Ker-on 10-June-06


This final cycle is a culmination of all previous experiences, the last chance to face karma that has been created over Millennia of time. On an individual basis it may be presented to you for clearance within a short period from when it was created, and in the same lifetime. Remember that nothing happens by chance that has any real bearing on your life.


Relationships between people are some of the most testing times. You will normally be placed in a family unit, and in such closeness to each other you are more likely to overcome difficulties you have in your relationships. Certainly in your early years have every chance to confront deep-rooted problems. It is sometimes apparent, that one member of a family does not appear to fit in with the rest. If you are that person, then I say to you that you would do well to try and ascertain the reason, and overcome it.


It is within your capability to establish why a certain relationship will not work out. If you cannot do so the problem will not go away, and will be presented to you time and time again until it is understood. Humans can be very strong when it comes to their emotions, and hatred is one that can be held for eons of time. It is a most harmful energy to carry around, and until it can be released you cannot go forward and it can destroy your life. 


Often the circumstances that lead to broken relationships are brought about by karma in the first place. The lessons to be learnt are there for all parties concerned, even if they are on the outside looking in. It is not always necessary to be directly involved. Sometimes circumstances can change within a lifetime, and it is possible for relationships to be amicably concluded. This is perfectly fine, and there is otherwise no reason to hold back your progress.


Life is most complicated with the many permutations in relationships, even as friends. Again there are often specific reasons for coming together, such as a common interest in hobbies and sports. These all require of you that you create honest and true bonds with people that you are often in competition with. In a materialistic age when for example professional sportsman can earn vast fortunes, the niceties of life often disappear. Cheating and other means are used to gain success, and winning becomes so vital. It has meant that any means are used to achieve it, and your present age has moved into drugs and bribery.


Speaking generally sport throughout your world attracts much publicity, and young people adopt their childhood idols from the pantheon of different stars. Alas, many of those who are looked up to are not the best examples of how to live your life. Young people are most influenced by those in the public eye, and sadly they adopt their attitudes and habits.


In family circles respect for each other is often lacking, and again young people mimic what they see and hear. Society would not wish to return to the harsh discipline and brutal punishment of a mere 100 years ago, or so. However, in releasing yourselves from such times you have slowly swung so far in the opposite direction that discipline and control are barely applied.


Now, it must be said that whatever happens is all in the name of experience, but to be of value it must lead to some positive results. This applies both on a personal level or in general. Values have to be set in societies or family units otherwise they break down, and it is the latter that holds the key. When parents act responsibly and set a good example to their children, they set a mould that often carries them through their whole lifetime.


Dear Ones, what is missing so far that has a most significant bearing on morals and attitudes? It is the lack of understanding of the purpose of life, and relating it to your spiritual self. Without a purpose where is the guidance and goal to be achieved. The lack of it is surely the reason you live in such a materialistic age, where for so many people possessions and wealth are their only objective in life.


Your history is full of stories about religious persecution even between those of the same beliefs. There have been many disputes and lack of agreement in spiritual interpretation of the scriptures and ancient teachings. This has not helped to establish or maintain a spiritual background to life, although people have found their own set of morals. However, in your present period restraint and measured control over your actions is sadly lacking.


The basis for understanding life must be through the acknowledgement that you are All One. That you have a common source from All That Is, and that Source is the Supreme Creator. Beyond that you need to know that all creation exists in the energy of Love, and without it nothing would exist outside of the Great Central Sun. You are the Creator’s Children, and should honor the God within everyone around you.


All are equal and none should be exalted above another, hence you are taught to treat your Brother as yourself. The idea that it should be “every one for themselves” was not was intended, but having experienced it you can now see that it encourages greed and selfishness.


Because it is the end times you have quickly lurched from one extreme to another, and it has brought home the fact that you cannot live without spiritual guidance. You must be aware that you have responsibilities in life, and that you will one day be required to see how your words and deeds have affected others. You cannot literally just do as you wish without accepting responsibility. There are Universal Laws that every single soul is bound to observe and obey.


I am Ker-on come from Venus, a planet of the Love vibration. You all have the potential to be loving souls, and I encourage you to know your true self.


Thank you Ker-on

Mike Quinsey  

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