Atmos  03-July-06 

Events upon Earth are speeding up, but many of you wait for those of a significant nature that indicate the closing of this present cycle. If you follow these and other messages, it will be quite clear that they are going to come as special events that will be a culmination of efforts by The Galactic Federation and their allies. It will allow for what would have been the unthinkable, the removal of your President. It will be carried out in accordance with your laws, and although resisted will result in complete success. 

Apart from informing you that this action is near, we cannot say for certain when it will happen. You will only know that whatever the outer signs to the contrary, we will succeed in bringing the first major change into being. You have exercised patience and understanding, and this is the time to stand fast. The truth about your Government’s covert agenda and deeds of the past are going to be exposed, and there will be no hiding place for the guilty ones. 

Behind all decisions that are made many High Beings are influential with their guidance based upon their spiritual wisdom. The driving force is the need to lay a path that creates the opportunities for a smooth transition leading to Ascension. It will be ensured that it happens in sufficient time, as your last cabal cannot avoid their fate much longer. The present situation was foreseen, and therefore planned to end at an appropriate time. 

Meantime, you have all had opportunities to continue the awakening process, although even now some are only just becoming aware of their true selves. What you face is the beginning of a momentous period, one that will see the most marvellous lifting up. That you could rise up beyond your present understanding, is because you are destined to reach heights unexperienced so far in this present cycle. 

You cannot imagine the change to full consciousness, yet this will be your return to an earlier state of being. It means that you and your Higher Self will have become as One. You will have an understanding of all that is around you and even beyond, that surpasses anything that you can recall. Your power of thought will be such that you will be able to create instantaneously. Thought will also be your means of travel and communication, and distance will be no obstacle. You will experience a freedom that cannot be put into words, and with it you will explore the grand Universe, and levels that reach into infinity. 

Because of the contrast between Light and dark, you have had moments to treasure upon Earth. However, having fully returned to the Light you will find life to be one continuous joy in vibrations of love, and complete happiness. Nothing but positive thoughts will occupy you, and you will truly have returned to a godlike status. 

Look upon this present period as one that promises an exciting end to duality, and as a prelude to greater things – never to return to the depths of darkness. It will be but a blink of the eye, before you will be looking back at this time with wonderment at how quickly the changes occurred. The pain and sorry previously encountered will soon be replaced by happiness and contentment. You will know beyond doubt that your future is assured in the higher levels of Light, and it will be a wonderful time of bringing your new Self into being. 

In all activities you will be helped by Higher Beings, who delight in being of service to their Brothers and Sisters. Beyond Earth you will find a loving energy that draws souls together, in a common purpose to continue their evolution. Great Beings who are just names to you at present will appear in your presence, and invite you to join them in the wonderful adventure that lies ahead. 

Knowing your future should enable you to handle the present dramas with ease, for what are a few more months or years compared to what awaits you. Life goes on forever as you move in and out of the Godhead, each time to experience yet another reality. The wonders of the Creator’s thoughts are endless, and never stop manifesting. 

How insignificant your present troubles are compared to all that you stand to gain. Not that there is any attempt to play down the manner in which they affect your daily life, but look ahead and see that you will soon leave this dimension behind. You have little left to learn, although the final lessons can be harsh for some of you. Remember that what you experience is by your choice, and know that you would not have undertaken it unless you knew you had the strength and the resolve to come through it. 

For many who aspire to ascend their choice has been to clear all old Karma in this lifetime. You will be pleased to learn that as you go along, any additional karma will be either instant or cleared by the Law of Grace. You cannot go forward until as you say, the slate is clean. The times ahead will be quite remarkable for the manner in which they will bring the changes about. They will happen all around you, and it will not be too long before the Earth will be restored. Much of this will be undertaken by Mother Earth herself, as the major changes are her responsibility. However, you too will be expected and indeed asked by The Galactic Federation to assist where appropriate. 

Bide your time as we cannot emphasise sufficiently the successful outcome in the events about to unfold. The dark fight on but it is a losing battle that in their hearts they know they have already lost. It is not quite time for the victory celebrations, but we shall be pleased to make these times memorable for you. Many of your heroes will return to salute you, and if you ever needed evidence of life after death, this will be your proof. 

I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation, and we greet you with loving intent that you should enjoy the action occurring at these marvellous end times. 

Thank you Atmos.

Mike Quinsey.