Ker-On  28-June-06 

What wonderful days are yet to come, and many of you are privileged to have become aware of what is in store for you. The gentle awakening of Humanity has taken a long time, and getting there slowly but surely has been our aim for many years. You have needed time to get used to the idea of changes that will eventually affect the whole of your society. 

Certainly we have avoided imposing the truth of our existence upon you, but a point has been reached where the preparations have been completed for the announcement of great revelations. The sooner we can address the citizens of the world, the quicker we can appear in your skies without the risk of causing panic or fear. We need worldwide contact with you to enable the next stage of our plan to commence. 

There have now been millions of sightings of our craft, and although some of you still question the reason for our presence, we are by and large now accepted as peaceful visitors. Anyone who has followed the whole subject of UFO’s and ET encounters will know that we take great care to convey the correct impression as to why we are here. Where it has been associated with spiritual concepts, it is because our background is one of understanding the connection between God and all forms of life. 

In the past as now, you have faced a potential situation where it could have resulted in the Earth’s destruction. We warned your various governments, and that possibility was avoided through the inspired statesmanship of some of your more awakened leaders. Man has an ego that does not allow much room for standing down when there is a confrontation, and this has led to numerous unnecessary clashes. 

Attempts at peaceful negotiations to overcome differences are often stalled by the obstinacy of representatives that only work for the success of their own agenda. What Man has to learn is that give and take are vitally necessary where disputes are concerned. With our coming a new approach will be possible, as we shall show that where trust and openess exists agreements are a natural outcome. 

One major change that we will make, will establish a benchmark that will eventually be the basis for other countries, and that is the restoration of your Constitution. It was spiritually inspired and will return to you your freedom and sovereignty. This will establish a friendly and lasting relationship between us all, and it will serve as an announcement of our true intentions. We dearly want for you what we already have, and in next to no time you will find that a great leap forward will have taken place. 

Through the limitations imposed upon you by the Illuminati for millennia of time, certain areas of development have been held back. It is principally regarding the present methods used to provide energy for your various needs that are expensive, wasteful and the cause of vast pollution. This has affected the advancement of your transport systems that could by now have been greatly improved, efficient, fast and non-polluting. Your reliance on drugs has produced a chemical backwash that is also another area of pollution, and they are often extremely harmful and can lead to premature death. 

You have to move out of the 20th Century and into the future, which was always your true and intended potential, but has been deliberately held back. It will merely be a step on the path to even greater progress, and it will nicely lead you into the last few years of this present cycle. With it the dependency on wealth will gradually be replaced by methods of sharing. These will ensure that everyone rather than the privileged few benefit from the new technologies to be introduced. 

You are presently witnessing the likely demise of millions of people in your Third World, and they cry out for the want of basic necessities such as food, shelter and water. Whilst it is true that much aid has been given, and often corruptly used by those in authority, you cannot ignore their needs much longer. The travesty of people dying that comprise of many young children is a blot on the consciousness of Humanity. It is an even greater evil that they are the victims of civil wars, which are for the purpose of political power and control. 

Dear Ones, clearly there is much that needs urgently addressing. Without help there would be a rapid deterioration, as you also have dramatic weather and climatic changes to contend with along with the rumblings of Mother Earth. It was always foreseen that the end times had the potential to result in utter chaos, but through our presence the conditions have been alleviated many times in the past. 

Duality is intended to teach lessons that could not otherwise be learnt. However, the Creator does not desire that you destroy yourselves and Earth, something that would cause reverberations throughout the whole Universe. We of The Galactic Federation are here to carry out our part of the plan, which will ensure your safe and wonderful transition into the higher realms. The importance of it cannot be overstated, as this cycle must shortly end and a new one commence. 

I am Ker-On from Venus, and we presently enjoy the peace and happiness of living in a balance and harmony. We exist on a planet that appears to you as inhospitable, but like all others it has many dimensions. We are of a certain vibration that concentrates on the aspect of love, and its interpretation at the highest levels of manifestation. We shall share our knowledge with you and it will enhance your understanding of its use in healing. Sharing will be a key word once your family from Space can finally come into the open. We have an immense feeling of love for you all, and we look forward to meeting you. 

Thank you Ker-On.

Mike Quinsey.