St. Germain  08-June-06


Generally speaking, people do not recognize how their lives are organized in ways that ensure the lessons they came to learn take place. They could be forgiven for thinking that all happenings are a set of random events that somehow cross their path. The truth is that much of your day is spent in situations that are everyday occurrences of no particular importance. Nevertheless, where you move around with people there are always opportunities to brush up your approach to them.


Do you realize you play games with yourself, speculating on what you would do if certain things happened and how you would react. These imaginary scenarios are important, because you are setting down rules of engagement. Your mind games can have fun, although much of your thinking is quite serious.


You would all make good screenwriters, as you play out your roles. You often try to anticipate what may happen and where you would fit in. You allow for different outcomes and prepare yourself for what you would do. Your mind is never at rest, particularly if you sense danger around. You ask yourself what would I do if “this or that” happened, and so you call on your inner experience to enable you to make a decision.


Humans are very secretive about their real feelings and thoughts, and only your closest friends are allowed into the hallowed sanctuary of the mind. Many of your reactions to situations are instinctive, and are your protection against sudden life threatening danger. Yet many are also carefully calculated to present the outer image that you prefer.


Dear Ones, your idea of how you present yourself is grounded in your ideal of how everyone should behave or present themselves . It is partly based on upbringing, culture and accepted practices that change from one generation to another. Now you see why there is often friction and even confrontation, as people are brought together. This is however at a level where it mainly involves verbal or physical actions. Much otherwise takes place in your mind that you generally keep to yourself.


The secret life of humans is not easy to unravel, but it has a collective effect on your consciousness. All of the time you are assessing your responses, and deciding how you are going to react to whatever is placed before you. Somewhere in all of this there is another factor that is even harder to find, and that is how you are expressing your spirituality. Once you have firm convictions as to what that means to you, you will almost certainly apply it in your life.


Now you have a more complex creature, one that is still very secretive and  acts from a higher level of thinking. Take a simple situation where someone has an accident in a public place. Everyone around has to make a snap decision as to what to do. Some instinctively rush to help, whilst others do not want to get involved. It does not mean that only spiritually motivated would step forward to give aid, but they are more likely to put others first before themselves.


It begs the question as to whether you care about other people. Do they mean something to you, and do you recognize that you are all on the same path together. Can you put aside a person’s color or nationality and see the soul that is experiencing just like you. If you can, then you are undoubtedly spiritually motivated by being aware of the Oneness of everything.


Many times a day you make decisions that reflect your approach to life and to other people, and you probably do not give them a second thought. These are however expressions as to where you are spiritually. Remember that thoughts are as important as actions, and you are also responsible for them. Energy follows thought, and through it you are helping create a new reality.


How many times a day do you say “If I was in charge, I would do this or I would do that”. Along with everyone else, you are determining your future, and sooner or later it will have an effect. Now you can begin to understand how important it is that you have control over your feelings. In moments of anger expressions are used that could harm another, and it does have an effect.


Many thoughts, words or actions are given out as positive contributions, and these also are creative. Why are you encouraged to pray or meditate and to heal and love each other? It is to bring into being a higher vibration, that can express and allow the manifestation of all that is good and beneficial.


What I am asking you today, is to think about what motivates your thoughts and actions. As you travel further along the path to Ascension, so you will have to exercise more control, as your power to create intensifies. You are already leaving the dark energies behind. As you do so, you will need to cleanse yourself of the old ways and habits that have no place in your future. By taking responsibility now and giving thought to what motivates you, your progress will be much quicker.


I frequently refer to your emotions, and the need to understand and control them. There is nothing wrong with expressing them, as after all they are an aspect of your many faculties. During this cycle of duality you have learnt some hard lessons in understanding them, and the consequences of allowing them to get out of control. Your emotions need to be honed and polished until they become another aspect of Universal Love.


I am St. Germain, and ask you not to be concerned when you take a backward step. In life you will always have those off guard moments, and the important thing is that you recognize them as such. You are doing exceedingly well and the journey is almost over. May the Creator empower you all with Love.  


Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.   

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