. You must respect their sovereignty and freewill, but you can influence them by being a living example of love in action. One is not above the other, but simply at a different point on the path of evolution. I do not feel superior to you, in fact I am quite humble in the knowing of your difficulties and the challenges you face. In fact, I am in awe of your beautiful Light that is unfolding once again, and wish for your complete conversion back to that wonderful godly Being you were before you accepted the experience of duality. 

The Earth has not always been a hotpot of uncontrolled emotions, and there have been times of utter peace and harmony. These were long ago prior to your present cycle, but you were there and deep in your subconsciousness you know this and yearn for such times to return. You also now know that the Creator has planned your release from duality, and accordingly the Heavens have opened up to allow your path back through Ascension. All is prepared, and hands reach out to welcome you back. The Light is shining brightly and will continue to grow, until that moment of critical mass is reached when there shall be a great upliftment in your consciousness. 

I am St. Germain, and my many aspects mean that I am everywhere I wish to be. I am with all of those who call my name, and I will help you in whatever way I can. I share your sorrow and your joy, and I surround you in my Love and Light. I am just one of many Masters that attend the people, and delight in those moments when you are receptive to the Light. Find the time to pray or meditate and allow us to come near, and you will surely know we are there. 

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.