Ag-agria  29-June-2006 

For those who consider themselves to have a lack of sensitivity to the changing energies around them, we say look for them in other ways. The new energies have been playing upon the Earth for a long time, and have had such a subtle effect the changes have hardly been noticeable. However, in the period of the last 30 years they have been intensified, and particularly in the last 15 years. 

Everyone will have been affected whether they realise it or not, and it is part of the awakening process for Mankind. It has brought a change in your way of thinking that is unparalleled in more recent times. We can measure the growth in your consciousness as a collective whole, and it is ever increasing exponentially. 

Some of you who were already more enlightened are aware of the changes within your consciousness. It could be expressed as a greater knowing and understanding of the needs of Humanity. It is a sudden awareness of what is needed to lift your world up, out of the self-created problems that become more apparent each day. A realisation that you have the power to change what you see before the problems engulf you. 

There is a general feeling of desiring changes for the better, but not selfish notions of simply helping self. One of the most important aspects is your growing understanding of the Oneness of everything, and how your actions interlock with all others to create your reality. Also, by the same token how you can change what you see that is no longer in harmony with all else. 

Your politicians are certainly aware that you have become demanding, and they take notice of what you are saying. Sometimes they listen and take action, but by and large you find it difficult to get a true response. It is you against the establishment who are formidable obstacles to change. The greater powers of the world are very much controlled by the Illuminati, and they insist on keeping to their agenda for total control. 

The problem is that the power is wielded through the great corporations in league with the politicians. They are not inclined to bow to public pressure when their exploits are so financially rewarding such as in the Pharmaceutical and Petroleum Industries. Political leaders gather around them people that are not against being rewarded for their support, and in times when they should be freely voicing their opinions they are mute. 

There are exceptional people who will not become part of the system that takes away their right to free speech, and these often rise up and become notable champions of the people. However, to show dissent and not follow your leader can be a short path to obscurity. It can also result in attacks upon your reputation in an effort to destroy any credibility you may have had. These daysí politics is often a closed shop that does not encourage original thought. 

Politicians are some of the last people to respond to the new energies, as they are often too deeply engrossed in their own affairs rather than those of the people they represent. This is why we encourage you to take up any cause that can bring enlightenment to other people. One thing the dark cannot prevent is the coming together of people who are of the Light, and when they do their power is dramatically increased. People speak to each other, and in spite of a media that no longer espouses freedom of speech, the truth comes out. 

It may be some years since 9/11 but there is now monumental evidence against those of the Illuminati, who planned and perpetrated such a ghastly deed against their own kind. The facts demand answers, and those responsible cannot avoid the hand of justice much longer. The world has slowly become aware of the menace that threatens the lives and future of millions of people. 

 Already the cost in human terms is being understood, and your last cabal has no intention of giving up their ill-gotten gains. What the dark have overlooked, is the massive repercussions that have resulted in growing opposition to them. In their arrogance and feeling of superiority they believe themselves to be untouchable, but that illusion is soon to fall away. Their intended escape for the responsibility of what they have done is no longer viable or possible. 

Greater powers than those on Earth have taken a hand in the matters relating to Mother Earth and all of her people. No longer will the antics of a few be allowed to dictate your future, and prevent your natural and desired evolution. The plans of the Higher Councils and the Spiritual Hierarchy are in place, and a speedy solution to the problems you are facing has already laid down the foundation of your success. Expect to soon learn of developments that will indicate a change of course for Humanity. 

Whilst you cannot possibly see the whole picture, you will begin to understand the way matters are shifting and see the end in sight of your last cabal. It will still take time, but once the stage is set there cannot possibly be any outcome other than your release from the dark forces. Be ever alert, and keep up your campaigns for justice and freedom of expression as both are under attack. 

I am Ag-agria of The Galactic Federation and would like to be more informative as to what our plans are, but suffice to know that you are very much in our minds and hearts. We answer to the Universal Laws and not Manís, and we shall eventually restore your freedom and sovereignty. Have no doubt of the outcome, as it is your time to return to the energies that bring nothing but Love, Happiness and Joy. 

Thank you Ag-agria.

Mike Quinsey