Ker-On  28-March-2007. 

Dear friends, the energies around you are becoming very powerful, and those of you who are sensitive to them will register their effect. They are noticeably more uplifting, and give a sense of lightness and detachment from all around you. They also make for a feeling of serenity and calmness. These are the energies that you need to contain, and carry with you wherever you go and regardless of what you encounter. Those of you who can relate to this state of being are helping uplift the energies of the whole planet. They will continue to grow, and more of you will find yourselves being drawn into a vortex of surging energy that will carry you all of the way to Ascension. 

The great advancements you are making prove that the Light is now the dominant power on Earth, and it will hasten the advent of the changes so eagerly awaited. It is as we see it, simply a matter of a short time before a succession of changes will manifest. Now these will not all take place on Earth, but they will be part of the Divine Plan to raise the vibrations. It is two-fold, and will additionally ensure that the dark are relieved of their powers to disrupt or stop the future actions. 

The Light has been steadily eroding the dark energies, and thereby blunts their ability to continue with their original plan. You can expect them to lash out in their anger and frustration, and for a while it will seem chaotic and confused. However, such events are the ideal opportunities for our allies to consolidate their plan. They are integral to First Contact, and will ensure that our subsequent actions are not misconstrued. We have to be seen as not imposing ourselves upon the citizens of Earth. 

Many of you are aware of our past approaches to people in high places, as until we are acknowledged and allowed a safe reception, we cannot simply arrive unannounced. We can protect ourselves, but we have no desire to enter into confrontation as that is not our way. The right time is approaching quite rapidly, but at this moment we must wait for the appropriate opportunities to present themselves. Divine intervention is reserved as a last resort if all else fails to provide the outcome we seek in a certain time frame. 

Meantime, we are as ever fully prepared to act at a minutes notice, and if required can immediately stop all activities of a warlike nature. That is not our preference, as we look for a certain level of co-operation so that type of approach is unnecessary. We are Lightworkers and also the Policeman of the Universe, but our operations are more akin to Peace workers that seek to calm troubled waters. Your Earth has for far too long been covered by dark clouds, that have brought misery and unhappiness for millions of people. That must change without further delay, as the dark have had their day. 

Your minds should be on the outcome of the changes, and the more you focus on them the quicker they shall manifest. Your power of thought is increasing all of the time, and you have a greater part to play than you realise. Do not worry about what has happened in the past, and be assured that you are entering a new period of experience. Let the greater powers bring about justice, and the placing of responsibility for recent events in your history. Some of those involved will certainly serve as an example to others, and tried under your laws. They will however be fair and not manipulated to satisfy those who seek revenge. Remember also that Universal Law is somewhat different to yours, and seeks not to punish but allow those who have erred to atone for what they have done. 

Your life-to-life experiences have never involved retribution, or required you to suffer for your transgressions. Of your own accord, you have elected to continue your experiences so as to understand the reason for your actions. It is in the realisation and acceptance of what has prompted them, that will enable you to overcome your weaknesses. You never cease progression and growth in spiritual understanding, and the marvellous provision given you by the Spiritual Hierarchy is one of allowing you all Infinity in which to evolve. 

There is no place you have not been, and no culture or religion that you have not sampled. You are all a wonderful mix of many different people from all ages past. Now you are ready to move on, having learnt the lessons that your earthly existence has provided. Mother Earth will therefore now be allowed to complete her own evolution, and join you in the transition that you know as Ascension. 

You have no feel or true realisation of what you have achieved, and it is a truly remarkable story of success. That is of course just as well, as otherwise you would be burdened by the weight of responsibility for your previous lives. One day you will be sufficiently prepared to read of the exploits of your previous lives. Some will make you proud, whilst others might bring shame. However, the point is that by this time you will accept your various roles in duality, as part of your rich vein of experience. There is in fact no guilt or condemnation involved, and you carry that experience with you and are all the greater for it. 

God sees you in all of your purity, and unblemished by your experiences through duality. The Creator sent you out to experience so that through it the Source of All could grow. As you rise up through the dimensions, you will still carry on experiencing but the pace will slow down. You will be more in harmony with all around you, and your margin for error will be considerably less. It would seem to be levels of perfection, but that does not exist in its totality until you return to the Source. 

Before you reach that stage, you will traverse realms that seem never-ending and reach into infinity. The experiences will be of ever increasing beauty and Light, and harmony that you have by no means reached at this stage. What wonders await you, and the stepping stone is Ascension that comes closer to you by the day. 

I am Ker-On from Venus, and one who has long risen up to those levels that beckon you. You are greatly loved by all for your service to others.  

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.