Ker-On  01-June-06


You have an _expression “the best is yet to come” and there could not be a truer one at this time. For many years we have given you notice of Ascension, and gently guided you along a path that leads to it. As you have travelled it so we have gradually filled in the details, and done so without swamping you with information.


For such a major change in your thinking, you have required time to assimilate facts and align yourself with them. At the same time we have been working with the Spiritual Hierarchy, to enlighten you according to the level of understanding you are capable of. We have been careful not to weigh you down with information, as much of it has been of concepts new to you.


Having greatly increased the number of channels receiving messages, you have had every opportunity to find the true path. In a carefully co-ordinated plan, you have also been opened up to new layers of Consciousness allowing you to take higher energies into yourself.


The result is that many now stand ready for the next phase of enlightenment. You will surely come to view it as the best part of your experiences. Already you are dividing into two camps, and this is natural progression as each and every person decides which path to follow. For many this is not a conscious decision, but natural selection based on their present understanding.


Now everyone stands at the crossroads, ready to make a final choice given that Ascension will soon be fully explained. The opportunity to change paths is there for anyone who has that desire. Help will be given, but much effort will be necessary at this point in time. Some people are still unsure as to whether or not they are on the Ascension path, but they have a feeling of interest and know it is spiritual advancement, but are still pulled by the energies of duality.


Soon everything will start in earnest, and every possible means of communication will be used to enlighten the population of Earth. Be assured that no one will be left with any doubts as to what the future holds. Even orthodox religion has beliefs of an end time, albeit that it is not entirely accurate. Nevertheless, that has given the basis for the true reality to take its place.


It is by our reckoning astonishing that so many have been able to break free of their earthly restraints. Not only that, they can calmly stay within their own energies and remain unaffected by what is happening around them. That does not mean that they are uninterested, and many are Lightworkers who are able to successfully direct their energies to wherever the Light is needed.


Yes, “the best is yet to come” because the dark influences will be removed. No more will people be subjected to their efforts to cause chaos. A new leadership of spiritually motivated souls will bring back sanity and godliness to this planet. People will suddenly come together in great friendship, and the goal will be one of restoring total peace to Earth.


We foresee the need to make crystal clear the future facing those who elect to continue in a 3D existence. Not for just their sake, but for those who presently link with them and seek an assurance as to their wellbeing. The main point to bear in mind is that everyone started out in duality with precisely the same opportunities.


The fact that some have chosen a different path to Ascension is in no way a suggestion of failure. Those that choose to uplift themselves understand that, and they are sufficiently aware to know that there is no ego involved. You could not in fact advance without having overcome an egotistical nature. Humans otherwise love competition, but this breeds attitudes that promote the idea that some are far better than others.


In the new society there will be a spirit of mutual co-operation, and no one will have any thought of trying to outdo each other. You will soon learn that you all have different skills, and collectively you make the whole. With this new outlook you will also find your first concern will be for others. This will make for a most happy period in your lives, as there is much satisfaction in the giving.


As time progresses we will together restore Earth, and that will also be a greatly satisfying period. Quickly all will take shape, and in time you will truly have your Garden of Eden. All of those present blights upon the landscape will have been removed, and only that which can harmonize with all else will remain.


All that contributes to beauty will be kept, but eventually seen in its highest _expression. Up to now you have not always been able to bring into reality that which you have envisaged. That will also change, and before long you will be surrounded by the manifestation of the most satisfying and delightful artistic ideas. As you have often been told, color will also be shown in a most wonderful range of combinations, and will play a much more important part in your lives.


You too will move into a state of perfection, and no longer be subject to the ills of the lower vibrations. It will truly be a most uplifting time, and that is to start very soon. It must take place in readiness for Ascension, and absolutely nothing can prevent it.


I am Ker-On from Venus, and speak on behalf of The Galactic Federation who is at the ready to put the next part of the Creator’s plan into being. Hold steady, and keep your eyes on the future that is unfolding now. I bless you all with Unlimited Love and Light. 


Thank you Ker-On

Mike Quinsey.  


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