Atmos  26-March-2007


With time as ever speeding on you find yourselves almost a quarter of the year through. There is a feeling of energetic changes racing to bring a conclusion to many actions calculated to move Humanity forward. The influence of the dark is waning, and their previous plans are being unravelled to reveal the extent of their influences. Have we not said that this is the time for the truth to come out, and it is so. No longer will any amount of cover-ups or explanations conceal the truth. The people are now more informed and suspicious of their leaders, as they see events that masquerade as being in their interests to bring peace, yet the opposite effect is occurring.


Behind the scenes there are movements amongst nations that do not want to be part of the continuing conflict in the Middle East, let alone being involved in its escalation. It is these signs of discontent that are bringing groups together, and they will be able to exercise a great degree of influence upon others. You will hear of such developments in the not too distant future. Some of those involved are our allies and well aware of the groundwork necessary before First Contact can go ahead. They act on our behalf, and accordingly are protected by us giving them strength of purpose in all they do.


The media by and large is beholden to those who dictate their policies, and they are very much in the vice like grip of the Illuminatiís minions. However, they can no longer get away with their flagrant lies, and deliberate falsification of the facts. An obvious example is the 9/11 incident and as incontrovertible evidence grows that reveals the true culprits, peoples eyes are being opened to the truth. Whatever means trigger the final days of the dark, bear in mind there are a number of options that are getting nearer and their momentum cannot be stopped.


All energy that is accompanied by the power of thought must manifest in due course, and at worst can only be delayed until the inevitable takes place. This is re-assuring for you, and why we are able to predict the outcome of events with a great degree of accuracy. The Higher Beings also draw closer and their energy is also a strong contributory factor. These are but a few of the energy sources that are entailed in bringing changes to Earth. For our part as the Galactic Federation, we monitor all events taking place and that is a small task for the advanced detection and tracking devices we have. We keep matters under control and a degree of balance that ensures that the dark forces are held in check.


It is therefore prudent to see beyond the outer happenings, and watch for the more subtle pointers that tell you of growing opposition to the supporters of the conflicts in the Middle East. It is here that the outworking of events is taking place, and they will have considerable ramifications for the whole of the world. The good news is that after some altercations, there will be a move to scale down the conflicts and take a different direction that will bring peace.


We know of your tiredness of the old ways, and there will be a complete transformation once First Contact gets underway. All the ills and problems following centuries of oppression are to end very soon, and then the meek shall really inherit the Earth. They use no weapons yet have the most powerful energy that exists, it is their love projected with a will and purpose that can if necessary move mountains. It becomes a power that cuts through the dark energies like a laser beam, and there is nothing at all they can do about it. As the Light grows it still fluctuates, but is heading to the point where a massive leap forward is inevitable.


There is no outcome possible other than that which has been promised. Many different plans are coming together to ensure your victory, and these are directed overall by the requirements of the Divine decree that calls for Ascension to close this period of Duality. Cycles of movement are perpetually bringing Solar Systems into new areas of the Universe, as indeed the Universe itself moves around the Great Central Sun. By these movements you enter into new experiences that are never ending.


The truth will shock many people when they learn that they have chosen their life experiences, and it will be a most difficult challenge to place it within their understanding. However, all matters of this nature are delicately handled and those charged with tasks of this nature are carefully chosen. Many will come from amongst you who have shown an aptitude for such work. You are of course old souls with great spiritual wisdom and experience, which will allow for a loving and understanding approach to such matters. Many Masters will head these groups and their position is calculated to earn respect.


It is your own development that is the most important facet of Ascension. The Spiritual Hierarchy comes to you through various channels, and a concerted effort is being made to reach as many people as possible. You will notice that the approach can take different forms, and this is necessary to meet the various existing beliefs and allow for gentle persuasion to work. Freedom of choice is very much observed and cherished, and no true teachings use forceful or threatening language.


I am Atmos a Sirian Guide to Michael, and you will note that the messages do not make demands upon anyone. However, if they help people to take another look at their beliefs and they can open their minds to other possibilities, then we feel satisfied that an acorn of truth will grow into something bigger. We see quite clearly a history behind you that has coerced and misled you often with deliberate intent. Therefore, our sympathies lie with you as you have often put your faith into the wrong hands. Now you have every opportunity to rise up and free yourselves from the indoctrination and distortion that has taken place.


This is the start of a new era where only the Truth will survive, and we will come to help in creating an understanding of the great Love that enfolds you. Tell of a Creator that holds you all dear and is linked to you for all eternity, and speak of your real selves and your homes amongst the stars. Our love for you will help create the pathway, and all you have to do is step upon it. 


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.

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