St. Germain  03-June-06


The most powerful nation in the world holds the key to your future, because it has been taken over by the dark forces. They do of course have their tentacles everywhere, and Man has been wrestling with this problem for eons of time. For the time being, America is at the mercy of decisions made by them, that are calculated to bring about conditions that allow for their own agenda to be fulfilled.


Anyone who closely follows the political scene will see that promises have a hollow ring, and actions are more often the opposite and of a covert nature. You are not being given the truth, and many excuses and ways are used to prevent it coming out. However, after the realization that your President obtained power illegally, you have every right to be suspicious of his motives. Indeed, the arrogance that is shown, thinly disguises what is taking place and that is not always behind the scenes, but before your very eyes.


Some do not want to see what is happening hoping it will pass, but with global domination as their goal the dark believe they are here to stay. You understand that the battle for your future is not confined to earthly activities. In fact, you know that the one that is deciding it occurs in the higher realms. In reality that battle has been won, and the Light continues to beam to Earth from many sources empowering you even further.


The effect of the Light is inescapable, and where it is accepted by you and taken into your Being you are uplifted. This way of change cannot be stopped, so you will see that the dark can have no affect on you unless you allow it to be so. The dark play on your emotions to try and distract your attention from your personal growth. They create fear, so that you will feel helpless without their intervention and they pretend to take action to calm you. You will find that there is always an ulterior motive to their actions.


As you grow in the Light, you realize that there is no way you can be intimidated by mere words. It gives you the power of clear thinking and a realization that even as one individual you can affect the outcome upon Earth. This power becomes formidable when many bring their efforts together, and is increased exponentially. You are strong and resolute when you trust in the higher powers that guide and protect you.


You have many examples of individuals who stand out because of their faith in goodness and God. They appoint themselves into these roles through a fervent desire to help Humanity. You have only to offer yourself as a Lightworker and you will be used in whatever way your talents allow. You may not be aware of the guidance you receive, but as long as you are open to the opportunity it surely will not pass you by.


It is the desire to be of service that is noted by your Guides, and in any event it may be part of your life contract to bring it into play. Some of you take on great tasks that may only last a short time, but the impact you make lasts forever. You can change the future and help create a smoother path to your goal, but clearly you cannot make decisions that override those of the Creator’s plan. However, you will open another avenue of approach that will also help others. Think for a moment of how the power of thought blossoms into action. How someone rises up to take a lead and others immediately follow. The various peace movements have grown this way, and is it not remarkable how spontaneous some demonstrations turn out to be.


If you feel disposed to take a certain action that is in no way harmful to others, find the way to do it by being bold and trust that the outcome will be for the good of all. Even if you seem to be unsuccessful, understand that you have sown a seed of thought that may yet grow. You will not always see an immediate result from your work, but collectively you are heading for success.


What is it that prompts some of you to push yourself forward into the battle? It is faith and the belief that you are doing work that is for the en-lighten-ment of others, and their release from the dark forces. It is your Light, and your love for your fellow human Being that stirs you to action. You will know already that all have a duty to care for each other. When you see the inequalities of life, and how freedom and sovereignty are eroded it calls you into action.


It is your Higher Self that expresses through you, and many are aware of it and made a link. You listen to its prompting and guidance, and you would say you are very intuitive. Many ignore this form of guidance, and usually it is because the ego is still the dominant force. However, life is about experience and you often only learn this way through wrong choice. It will eventually come into your awareness that you are best advised to follow the promptings of your intuition.


Your Higher Self is your Godself, and you can therefore trust the intuitive feelings you get. As you progress so you move closer still to your higher consciousness, and this is essential as you head for Ascension. Eventually you will become as One, and fully integrated with superconsciousness that will announce your place as a Cosmic Being.


I am St. Germain and I will soon return to Earth to complete my own journey, and also return to the higher realms. I will rise up as all continue to do, ever expanding my consciousness. We are all heading back to the Source, and for you this is only the beginning and not the end. Hold your Light steady and send it out into the world, as you do make a difference. The dark are held in check as the Light permeates the ethers, and the very depths of Earth. I commend you and greatly love you for your wonderful work at this time.


Thank you St. Germain. 

Mike Quinsey.  


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