St. Germain  30-June-06 

There is as you might say, never a dull moment upon Earth. With your present day communications systems, you learn of events as they happen all around you. This results in you being able to picture how people of other countries are living their lives. In general you see people very much like yourselves, also seeking success to provide an acceptable standard of living. 

What you may also see is that the main differences between you and them are their culture, religion and customs that are often carried forward from millennia of time ago. This makes for the wonderful family of human beings that do nevertheless have one thing in common. That is their search for the truth and the purpose of Man. 

It does not matter which country you go to. You will find it rich in traditions of ancient times when the gods came to Earth. Even after thousands of years the influence of those times still remains. Yet within the different beliefs there are many similarities, and you will find a promise from the gods to return. 

Have you ever considered how these different beliefs came about, and why there are common threads in their stories of creation, life and death. God has never come to Earth as an individual entity, but his emissaries have and history shows that many enlightened Beings have walked the Earth. In what we may refer to as modern times, you have your Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed. There are of course whole successions of other Beings, that have taken incarnations for the purpose of enlightening Humanity. 

However, as God is the very essence and life force of All that exists you will have learnt that God Is. Nothing can exist except that it is of God, and now you know why we sometimes refer to you as gods. You do not have the position of God as a central force of energy within which All exists, but as a part of God’s Being you have the potential to return to the Source. 

So where have these other gods come from and what is their purpose? Firstly, Man had to find a name to describe those Beings of Light that appeared on Earth. You often have personal names for such Beings, but the generic term is “god” and it has been loosely given to anyone who appears more enlightened than Man. You say people are “godlike” and you identify them with qualities that you believe your gods display. In the Greek traditions the gods became mythical creatures accredited with the most godlike powers, that looked down upon Man and guided his footsteps. 

You also have traditions that tell you the gods walked the Earth with Man. They figure prominently as far back as you can go, and there is reference to very ancient times such as Atlantis when great Beings were present during the peak of their spiritual evolution. Civilisations rise and fall as they go through their different cycles of experience, and when they reach peaks of enlightenment the gods walk upon Earth. They lift you up to a new level when you are most receptive to their teachings, and they have often come to Earth with their consorts. 

The picture becomes a little confused when people have the experience of apparitions or ghostly visitations. When they are identified as benevolent, and appear with a lighted countenance and convey words of love and wisdom, they are often believed to be gods. The result is that stories abound with tales of a whole multitude of them that are visiting you. Often such an experience is brought about where a Guide or Angelic Being is called upon to impress a certain message upon you. You also hear many stories of out of the body experiences, and of people meeting with Higher Beings that are again godlike. This is often the case where near death experiences occur. 

Religion talks of God as the principal deity and let us define the One God as the Creator, or Source of All, both of which are more appropriate. Moving out from the Source you have such High Beings that it is appropriate to refer to them as being a God. What else for example, in your terminology could describe a powerful Being that held within the light of its consciousness a complete Universe. How godlike therefore is the consciousness of a single planet such as Mother Earth. 

You receive information about your pending Ascension, and understand that a conscious Being has allowed you live upon her body. With great love for you, Mother Earth has provided you with all you have needed to sustain yourself through eons of time. Like you she now faces the end of this cycle, and offers to carry you forward with her as together you lift up into a higher dimension. Here you have a measure of the microcosm and macrocosm, or “as above, so below”. 

You have much to learn about what is around you, and you are near to the time when the truth will be revealed. Even so, it has to be tempered by your ability to assimilate such knowledge, as it is only now that you are throwing off the veils that have held you back. However, part of the process that will prepare you for Ascension, is the return of full consciousness and with it you shall become illumined once again. 

Pay homage to the Creator, and forget the battle to elevate your personal gods above others. By acknowledging the Source you will have a common ground which will enable you all to come together in Harmony. With the opening of the Books of Time, you will move on from your misconceptions and false teachings that have only served Man’s purpose. It is time to see the beauty and balance in all that exists, and know that it is through the Love of our Creator. 

I am St. Germain and leave you with thoughts that may challenge your present concepts as to how you see your gods. I take nothing away, but simply add to your understanding. Go in love about your work, and many will walk with you. 

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey.