Ag-agria  06-June-06


By now most of you who accept the existence of ET’s realize that their life is very much on a par with human life. You have read various sources of channeling and find that they have similar home planets to Earth. That they also live in families or groups, and have emotions much like yourselves. The difference is that according to which level they have their existence on, they will be in a more advanced state of evolution.


In your ancient books, myths and legends your gods are inevitably seen as coming from the heavens. Your Saints and other revered Beings have in the past, shown themselves in a way that would be acceptable to you, often as godlike in appearance. Now you have had the truth revealed, and you learn that there are different levels of existence. These determine the creative power of higher Beings and as to how they can appear to you.


All of the Beings that presently contact you have homes within the level they reside, and many are in what are recognizable to you as cities. Just beyond your level they can still travel by transport, but it is different inasmuch that it is using a power source that is both clean and quiet. It is also extremely fast and efficient, and computer controlled in a way that it is accident free. You will see little evidence of mechanized vehicles on land, and only spacecraft in the skies. This makes for a peaceful and relaxing environment that is totally devoid of any form of pollution.


In the cities there is however, no need to be placed in such close proximity to each other as you normally are on Earth. You have your own space without limitation, and the surrounding areas are totally free of anything that could obscure or mar their beauty. Overcrowding is not an issue, as population control is exercised in a way that does not run against the wishes of the people. An addition to a family is carefully planned, and it is known beforehand who is to join them.


On Earth you have families that are often not planned, but because of the desire of many that wish to incarnate that it does not create a problem. In fact, there are far more waiting to return than there are places for them. This may give rise to thoughts about “still births” and apart from a medical reason, they occur where the soul has withdrawn from birth at the last minute. Often they will reconsider and take the next opportunity to be with the same family. As you should know by now, souls choose you as parents because you are best suited to give them the experiences they need.


Clearly you could not dwell in the higher levels unless you had evolved into them. Even in the Summer Lands that are only slightly beyond your present level, you have to be of that vibration. There are entities that exist on many levels between it and Earth. They can drop into Astral Realms that are almost totally devoid of light at their lowest point. These levels only exist on Earth, and outside of it the necessity for them is no longer a requirement.


Once out of the duality of Earth, you will find only differing levels of Light. The Earth is a special creation, a school of life for your experience and evolution. For this reason it has always been closely protected, and no Beings can enter into it without permission. You have little knowledge of the vast number of souls involved in your lives. They walk with you, and talk with you when you will listen, and guide you through the minefield that is life.


It has suited your purposes to refer to off world Beings as extraterrestrials, but in that sense they are no different to yourselves. All are from worlds that roam space and the multitude of different dimensions. However, your visitors are not necessarily always higher Beings, such as evidenced by the presence of the Greys. They were allowed on Earth because they were invited to stay by your Government.


Their vibration is very much like yours, and their advanced technologies are not to be confused with spiritual evolution. They came to offer advanced technological knowledge and an agreement was reached to allow them bases on Earth. This was kept secret for a long time, but is now generally known by a large percentage of your population. Their activities involved in cattle mutilation could not be concealed, and also many people have experienced contact with them.


Now you are moving into the understanding of your true connection with Higher Beings. You no longer feel confined to Earth, and your consciousness has grown sufficiently for you to take in the vastness of Space. You have also realized that life abounds everywhere, and that your real families are outside of Earth. You may not yet have that proof you seek, but before very long they will return to renew their link with you.


There is much to do once you are free of the last cabal. The lies, deceit and outright misrepresentation of the true purpose of your life, will be shown for what they are. You must enter these last periods on Earth with full knowledge, and be prepared for the journey of a lifetime into the Golden Age.


Already many of you have grown in your understanding, and an open mind is essential at this time. You are to leave the old behind which has served you well, and a new cycle is about to begin that will carry you through to the higher dimensions. There are still obstacles to overcome, and please be prepared to accept that in your lower vibrations you have easily been misled. Be open to new ideas and revelations about your spiritual background.


I am Ag-agria from Sirius, and many of you directly relate to us. You are wonderful souls that are finally bringing this period to a close. We will ensure it is a pleasant and exciting time for you, and one in which we shall work together. We are your Brothers and Sisters from the Stars, to where we shall all return. May the Love of the One God light up your path.


Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey.


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