Atmos  02-June-06


Without outside help you could not cope with the problems that are developing upon Earth. Assume for one moment that we had no contact with you, and you faced the Earth changes alone. I refer to those brought about by the environmental conditions through Man’s neglect of the planet. The truth is that you tend to wait until matters are forced upon you, and then it is too late.


After many years of observing the gradual decline of your land, atmosphere and sea’s, you have still not grasped how serious the position is. It has for example taken until now for a general agreement to be reached about the effects of global warming. This is the greatest threat to Man, and in course of time would lead to the massive displacement of people. As if that were not enough the ecology would change, and severe shortages of all foodstuffs and water would result.


I only tell how it will be, because the size of the problem is beyond your present capabilities to deal with it. Yet, the warnings were there many years ago, but ignored because it would have meant costly measures to bring about the curtailment of pollution. In the name of profit, big companies do not want to add to their operating costs, even if it makes the planet safer.


The biggest crime against Humanity has been the reluctance of various governments to avoid their own responsibilities in taking firm action. Now with China and India becoming more industrialized the problems are growing every day, and they too do not want to delay or halt their expansion. How can the developed nations dictate to others about pollution, when they themselves have often only paid lip service to ways of handling it.


Dear Ones, you need us because we can help restore your Earth. We can dramatically lessen pollution by introducing new forms of transportation that are pollution free. We can also introduce these changes quite quickly, and that would immediately remove a major source of pollution. We cannot only clean up your rivers and lakes, but also your seas and oceans. With this more stability would be restored where your climate was concerned, and wild life would not be dying off as rapidly as at present.


The plan is to restore you and Earth to pristine condition, and not allow further damage and decimation of your environment. You may wonder why anyone bothers as the end time is in sight, and you could move on and leave the Earth to its own future. That is not the way we follow, and the Spiritual Hierarchy requires that ALL is restored before the final upliftment.


A long time ago you were given many ideas that revolved around free energy. If it were not for the greed of vested interests in keeping the status quo, these could have been well developed by now. They would have made a considerable difference, but as with other ideas that were revolutionary they were hidden out of sight.


Our technology has progressed well beyond your present potential, and we will help you take a massive leap forward in a very short time. You are surrounded by free energy and we shall show you how to tap into this endless supply. We use it to “power” our craft and for many other applications. You have the potential ability to develop these systems, and with back engineering of spacecraft have come to understand the principles involved.


We come for the benefit of everyone, and not the privileged few. Your military forces as such, will be disbanded or redeployed in peaceful activities. There is no place in the future for weaponry such as you now possess. Indeed, more importantly there will be no need for it, but it does not mean that you will be without protection. You are already numbered amongst the members of The Galactic Federation, and all are afforded the latest technology to ensure their safety.


You should know by now that for your end times, we have millions of craft and personnel ready to carry out the planned tasks. It is the sheer size of our fleet that allows us to tackle your problems, knowing that the restoration of Earth can be quickly accomplished. It has to change if it is to be restored, and the upheaval will result in some inconvenience. However, we allow for that and can relocate you for the duration of the changes. Much work will be carried out during your nighttime so as to avoid creating unnecessary problems.


At all times you will be kept fully informed as to what is occurring, and your media will be used for this purpose. We have other innovations that will immediately increase your quality of life, and food production will be one such area. The many chemicals used in their growth, and preparation in the food chain poison your foodstuffs. We will not only show you how to overcome it, but also how to grow them in a way that substantially increases the yield.


You will begin to understand that we address all of your problems, not simply the most serious ones. We want you to be able to join us aboard our ships as partners and friends, and you should have no problem with fitting in with new ideas and methods. After all you are also travelers in Space, except that for so long you have been deliberately kept in the dark as to your true origins.


I am Atmos of Sirius and The Galactic Federation, and soon your perception of everything will change, and you will rightly take your place amongst us. Many are awakening to their true potential, and realize how they have been veiled from the truth for so long. It can no longer be held back, and we shall present the details to you. Above all, remember that we Are All One, and have our source in the One Supreme Creator.


Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.


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