Diane  05-June-06


The situation with Iran continues to alarm you and rightly so. However, understand that some events have to work themselves out before any major changes can come into being. Also bear in mind that the script for the end time has been written. Whatever happens now, in no circumstances will it affect the final outcome. You are assured of a change of direction, and it will be led by those who are acting in your best interests.


You are not just seeing how devious the dark can be, but also understanding their methods. This enables you to deal with their actions in a controlled way, as the element of surprise will no longer bring the reaction of fear they seek. Simply be ready to calm matters in the way you have been taught, and use your ability to work with the Light to lessen the adverse effects.


Everything that is taking place on Earth is closely monitored, and there is no plan or action the dark are involved in that does not receive our attention. Remember that we cannot run your lives for you, and your experiences are to show you the outcome of the energies you have produced over millennia of time. Some events must progress without our influence, but we stand by you and encourage your involvement.


You cannot just sit back and concede the loss of any more of your freedom, or close your eyes to what has already taken place. We come not to chide you, as many act with determination and without fear to bring the truth out. The more of you who can join together in a common purpose, the stronger your power becomes. You are exercising that power now, and it is eating into the confidence of the dark forces. For the time being you cannot do much more, and your defiance of them is preventing a more outright attack on your liberty.


Today you stand with a wealth of experience behind you. I am sure that even in this present lifetime, you can look back and see how changes in your thinking have altered your perception about the purpose of life. You have spent many lifetimes sampling all that it has to offer, and come back time and time again to test your understanding in the duality of this cycle.


You have never been allowed to forget your goal, although many times you have sunk into the lower vibrations and it has moved far from your thoughts. Always a thread has run through your lives, linking your experiences in such a way that you have always made progress. Some choose to do so at a slower pace and that is perfectly acceptable, as there is no pressure upon you to experience more than you feel able to handle.


Bear in mind that it is the present period in this lifetime that is the most important to you. Regardless of your early life experiences, you should now be able to sit back and access where you are in the totality of your different lifetimes. Ask yourself whether you find an inner desire to move out of this 3D existence, and can you leave the material world behind? These are the type of questions that will determine where you are in your development. The answers will tell you whether you ready to take the final steps that lead to Ascension.


Letting go, is by now something you should recognize as already happening in your life. It will show you if you have moved from a life centered round self, for one where you take only what is sufficient for your needs. You should understand that if you take more than you need, you deny another who has experienced lack. Letting go, is also giving up the idea that you own what Mother Earth has provided for your journey through life, and what has been given is for each and every one to share. Man has accepted Her gifts without due consideration as to what damage has taken place, and in the near future reparation will be have to be made to restore Her.


Can you accept the Oneness of all life, and extend your love to others regardless of what you see as their outer self. Can you look beyond the physical shell, and know that within is a Spark of Light exactly like yours. The Masters can and you will also need to do so, if you aspire to become one. This is your destiny, and the lessons of life will lead you along this path.


If you have weaknesses, do not worry as between now and Ascension there will be many opportunities for you to overcome them. With every day that passes, the energy streaming to Earth is increasing. It is offering you a chance to raise your vibrations higher, and as you do so the lesser vibrations will disappear. Gradually all that is of the dark side will be transmuted, and with it you will see a rapid growth in the Light.


Simply do not allow yourself to be distracted from your path, or be pulled into the emotional arguments that occur between those in opposition. You must let others follow their path, as it is not your place to interfere. Of course if one should ask your advice you give it, but as an offering that can be accepted or rejected without causing you offence.


Man has tended to desire the control of others, and this has led to Tyrants taking over people’s lives. The responsibility for others is not to be taken lightly, and can bring the worst and best out of people. Caring is something that comes natural to one who has a loving nature and puts others first. These are some of the signs that will tell you if you are well on the path of Light.


I am Diane of The Galactic Federation, and I know that as you bring both the male and female energies into balance, you will find that elusive peace and harmony within. For too long the male energy has been allowed to dominate your lives. Now it is time to find a more balanced _expression, one that brings out your love and compassion. Let go of the stereotype image of Man, for one that is in the image of God.


Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.  


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